I know this is awfully late; I have already 127 followers. But it isn’t an excuse! I’ve met so many lovely people here and I’ve met so many friends. AND IT'S MY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY AS AN RPH SO YAY. Here are my favorite blogs that I will FOLLOW FOREVER.



— Rhea, you were one of my first friends here and I’m so thankful for that! I’m the Vanessa to your Selena remember? And I reblog from you quite a lot too. And idk, I just love you okay? We’re friends 5ever. Seriously guys, check her out she’s amazing and hilarious.


— Amelia! You’re like the best ever, the Ashley to my Vanessa! You’re just amazing and even if we just met we’ve become best friends and we act like complete idiots together but that’s okay lol. I love you so much you’re like my bff here. Everyone! She’s super charming and helpful.


— Rose! My 1x1 bbyyy!! Rosela right? Right. I ship us together. But seriously, we act like we know each other personally and it’s crazy. You’re amazing and we’re two peepees in a pod. You guys, she’s super helpful and friendly. Seriously.


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