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hI hi i feel like it's been ages OOPs but i just wanted to say that i don't think you're a stale cold hard bagel and your posts are still some of my favs and tbh you could post a photo of a potato and i'd still reblog it :'( whatever direction u take this blog i'll be rooting for you wooO ( °̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥◡͐°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥)

u know ur icon is rly cute

u know ur rly cute

u know ur ask is rly cute and thank you :,(((((((

omg bless you and bless this world for allowing me to have talked to you in the past LOL THE GRATEFULNESS IM FEELIN’ RN

Journal with Me 2016

I am going to be participating in @toethefinishline‘s and @championsaremade‘s #journalwithme2016 project. They have an excellent idea of offering journaling assignments to help be more optimistic, to help you grow in a positive manner, and to do some reflection. I’m really looking forward to doing this!

For my first assignment, it is to reflect back off of 2015.

How I’ve grown: I’ve been able to keep more calm if family members pick up a fight with me. I’ve also been more tolerant and considerate of others. 

New people I’ve met: I honestly haven’t met any new people that I am close with. I have a hard time making friends… I have been assigned to a group project for the school year and get along with everyone well, but am not close. The only close person I met was through my roommate. Her name is Jackie and she is a very nice person. :) 

Things/people I’ve let go of: I’ve let go of people bashing me down and have let go of some aspects of my eating disorder. I still have work to do but I feel a lot more free. 

I am grateful for: I’m grateful for my parents because they give the whole world to me and 100% support me financially. I am so blessed to have such amazing parents who love and care about me dearly. I am thankful for my wonderful boyfriend who hasn’t left my side. I am also thankful for my health and wellness.

Goals met: Succeeding through my 4th year of college as well as this semester. I also reached a goal of running 3 miles. In 2015 I used to barely be able to run. I couldn’t run more than 4.3 mph without my heart feeling like it was going to explode. Now I have moved up to 5.2mph! 

Goals not met: Not being financially stable on my own (I can’t get a job), haven’t stopped pulling my eyebrows, haven’t cut down on my swearing/cussing, and not being able to increase the amount of weights I’ve been lifting in the gym.

I’m looking forward to/goals: Things in my ‘goals not met’ section, finishing off my last semester of classes and moving on to my internships for the entire year (and hopefully do really well). I’m also looking forward to getting stronger in the gym, moving along in my recovery, increasing my running mileage, get better with photography, growing my Tumblr fan base (Tumblr famous maybe?!), and playing around with makeup and beauty things. Lastly, I’ll be graduating in may and I hope to get a wonderful job because unfortunately, the competition is really high.

Changes to make: Decrease my binge/emotional eating episodes (I’ve come a long way), think before I speak, get better with taking care of myself, improve my appearance, build lean muscle, and stop picking my eyebrows so they can be beautiful again.


I just,

the more i sit here, the more i wonder..the more i wonder if you even notice this, it really could be because your busy, but if we stopped talking would you even care? i have no idea. i wish you’d send me a sign, because i can’t read you like i can read the rest of the world. i need my best friend back again, i need it. but for now, i have to sit and wait at least till 10am tomorrow at church, when i’ll see him, which could end badly, but i hope it wont….

a guy can dream.

you fall asleep on the couch

and wake up to find

a blanket on you

and him asleep on a chair across you.


and he says

“i didn’t wanna wake you

and i didn’t wanna leave you alone.”


silly things i dream about.

love like that ain’t hard to find right?

‘cos i would do that.



.notes for my future lover.

who knows

my grandpa (who raised me) is in the hospital rn and he has three hernias in the front of his stomach and somethings going on with his heart apparently now ?? listen he raised me and i didnt know when he left when i woke up i was so confused.

separation anxiety is so high and general worry. it feels so surreal without him here right now all i can say is i hop eh gets better and i can go visit??

for now i may be a lil here/a little not. 

im here right now..but if i poof for awhile or whatever i may be asleep or tryin to chill.

everyone is asking questions about the burrito movie and i haven’t even seen it are you going to push me to this are you really going to force my hand and make me watch this????? I HOEP YOURE ALL HAPPY

When the portable computer is out of commission, one’s gotta do something to kill boredom when BBQing pizza (can’t leave the BBQ unless one wants charcoal pizza instead), and that is; drawing/inking for colouring on the PC it would seem! One of the things on my mind for a while now was doing an outfit redesign for Abbey (Terra’s stepsister). As much as I still like my previous redesign for her, some big technicalities slapped my brain recently making me realize one big impracticality of that cute outfit; mainly the fact that she’s supposed to be an albino (or leucistic, I’ve been on/off either choices, either way, VERY pale) and she lives in one of the sunniest and hottest places on Hoep; she’d be getting the WORST sunburns due to her own outfit’s skin exposure. Add to the fact she’s also a doctor/medic/healer, it would make even LESS sense she’d be so unwise as to be leaving her skin exposed to something as trivial yet severe as a sunburn. Hence the more hooded robe type outfit with this redesign. Also leaves room for hidden pockets for medical supplies >3>

Bad anatomy (especially giant head in relation to body mistake) aside, I think this turned out pretty good, especially for the actual design. This is the first time I’ve taken Shibi-type patterns on more fantasy-immersive clothing, so it was fun to see the general pattern rules applied to clothes I haven’t drawn before.

Those who know the “rules” of Hoepian outfits/clothes will note that the jeweled feather hairpiece is out of place, unless it’s either expensive or otherwise an expensive gift. Since Abbey’s not a big spender, I wonder which friend gifted her with that? ;P

I still like to imagine that Harriet tries to mimic Riivar’s infamous (and potentially cheesy- maybe not cheesy on Hoep but definitely to us readers) flirting/hit-on techniques to try to woo Lily, with Lily’s reaction falling flat from what Harriet expects/hopes.

Like for example just coming at Lily’s door with a flower (not a rose though…… Hoepian roses…. are dangerous and complicated. If they weren’t so dangerous she probably WOULD choose a rose) in her mouth all “Hello my Darling~” with as close to a seductive tone as that nerd can muster, only to either have Lily close the door at Harriet’s face or just snorting and saying “pfff you’re so cute you dork” and Harriet’s all GAH frustrated inside like NO! I AM NOT CUTE I AM THE SEXY! I AM THE SEDUCTRESS! BE WOOED BY MEEE!! Why does your heart not race?! Almost the exact same thing happens every time, even if she tries to do something as simple as flex and try to show off her muscles, Lily is totally unaffected.

There probably comes a point where Harriet converses with her love rival Anne about this all WHY DOES IT NOT WORK?! And Anne’s all, “what’s wrong with being cute??” And Harriet’s just harps how she does not want to be treated like a cute little stable bird you find in the barn that makes you want to ruffle its feathers due to cuteness, SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE A BIRD! Which probably both makes total sense and nonsense.

The last missing piece to the seafaring OC trio; Lily Macinell (points to anyone who can figure out the reference in her surname), Hoepian archaeologist/historian. One of the very few non-magic academics around (even if magic IS involved in Hoepian archaeology/history, it’s not the primary part of the research/studies). She’s got a  particular eye for the Atlantean Archipelago as it it (along with other oceanic locations) is very much understudied on Hoep.

She has a few unique issues; she can’t produce magic and she can’t turn into a draconic form. As to why, well, I’m not telling rn ;P but it’s not an uncommon issue for a Hoepian, if not a very annoying issue.

Did I mention that Harriet and Anne have a highkey thing for Lily and are totally trying to outmatch each other to get to her heart? There’s that. She just thinks they’re a bunch of silly dorks since they seem to go at each other rather than her, and it tends to get bloody comical.