i couldnt stop smiling when writing this its so fluffly

AU in which the group is taking a day off, and 10k is being needy and cuddly (AKA doc is high, murphy is moody, and theres mattresses involved)

requested by @stawmay12

“I vote we take a chill day.” Doc says, nodding his head.

“A chill day?” Warren asks, brows narrowing.

“We’ve been going nonstop for a while, Warren. Doc’s got a point. We all need to rest.” Addy says.

“It’s just one day, Warren. We could all use it.” Mack says. Warren sighs, and drops her bag to the ground. You’re outside a mattress store, and she nods her head.

“Fine. We head out tomorrow morning.” She says.

“Yes!” You exclaim, tugging 10k towards the door. There are a few Z’s inside (which are easily disposed of), and there are only a few mattresses that aren’t ruined, but it’s like Christmas and Halloween and your birthday rolled in together. Mack and 10k shove the remaining ones together by the back wall, making a giant square of comfort. Everyone climbs up, even Warren, though she’s last. Everyone passes around canned veggies and gets comfortable, something you havent done in ages.

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Z Nation:  Operation More Bitemark

Z Whackers unite!  Our goal is to make sure Syfy and NBC Universal renew Z Nation for a fourth season.

How do we do that? 

Step 1:  Follow #Operation More Bitemark on Tumblr so you can stay informed about all efforts to get Z Nation renewed for a new season.

Step 2:  When Z Nation airs on Friday, tweet loud and often with the hashtag #RenewZNation and make sure you include both @Syfy and @NBCUniversal.  NBC Universal owns the Syfy channel.  Set a goal to tweet at least 10 times during the broadcast hour.  Plan to do this every time a new episode airs.  INCLUDE THE HASHTAG IN ALL RETWEETS TOO!

Step 3:  Increase the bandwidth!  Reblog this entry on Tumblr.  If you participate on other message boards or social media platforms, get the word out to use the #RenewZNation hashtag there as well. 

For example, I posted the following on Reddit:


Stay tuned to #Operation More Bitemark for other ways we can make sure Syfy renews our favorite show!

ETA:  Do you love to make gifs?  Volunteers needed to create #RenewZNation gifs that can be retweeted this Friday.  Reach out to me if interested!