#”i’m watching for the plot” i remind myself as i make gifs of hot hodge and his torso #damn dude you were a pensioner with a full head of grey hair in the movie #round of applause for the casting department of the show #i would not mind being stuck in the institute with him that’s all i’m saying

Things I want in Shadowhunters.

1). Valentine’s white hair needs to be there. Hair so fair it’s almost white.

2). Runes are appropriate sizes and are relevant to their task.

3). Don’t let the actors act as if they were in their 20s because Clary was 15 when the book started.

4). Magnus should be fabulous. His expensive taste should roll off him in waves.

5). Valentine’s obsession with Jocelyn needs to show when he kidnaps her.

6). Clary should only trust Simon first before even thinking about Jace because they have known each other the longest.

7). They need to believe they are brother and sister. Like full on.

The Hodge 301 Cluster

In the most active starburst region in the local universe lies a cluster of brilliant, massive stars, known to astronomers as Hodge 301. Hodge 301, seen in the lower right hand corner of this image, lives inside the Tarantula Nebula in our galactic neighbor, the Large Magellanic Cloud.

This star cluster is not the brightest, or youngest, or most populous star cluster in the Tarantula Nebula — that honor goes to the spectacular R136. In fact, Hodge 301 is almost 10 times older than the young cluster R136. But age has its advantages; many of the stars in Hodge 301 are so old that they have exploded as supernovae. These exploded stars are blasting material out into the surrounding region at speeds of almost 200 miles per second. This high speed ejecta are plowing into the surrounding Tarantula Nebula, shocking and compressing the gas into a multitude of sheets and filaments, seen in the upper left portion of the picture.

Credit: NASA/Hubble

Hi, Cassie! So, you may be receiving many questions about it because of your answer regarding Céline’s death. And I’m feeling kind of bad for not noticing something that was implied in the books that led us to think she was killed. And I reread these books at least four times each. So, could you help me refresh my memory? Thank you! Lots of love from Brazil! — fairchild-gray-fray

It’s because the implication is very guarded. Hodge speaks to Simon in CoG and implies that Valentine and Hodge were together when they killed Celine:

“But the Circle murdered Downworlders too,” said Simon.
“Because they thought it was their sacred duty,” said
Samuel. “Not out of greed. Though I can’t imagine now why I
ever thought that mattered.” He sounded exhausted. “It was
Valentine. He had a way about him. He could convince you of
anything. I remember standing beside him with my hands covered
in blood, looking down at the body of a dead woman, and
thinking only that what I was doing had to be right, because
Valentine said it was so.”

The implication from Hodge is that he did something terrible to Celine — something worse than cutting her baby out of her dead body (and giving it a chance to live.) He also references having done it in a conversation specifically about murder. I’ve always thought of it as something the book characters themselves don’t know — Jocelyn reports that Valentine told her that Celine killed herself, which is where that story came from, but Jocelyn believed it — except Hodge and Valentine, and they’ve gone where they cannot tell. Doesn’t mean it’ll never come up again though.