100 coping skills

My therapist gave me a list of 99 coping skills. I added one. I thought this may be helpful if you don’t have money for a therapist or need a way to cope with things going on.

1: excercise (run, walk, etc.)

2: put on fake tattoos.

3: write (poetry, journal entry, story, etc.)

4: scribble/doodle on paper.

5: be with other people

6: watch a favourite tv show.

7: post on web boards. Answer others posts.

8: go see a movie.

9: do a wordsearch or crossword.

10: do schoolwork.

11: play an instrument.

12: paint your nails, do your makeup or hair

13: sing.

14: study the sky.

15: punch a punching bag/pillow.

16: cover yourself with bandaids where you want to self harm.

17: let yourself cry.

18: take a nap.

19: take a hot/cold shower or relaxing bath.

20: play with a pet.

21: go shopping.

22: clean something.

23: knit or sew.

24: read a good book.

25: listen to music.

26: try some aromatherapy (candle, lotion, room spray, etc.)

27: meditate.

28: go somewhere very public.

29: bake cookies or other treats.

30: alphabetize your CDs/DVDs/VHSs/books/records.

31: paint or draw.

32: rip paper into itty bitty pieces.

33: shoot hoops, kick a ball.

34: write a letter or send an email.

35: plan your dream room (colours/furniture).

36: hug a pillow or stuffed animal.

37: hyperfocus on something like a rock or your hand.

38: dance.

39: make a hot chocolate, milkshake or smoothie.

40: play with modeling clay or play dough.

41: build a pillow fort.

42: go for a nice, long car ride.

43: complete something you’ve been putting off.

44: draw on yourself with marker.

45: take up a new hobbie.

46: look up recipes and cook a meal.

47: look at pretty things, like flowers or art. Examine them.

48: create or build something.

49: pray.

50: make a list of blessings in your life.

51: read the bible.

52: go to a friend’s house.

53: jump on a trampoline.

54: watch an old, happy movie.

55: contact a hotline/therapist.

56: talk to someone close to you.

57: ride a bicycle.

58: feed ducks, birds or squirrels.

59: colour with crayons.

60: memorize a poem, song or play.

61: stretch.

62: search for ridiculous things on the internet. (Example: *your name* the hedgehog)

63: “shop” online (without buying anything)

64: colour coordinate your clothes.

65: watch fish.

66: make a CD/playlist of your favourite songs.

67: play the “15 minute game” (avoid something for 15 minutes, when time is up start again)

68: plan your wedding/prom/other event.

69: plant some seeds;) (had to lol. But actually plant seeds. It helps.)

70: hunt for your perfect home or car online.

71: try to make as many words as possible with your first/middle/last name.

72: sort through your photos.

73: play with a ballon.

74: give yourself a facial.

75: find some toys and play with them.

76: start collecting something.

77: play video/computer/phone games.

78: clean up trash from your local park.

79: perform a random act of kindness for someone.

80: text or call a friend.

81: write yourself a ‘I love you because…’ letter.

82: look up new words and use them.

83: rearrange furniture.

84: write a letter to someone you may never send.

85: smile at at least 5 people.

86: play with little kids (cousins, siblings, etc.)

87: go for a walk (with or without friends. Find a cool place to hangout.)

88: put a puzzle together.

89: clean your room.

90: try to do handstands, cartwheels, etc.

91: yoga.

92: teach your pet a new trick.

93: learn a new language.

94: move EVERYTHING in your room to a new spot.

95: get together with friends and play sports. 96: hug a friend/family member. 97: search online for new songs/artists. 98: make a list of goals for the week/month/year/next 5 years. 99: face paint. 100: watch animal live streams on YouTube.

hoe/life tips 🌹✨
  • always trust your gut and the vibes you get from people because they tend to always be right
  • drink lots of water and if its hard try drinking flavored water (you can get like 2L bottles at the store) or make your own with cucumber/lemon/lime/mint
  • castor oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows will make them grow faster,put it on with a spoolie before bed 
  • if you live in an area that gets sun please put on sunscreen!!!! spf will save your skin
  • if you have dry skin jojoba oil can work wonders
  • ALWAYS have condoms if you know you’re going to have sex and if you can afford to always get two different types so if a guy says he can’t fit into one you can always pull out the other 
  • also only have unprotected sex if you want to and know the other person is clean,don’t let any guy or girl trick you or pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to
  • if you have lots of sex with different partners it doesn’t hurt to get tested every 3 months 
  • surround yourself with people who support you and truly want the best for you in life
  • keep an extra change of underwear and a simple outfit in your bag/car if you can just in case you find yourself staying the night somewhere 
  • have plants/greenery in your room,plants help to improve air quality 
  • go outside as much as you can even if its only for 10 minutes,fresh air can really energize you and can also help with your skin
  • pee after sex to prevent UTI’s 
  • tell your friends and family you love them as much as you can
  • dilute some tea tree oil with some water and it can help fade acne scars 
  • read,learn and educate yourself
  • stop comparing yourself to others,there is no one else like you.
  • eat breakfast,my favorites are fresh fruit,smoothies and oatmeal
  • if you are in school or college stay on top of all your work,when you get your homework or assignment,at least start it because starting is always the hardest part
  • only sext someone if you feel comfortable do not let anyone make you feel bad for your decisions
  • apple cider vinegar diluted in water is great in the morning to kickstart your metabolism 
  • hydrating face masks and face steaming are two great ways to get glowy skin
  • don’t sleep in your makeup ever
  • spray perfume on your hairbrush and it will leave your hair smelling lovely all day