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Everyone Forgets: A Stiles Silinski Imagine

Summary: It’s your birthday but everyone forgets. Even your best friend you have secretly a crush on.

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Word count: 617

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I woke up by the sound of my ringtone waking me up for school. It was a normal day, besides it was my birthday. Excitement and adrenaline rushing trough my body as I got ready for school. I straightened my hair, added a bit of makeup & concealer like every other day but today I decided to try and do some eyeshadow. I placed a warmer brown tone into my crease, and a shimmery champagne tone on my lid. I added some gloss on my lips, got dressed in a beautiful white dress, with some black details, I had saved for this day with some black overknees, got my keys and my bag and waited in front of my house for Stiles who picked me up every single morning since he has to drive by my house anyway. “Wowowow, you looking-” he stuttered while checking my whole outfit from head to toe “-different. But, like not in like a bad way. I mean.. um… ummm… it’s, wow. You look amazing. Any special occasion?” He scratched his neck and looked at his wheel. I would lie if I said I didn’t have feelings for him, but I knew he didn’t. I let out a quick “thanks & no, not really.”, wondering why he didn’t congratulate me on my birthday.

Did he forget it? How could he forget it, he is my best friend?

Getting in the car, I felt a nervous and angry atmosphere. The nervousness came from Stiles and the anger from me. I cupped my cheek into my hand and looking out the window, realizing we had arrived at BHHS. I pushed the door to his Roscoe open, walked out of the car and sighed. “My day just started being horrible.” “Hmm, what was that?” “Uhm, nothing.”

I walked in school with Stiles a few feet behind me and everyone’s gaze on me. Nobody greeted, no one congratulated. The bell to our first lesson rang. Algebra with Stiles, Malia, Scott & Lydia.

I sat in my normal seat next to Scott’s and in front of Malia’s. I turned around to say hi, the lack of a reply made me clench my fists together until they made a crack sound. “(Y/N), everything fine?” Theo leaned over my desk before the teacher could send him away. “Don’t act like you care Theo. Apparently nobody does.” I frowned with anger in my voice. “What do you mean?” He insisted, one thing I liked about him, even tho he was a complete ass. “Forget it.”


After 2 painful hours of class and a “walk out of class talking to no one” I waited outside for my best friends. Unfortunately, they never came. I waited about 10 minutes outside the school when I decided to look for my best friend’s Jeep which I couldn’t find. I let out a loud sight, so I began to stroll over the campus to the bus station. As I finally stood in front of my frontdoor, I grabbed my keys out of my bag & opened the door. There was no light, meaning the shutters were down. I turned on the light to hear a loud “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” as all of my close and not so close friends jumped up from their hiding places to congratulate me. Scott, Malia, Kira, Theo & Liam approached me first. The Surprise was excellent. The music was great, the drinks were good. “You having fun?” A voice became louder behind me. “Stiles.” I whispered with a smile in my voice. “Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I Love you.“

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Make sure you keep nice with Mama O. Once Hoechlin comes out and those two get together you'll need her on your side when the surrogate talks start.

Thank you for reminding me to always keep my eyes on the prize!


… or MAYBE it’s because Tyler Hoechlin refuses to be associated with a shitty MTV show that kept ridiculing and humiliating his character in order to prop up talentless, annoying child Poopsey and abusive, boring ‘lead’ True Dumbass Scott Mccall anymore. Why do you think Dylan O'Brien dumped Jeff & Posey’s pathetic, sorry asses and followed Hoechlin out of the door as soon as his contract expired?

Literally no one, especially talented actors who get praised and courted by the industry and have successful careers, wants to be associated with Trash Wolf.

Except Jeff and Posey maybe, but that’s only because TW has always been the only highlight of Posey’s nonexistent career!


I thought sterek was inconsequential and nonexistent?

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Leg tattoo stan: "I am 3000% sure that Sterek fandom ran Tyler Hoechlin off of Teen Wolf, whether they know it or not." What even is this?

Whether we know it or not?  Sterek fandom made him. I SAID IT!