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that tag you left "oh derek how can you be so burned and broken inside and so used and yet still so naive?" im crying because i feel like nothing has ever been more true (related to derek) than this okay


What breaks me the most is that Derek has been so mistrusting - and rightfully so! And then when he does trust again it’s to Jen, who turns out to be his second psychotic murdering girlfriend. And then Peter, who I love dearly but even I know that you can’t trust a word that he says.

Derek tries to be so strong and he acts stoic and untouchable but for all of that hurt that has built up walls around him, he is such a naive and lost little boy and it grieves me how torn up and used he is.

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i think people are mostly annoyed at how stiles gets more spoilers and stuff when the main character is scott at how Jeff is kind of an ass to posey? and how Scott’s plot has been said to be “going to have a hard time controlling his wolf” idk man

while i get that ‘teen wolf’ started because of scott and the main plot at that point was scott, it can’t stay that way if they want more seasons. different characters are going to need to have plots you care about too or everyone will lose interest. it can’t just be the scott show, he’s not the only main character anymore. i’m not saying jeff treats posey right, i’m not really talking about the rl people. i just don’t think it’s right to say some of the things about stiles that i’ve been seeing just because you want your favorite character to have more plots. especially when we don’t know what is going to happen this season.