hoenn slateport city

PokéFalls AU Ideas (Part 1)

- Stan and Ford were born and raised in Slateport City, Hoenn; Pines Pawns being one of the local marts
- They visit the southern beach on Route 109 and go for ice cream at the Seashore House often
- They would ALWAYS hang out in their Secret Base decorated with cool posters and Pokédolls
- Stan wanted to sail around the entire Hoenn region and uncover secret places like the Sealed Chamber to find sweet treasures and hidden items
- Ford was more interested in the Hoenn legend lore and he would often tune into HNN and listen to Mossdeep City’s news station
- The twins received their first Pokémon on their 8th birthday, Stan given a Plusle and Ford give a Minun respectively
- As they grew older and technology advanced, they started catching their own local Pokémon; Stan catching a Wingull and Ford catching a Tentacool. This enabled them to travel away from home more easily
- A horrible accident caused by Stanley sabotaged Ford’s work for the Pokémon Center’s Storage System and Stan remorsefully flew away from Slateport, started adventuring on his own and visiting different regions
- Stanford started taking an interest in visiting Mossdeep Space Center every once in a while and planned to work there when he got older