I met Tyler Hoechlin today, along with the many other photos and autographs I got him to sign this McReynolds print by @xkxdx which he loved was one I was most excited about getting! I went on telling him that it’s an amazing movie and he said it was more fun that work. I told him that his character is an inspiration for a screenwriter idea that I am working on with @thinminthale and he went on saying how great that was and his glad. Before I left I had to ask what his favorite quotes were from the movie, he said I have two. One is, “go get the ball and I’ll fucking sign it for ya” and of course “This is one of the best days of my life, you know, until tomorrow”

Thank you Tyler Hoechlin! I will cherish these moments. Now to do it all again tomorrow and enjoy his panel.


sterekfordays  Tyler during the signing in Adelaide today!                                                                                                                                                                       Source: instagram.com/sterekfordays

Hoechlin speaking about Sterek and:

1) Derek loves Stiles, which we already knew but it’s great hearing him say it.

2) Dylan and Hoechlin have absolutely nothing against Sterek. Matter of fact, it seems like Hoechlin himself loves the idea of Sterek (whether it’s as a BROTP or OTP) and I’m pretty sure Dylan feels the same.

3) Hoechlin appreciates the Sterek fandom very much.

4) He highkey just shut Posey’s comment down without actually saying the name.

Now that the show’s over, he no longer has any fucks to give and can say what he wants to say and I love that.