hoenn map


…I was very inspired thinking about these conceptual dystopian maps of Hoenn based off of the idea of Team Magma or Team Aqua succeeding in their plans. So I started to think about how Maxie and Archie would fit into these worlds! top pic is Archie in Omega Ruby’s bad end (complete desertification), bottom is Maxie in Alpha Sapphire’s bad end (extreme rises in water level).
everybody loves emotionally distressed driven-to-the-edge Pokemon villains crying and shouting at each other, right?!

also in case it wasn’t clear in the sketches above, Maxie’s Camerupt and Archie’s Sharpedo die in AS and OR, respectively; the new unstable environments aren’t the best for either of them…

for more info on characterization and such, check the #oras bad end tag on my blog!

Pokemon site update, tons of new details!

We got loads of new art and details from the Pokemon site so i’m going to go through it all. If you missed the leaked info I won’t be recovering anything that doesn’t have new details so check the link here and here.

So the new Dexnav seems totally amazing. Search for the Pokemon you want using the app and it will search for one around the area. Then you’ll see it’s tail sprouting from the grass if it’s around, you need to sneak up on the Pokemon but if you do it right you can make sure you are fighting it. Depending on how the system works this could be amazing for shiny hunting but this feature is already amazing. I love being able to see the Pokemon outside of the tall grass and catch it. That’s a very charming visual addition and a very useful feature for completing the pokedex. 

The search feature doesn’t stop being amazing though. You can gain search levels and as you find Pokemon it gives  much better detail allowing trainers to find Pokemon with hidden abilities and special moves. This will be fantastic since hidden abilities are such a pain in the ass to get. Every new way to get them is a great new addition in my book. 

The Pokemon icons show where a Pokemon was found on a route and once it fills up it gives you a nice little crown to tell you you have found all the Pokemon in the area. This is another great way of removing the need to go online to find what Pokemon are in an area. You’ll know you haven’t found everything if  you keep searching until you get a crown. I want to note this crown is bronze and while the site doesn’t say anything about this it may be because finding hidden abilities and shines could also factor in. It could also be that the trainer has just found most of the Pokemon since none of the fishing Pokemon are appearing on the map and Tentacool and Pelipper are found by surfing as well. This could mean bronze is everything in one aspect, silver is in two, and gold is by all methods of catching Pokemon. It could also be that i’m wrong and bronze is the only thing. 

They confirm that the Safari Zone is indeed returning in this screen shoot. That is awesome and it’s funny because I just had wrote a post about me wanting it to return. I hope we also get the friend safari (Or a better version of that) but this returning is an amazing addition. 

I just wanted to very quickly mention how amazing it is that we get to see Pokemon actually out in the wild and gain their dex entries.  It also looks like when diving under water (However it will work in this game) that you will go into these green pockets to find wild Pokemon. The normal paths won’t constantly being giving Pokemon battle when underwater. 

Then they said “Oh people think the areanav is just a map just you wait.”  The area nav gives details on the places you select from trainers to shops to Pokemon all of it and more are in the area nav. It also tracks secret bases and berry locations. The Pokemon feature pretty much shows you what the Dex Nav has. 

The trainer feature shows off trains you can battle again. That’s right rematchs are back, finally returning after a full generation and a half of no rematching. You can see the trains status, see if they are ready to battle again and their Pokemon. 

The BuzzNav also isn’t living up to the low expectations. Instead it’s used to update secret bases with street pass news. It has other shows that will likely fill into the lamer side but at this point I can’t doubt this game. 

Speaking of possible cool stuff to come from this it’s possible by accessing the name rater show you can access the name rater from anywhere with would be amazing. 

Super training is confirmed to return as well as all other PSS features such as O-power, gts, battle spot, and Pokemon Amie. So far they haven’t show any new additions to any features but for the most part they really don’t need to. Id like to see more Amie mini games but outside of that i’m happy. 

The PGL has a nice new update allow trainers to share their secret bases although that can be done with QR codes around the internet anyway. 

We now know exactly how flying around is going to work. On the bottom screen we will be able to see a map of Hoenn, wild Pokemon will appear like the image above, touch them and you battle in the skies. No limits exist for these battles so you can use your Diglit in the air if you wish. You can also preform tricks in the air and land in routes, towns, and maybe even more. 

The Eon Ticket is confirmed for the west but details will be shared later so way to tease Nintendo. 

Instead of roaming Pokemon Latias and Latios appear to be event Pokemon in this game. Steven and the Player will set out to save them on an Island. I am going to assume you will be made to capture it or Steven will give the Pokemon to you since they play such an important role to exploring the world. Mega Latios gets boosts in speed, attack, and special attack. Mega Latias gains Speed, Defense, and Special Defense. These boosts might have confirmed numbers thanks to hacks but I don’t know that information. 

They didn’t really share new information on the megas but they reminded me that Fell Stinger is am move Bedrill can learn with is a swords dance that deals slight damage. That is pretty cool. 

I didn’t think after the leaks I could get more excited about the games but here I am even more excited. That is pretty much everything. I am making a separate post on the North American Demo release so more people will see it. This is a great set of news and I can’t wait to learn even more new details. We have one more Corocoro release before the game is out and Pokemon company is known for random information drops so we could have plenty more news before release. They are really starting to flesh out the Pokemon world in great ways and this could very well become my new favorite Pokemon game.