“I had no idea that training Pokémon was so…complicated, I guess that’s what I’d call it. I just learned about natures a couple of weeks ago, but a few days ago I was beaten by this strong, know-it-all trainer who went bananas talking about how he had ‘EV trained’ his Pokémon and how they had ‘flawless IVs’. In my ignorance I asked what training an Eevee had to do with getting stronger, and all he did was laugh at me in reply.

“Later that day, I had told this same story to the guy who was behind me in line in the Pokémon Center, and surprisingly, he had battled the same guy and was there to heal his Pokémon from that battle, too. I asked him if he also went on babbling about EVs and IVs, and he told me that he made them hate EV training all the more, and gave me a whole list of reasons why, with the know-it-all trainer being his last. After all that, I told him that I had no idea what EVs and IVs even were, and I was preparing myself from getting the same reaction as earlier that day. Thankfully, the guy was kind enough to fill me in, saying that he only learned it by watching a show hosted by a professor on Hoenn TV that explained it.

“It was all confusing, and I understood why the guy hated the thought of having to go through all that to make his Pokémon stronger. I’m glad that it isn’t something that’s like a requirement for being a trainer. Training’s hard enough as it is without all those technical stuff.”

Join Team Aqua!

Team Aqua is recruiting grunts!
It be time, grunts! It be time for us t’ awaken Kyogre, and t’ liberate Pokémon, and t’ from t’ destruction humans have brought t’ it. With t’ mighty Kyogre’s power we can flush away this destruction, and liberate water type Pokémon! 


  • Must be Kin friendly.
  • Must have a Skype.
  • Must be active in the group
  • Must be OK with Dark humor (Bonus points if you join in)
  • No kin doubles

How to join:
       All potential grunts will go through a short interview before joining

  • Must Submit to me, or Aly: Name, Pronouns, and Skype Name
  • Wait for an interview (These will be scheduled on PST)


  • We are not looking for a Matt, or Shelly.
  • All Skype user names will not be shared, and if you are not accepted into the group, you will promptly be deleted.
  • We are an ORAS team, not an RSE team

The moment I first saw Tropius in Ruby version, it became one of my top favorite Pokemon. Since then I’ve been trying to find a shiny on Route 119- to no avail. Years and years later I found a shiny Tropius in X, but it didn’t feel the same. Nothing can compare to seeing a new Pokemon for the first time. Here’s a mashup of the two moments, though. :D 

There are seven kinds of Pokemon in this image - can you find them all? Enjoy!