Imagine dying and Derek feeling it

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Derek’s P.O.V.

“Derek, are you okay?”

Wincing through the pain, I look up at Scott. He’s staring worriedly at me as I hunch over the table.

I swallow and nod my head, but immediately after, I’m hit with an sword sharp burst of pain in my chest. I clutch my chest as I drop onto the ground.

The pain starts to escalate as I lie on the dirt, spreading through my entire body and making me go numb. “Call Melissa!” I hear someone yell just before another shot of pain travels through me and I black out.

When I come to, there is no one. I’m lying on the back seat of Stiles’ Jeep, a pack of ice set against my chest. As I sit up, I notice how sore I am, especially my chest. Every beat of my heart hurts.

“Oh good, you’re up.”

I turn and see a dejected Stiles approaching his Jeep. Allison, Lydia, and Scott follow, their clothes stained with blood. Whose, I don’t now.

Off hand, I notice something off about the trio. “Where’s Y/N?” I ask.

If possible, Stiles looks sadder. “I’m so sorry Derek,” Lydia whispers as she looks at me. “She died a couple hours ago.”

“Died?” I repeat, unable to comprehend. “No, not Y/N. She’s strong.”

Allison releases a shuddering breath and Scott pulls her close.

“I’m so sorry, Derek.”

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When Clarks collide.

I recently saw the season 2 trailer for Supergirl and I love Tyler Hoechlin’s take on Clark! I thought it made sense that the suave James Olsen of this universe was best buds with Henry Cavill’s cool but shy Clark, but I just love the idea of Hoechlin’s awkward Clark chumming it up with James.

To be clear, I love both versions of Clark. I think each informs the character’s perception of the Superman mantle which I find equally intriguing.