Holy knight Hodrick commences his pilgrimage to the pit of hollows in the Undead Settlement, as the accursed Darksign looms overhead. 

I’ve been infatuated with Fromsoft’s Souls series, and had to make an image for Dark Souls 3. The Sunset armor is my favorite, so I decided parry king Hodrick should be my subject matter. I’d like to do something for Demon’s Souls next perhaps…

Dark Souls 3 roleswitch AU:

  • Unkindled Giant Yhorm accompanying you into battle against the Catarina-born Lord of Cinder, Siegward.
  • Mad Knightess Sirris constantly invading you and many others in search of her grandfather, Hodrick.
  • Loretta urges you to find the wandering thief, Greirat, and bring him home.
  • Blind Battle Nun Irina locking up Eygon coz he’s a lil shit.
  • The Ashen One never awakes, leaving the Firekeeper to go rogue and slay the Lords by herself, Coiled Sword in hand.