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Like You

Summary: Its 2019 and there’s a wedding. Phil’s saying something, but Dan isn’t really listening, his mind’s elsewhere…that “where” being ten years ago, in 2009. Angst/Fluff 
TW:  Rating PG-13, Swearing, drinking/drunk

*Winner Of The 2015 Phanfic Awards’ ‘Emotional Wreck Award’*

*2nd Place In 2015 Phanfic Awards’ ‘Best Angst’*

Like You:

2019 Wedding ~

Dan was never really a fan of churches. Sure, he’s been in loads, plenty of family outings from when he was little, school trips in secondary school for religious studies, and some primary school hymn sessions, made sure of that. But to him they always seemed…too quiet? Yes, too quiet for Dan, he needed a distraction: a busy mind. The silence made it impossible to distract your mind from its own thoughts, so that you were forced to look at what was actually floating around in there…and Dan wasn’t a big fan of that either. Why?

His thoughts normally consisted of dark existentialism, a fuckload of regrets, and old repressed memories, which he didn’t really want to revisit…especially as he is supposed to be paying attention to the vicar.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to-“ gathered? What’s he mean gathered, that makes it sound like people don’t want to be here; like they just wandered in uninvited. 

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guremahi  asked:

15 + eliumi?

i really tried not to rush this one but i wanted to get something out so here you go!! i also made it pretty fluffy considering the prompt lol

things you said with too many miles in between us

1018 words

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how was your performance? Umi hit send, then rolled her head back. Ever since μ’s retired and went their own ways, a rift had formed within Umi’s heart; she was missing a piece of herself, and Eli was the only thing that made her feel whole again.

The only problem: Eli was so busy with the Russian ballet that she hardly had time to talk with Umi.

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bluefoxbite  asked:

FIFTH Egyptian God!Tokoyami AGAIN, how does he interact with normal humans, what kind of authority does he have, what if he is born human but is still a god? What would happen? Surprise me, I trust you. ANYTHING can happen.

Why did you ask so many? Like Hoe plz. This post, for some more info.

•He doesn’t have much authority, since he doesn’t really care for what the humans do
•He is the kind of god you ask for guidance and stuff
•He sometimes sends some of his animal to go see the humans
•He sometimes appears in the sacrificial ceremonies, but people rarely see him
•If he was born a human, he would be an outcast
•Like, he has a bird head so people are afraid of him
•He would live his human life, die and become a god again
•He was reborn as a human because he wanted to know what it was like
•Even though he is in a human body, many animals like him and he is really smart
•He doesn’t really have authority over humans, he only has authority over the things he is the god of

I’m a slut for Christmas

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