hodge twins


TMW funniest moments

hahaha the way they bicker is hilarious hahaha

Outrage as Nike unveils $315 Sneakers LeBron X's
  • Keith: What's that old saying? "A fool.. and his money.. will soon be parted".
  • Kevin: Yo man that was..
  • Keith: Beautiful wasn't it?
  • Kevin: That was fucking beautiful. Can you say it again?
  • Keith: "A fool.. and his money.. will soon be parted".
  • Kevin: A FOOOOLL!.. AND HIS..MONEYY will soon be departed!
  • Keith: "Parted", bitch not "Departed".
  • Kevin: Parted.
  • Keith: ...Yeah it's Departed.
  • [I don't know which is which]
  • Right Hodge Twin: That was a dirty ass bitch you was with. I'm just sayin..
  • Left Hodge Twin: The fuck you gotta call her that man?
  • RHT: I ain't mean nothin by it
  • LHT: Yeah you did, you called her a bitch
  • RHT: It was with the best intentions....

“Stop claiming your Black…” The Hodge Twins explains why they are Black… in their usual fashion.

Warning: Foul and sexual language/suggestions and the gratuitous use of the N-word.

And sibling abuse… if that counts as a trigger.