hodgin's and angela's baby !

i just finished watching Bones & tho im emotional and sad it ended i feel some sort of peace? I think it has to do with the fact that the finale was perfect. It was so beautifully wraped up that i’m happy about how this amazing characters ended their journeys, and i have like 0 complaint or dissapointmeant. Booth & Brennan ended together, walking those Jeffersonian gardens like in the pilot, having their perfect family and loving what they do. “Where you go i go, always” that line was so them, and not to mention Booth’s speech which was perfect, It was the summary of all those little details that made them who they are and it was a reminder that they never should forget about that “This is you, Temperance Brennan, you are my partner, don’t forget that”. Brennan, who lost a family and thought she’d never belong to one again, found herself with one of her own who loves her uncondicionally. Booth found that person he wanted to spend 30, 40 or 50 years with. Angela & Hodgins have another baby on their way, and Hodgins is oficially king of the lab! Cam is starting her own family. Aubrey stayed in D.C and got promoted, and despite being sad that he didn’t end up with Jessica (i truly do not understand why they did that) im okay bc at least they made it seem like he still had someone. They mentioned Sweets, and how he knew, because as Booth & Brennan said he was the reason they got togehter, and i love how the story makes it evident how without Sweets none of them would be where they are in many ways. 

Im gonna miss this show so much, and i know i haven’t been as long a fan as some other people but it stil hold a very meaningful part of my heart. It’s truly a fantastic journey to ride in, and i loved it.

A Little Secret

Title: A Little Secret

Word Count: 504

Warnings: None.

Request: Do you mind doing a bones one where you have to tell lance you are pregnant? You’re an awesome writer

You are so sweet, Anon! I hope you enjoy this!

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This was it. The longest minute of your life. Maybe you should wait two minutes, just to be safe. Oh, what the hell…

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The Life in the Light- “And Life is Good Again...Life is Very Good”

I may be somewhat crazy, and yes, I am completely and utterly biased, but Bones is just one of those underappreciated works of art, in my opinion. The writing and development of these characters, as well as these actors playing the roles…everything, all of it, is just wonderfully exquisite. I wish everyone in the world could see what I see. What I’m sure a lot of us see. But I am just thankful that I get to enjoy the ride. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but even as someone who has kept a pretty positive attitude throughout this whole storyline, tonight I was finally able to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief…

*Really long blurb ahead…

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