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‘..I swear until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share I’ll never stop fighting, ever.’ - Superman 


DC Characters in both the CW TV Universe and DC Extended Universe


I’m so tired of reading posts that goes like as if Supergirl’s version of Superman is the only one that is positive and smiles.

Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El is not the only one who can smile. Yes, there is a difference between his and Henry Cavill’s versions of the character, one of which is that Cavill’s Superman was still a character in development process, especially in Man of Steel, while Hoechlin’s is already an established Superman by the start of the Supergirl tv series. I think after hearing the latest news about the direction that DC movies are taking from now on, Justice League will also introduce an established Superman on a big screen that learned his lessons after events of two previous movies.

I love both Tyler’s and Henry’s portrayal of Superman. There is no need in comparing and especially sayng that one is better than the other. They both are doing a great job of representing one of the greatest worldwide super heroes of all time in two different media types.

We should be celebrating that we have so much of Superman in our lives now. With classic Superman finally coming back to comics thanks to DC Rebirth, there was no better time in 21st century of being a Superman fan than today.

Long live House of El. Spread love, not hatred. Remember that it’s not an S, but a symbol of hope. Hope that we can unite instead of fighting over which Superman did better and if we don’t fight, we will be stronger together.


Confirmed: Derek Hale waxed his chest because he didn’t want everyone to know that he is actually Batman. 

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