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AU in which 10k gets drunk

Addy, 10k’s surrogate mother/sister/caretaker, tried to keep him away from alcohol. She really did. And she was successful for a while.
But then everyone was sitting in the living room of the house they were squatting in, and Doc disappeared, only to return two minutes later with bottles of vodka, whiskey, and scotch.
The little shit took the vodka before Addy could stop him, and took a giant swig.
The look on his face almost made the whole thing okay. His face contorted, and the others laughed. 10k’s face went pale, and he passed the bottle. Then the scotch was in his hand. Then the whiskey.

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She’s totally teasing us! 

Meanwhile, we’re close to confirming Russell Hodgkinson, your favorite Doc and ours, for the ZCast! We hope to have him be our first guest for s3! Anastasia is also coming back to chat with us, which we’re very excited about.

We’re gearing up for s3!  

Do you have your zWhacker ready?