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Hell and Silence || Chapter Three


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Peter being an asshole

Word Count: 6,093

A/N: Yay! Chapter three! What are these feelings Derek and Vanessa seem to be having? Quite confusing, wouldn’t you say? Sorry I haven’t been active, I’ve just been working VERY HARD ON THIS FANFIC. I think it’s great, might publish to wattpad soon. 

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Scott and I must have fallen asleep on the porch, because when I woke up, I felt an arm around my shoulder and the brisk breeze of spring air against my face. My eyes fluttered open, the sunlight burning a bit. As soon as I moved, Scott woke up, his arm quickly moving from behind me. 

“We fell asleep,” I muttered, my voice scratchy. He groaned, stretching his arms.

“Yeah I can see that, Vin.” He stood, rolling his neck. “What time is it?”

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I don’t know why i like this so much