Tyler : We were sitting and talking and he said, ”I am huge Mets fan”. And I said, “Oh,Cool. My best friend is playing in their minor league.” And he’s like, “Oh really? What’s name” And I said, “Ike Davis” and he goes, “Shut up! Are you serious?! Oh my god,dude!” 
This guy knows every single person that plays for that organization.

Dylan O'brien imagine

Dylan O'brien imagine Stiles Stilinski Imagine Y/N P.O.V; You are currently out at lunch with your best friend Dylan, you haven’t saw him in months as he has been away filming the new season of teen wolf. You have always had a crush on him but you don’t plan on telling him that, after all he is your only true friend and you aren’t doing anything that could ruin this friendship. “Soo Y/N have you had any crushes while I’ve been gone” he said, you flushed red as you knew you couldn’t tell him that you had a crush on him. “No” you mumble unconvincingly. “hmmmmm my awesome sixth sense tells me your lying” he jokes “no I haven’t unless Harry styles counts, which you still need to let me meet” “I am so not doing that ever, you will have a fangirl attack in front of him, and I’ve saw your fan attacks, trust me, THEY’RE NASTY” you laugh at him “so how about you, do you have any crushes?” “Well I have this one girl in mind for a long time now, she’s so beautiful and she doesn’t see it, she is so sweet and kind and you could insult her all you want but she won’t ever be rude back, she listens to everything you have to say and I’m planning on telling her how I feel soon because honestly I love her.” You listen to every word, holding back tears you whisper “well, she sounds like a very lucky girl” As you hug him quickly and walk out of the coffee shop with tears in your eyes. The next day you quickly get changed into a black dress and walk to your university. When you get there your whole day seems to fly by as you can’t concentrate on any of your lessons, you can only concentrate on the dorky idiot that has stolen your heart. I wonder who this girl that he is that he is so in love with, you wonder. Finally the final bell rings and you rush out of the class not bothering to look where you’re going, accidentally you bump into someone only to find Evan Peters staring down at you “well hey Y/N haven’t saw you in ages” he said, you and him used to be best friends before he got in with the wrong crowd, “uhm hi Evan, long time no see.” “Yeah much too long, I was beginning to forget how adorable you were” you giggled at his flirtatiousness “well I would love to stay and chat, but I really have to go.” You say to him “Okay but let me do one thing” he says while smirking and biting his lip, he grabs your wrists and presses them above your head against the wall as he leans in and kisses you, you pull away, you like Evan but not in that way. As you push him off and walk away you see Dylan drive up to you “Get in” he says coldly. Nodding your head you step into his car as he speeds down the road “Dylan, what’s wrong?” You ask, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong! You were kissing that jerk that is what was wrong!” He shouts at you, “Why would you care it’s not like we’re dating, besides, you already have the ‘girl of your dreams’.” You say meanly “dammit Y/N” he says as he pulls over to the side of the road, “It’s you Y/n, you are the girl of my dreams I love you and it hurt me so much to see you kiss that idiot” He then pulls you into a deep lustful kiss. “I love you too Dylan” he smiles and kisses you again. “Mine” he whispers as he kisses your head and starts the car again.


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pet peeves? um this is going to make me sound bad but i’m used to being alone so outside noises really make it hard for me to concentrate. whenever my mom’s home and she starts singing out watching loud videos on her computer I always put my headphones on and try to cancel out the noise. I’m not really sure why i’m this way but I am :S people using the wrong your or there really gets to me too