The moment I first saw Tropius in Ruby version, it became one of my top favorite Pokemon. Since then I’ve been trying to find a shiny on Route 119- to no avail. Years and years later I found a shiny Tropius in X, but it didn’t feel the same. Nothing can compare to seeing a new Pokemon for the first time. Here’s a mashup of the two moments, though. :D 

There are seven kinds of Pokemon in this image - can you find them all? Enjoy!


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Cacnea Variations/Subspecies
When I finally figured that the little crown of this pokemon is actually supposed to be a FLOWER, I just HAD to make these. Took me way too long to find the time to finish them…The original sketch was made long before Pokemon Variations became such a huge trend in the community, now Im almost a bit late to the party…oh well xD All Variations are based of existing cactus breeds (Integrated in the fake latin Names).

  • Domestic Breed: Smaller than the Pure Breed. Thorns and Flowercrown are a little blunt and its colours are slightly brighter than those of a wild Cacnea.
  • Pure Breed: Easily to identify through size of body and flowercrown. When not sure if either Domestic or Wild, Species can be identified by analyzing the shape of its petals.
  • Silver Breed: Treasured by trainers for its unusual silver colouring and unique flowercrown, this Breed has been spotted in the wild in various colourings through breeding with relatives like Cacnea Echinopsis or Indomitus.
  • Exotic Breed: Only known Breed to grow flowers on the ends of its arms. Prefers rather tropical climate and fertile ground. Only inhabits deserts when close to an oasis.
  • Fierce Breed: Besides of clear differences in body-shape and size, Cacnea Dolichotele is known for a very unusual aggressive behavior for its kind. It is almost impossible to tame, yet a lot of trainers try to catch it because of its extremely high stats.
  • Primal Breed: Originally thought to be a distant relative of the Cacnea Breed, Cacnea Hamatocactus is in fact the Primal Form of the Common Cacnea and was thought to be extinct. The Breed reappeared after the great shift in Hoenn, caused by the reawakening of Kyogre and Groudon. It is used to a volcanic environment and prefers a more fertile ground.

Cacnea (Pokemon) ©Game Freak
Art & Concepts ©eleanorbick