hoenn is my hometown and i finally get to go back

“There was this boy in my hometown who treated me like I was his future wife. He’d take me to a lot of extravagant restaurants and give me bouquets whenever he got the chance. My parents were even treating him like a regular occupant of our house. I couldn’t really blame him, since for a while I treated him like he was my future husband, too. We were pretty much ready to tie the knot if it weren’t for one thing.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what was it?”

“You know how I collect Match Calls, right? I have more Match Calls than you think a PokéNav could contain. I have a Match Call from every corner of Hoenn, and I make it a point to talk to them as often as possible. Three out of five calls say yes when I invite them to have a battle, and I make it a point to honor their request no matter the situation. If that means calling someone else who could lend me a Pokémon who knows how to Fly across the region, then I would, because when I get there and battle a Match Call, it’s the best feeling in the world.

"Turns out, this ‘best feeling in the world’ didn’t go so well with this boy. He didn’t like it when I wouldn’t be home for days, and he’d give me this look when I got back and told him that it was because of a Match Call. Finally he had had enough one day, and it happened to be on one of my overnight trips across the region for a Match Call. He called me up and said that if I didn’t stop spending all of my time with these Match Calls, he wouldn’t spend time with me ever again.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him to call back, since I was about to battle one of my Match Calls.”

Some Things Don't Change: A Hardenshipping Fic

[[Hey guys, Oboeist here. The other day I was playing Omega Ruby and wondered if Archie/Maxie was a thing that people shipped, out of curiosity. Then I investigated, found fanart, read perhaps all of the fanfiction I could find, and promptly wrote this. I’m so sorry to my TUC fic person, anyone who reads TSTBSAL(D), and Rendezvous fans. I will work on those, I swear. That being said, I hope all who read this enjoy and DFTBA.]]

It’s four years after the teams disband before Archie sees Maxie again. Four long years spent in hiding, constantly afloat on his boat, the Sealily, avoiding Hoenn police forces and generally flying by the seat of his pants. He misses Team Aqua, sometimes, not for their goal, but just the familial bond they all had. He still keeps up with a few of them, Shelly and Matt settled down nicely in Eastern Hoenn, and he’d pop by every once in a while to exchange news, though it’s mostly onesided. Not much changes, living in a boat, but it’s his, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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