1. Your number one priority should be to cook lots and lots of rice!! 
I went to a Filipino party once and there was no rice. Needless to say, everyone left early.

2. Make sure there’s meat!
Ain’t no vegetarian Flips up in here! (If you’re a vegetarian Filipino, kudos to you for not giving in to all the meat surrounding you. Seriously, you have my respect if you’re able to do that.)

3. Remember to have Ziploc bags and aluminum foil available for the guests so they can bring food home!
Now that I think about it, the main reason people go to Filipino parties is to eat food. At least, from my perspective. 8I

Uh, that’s pretty much it. Good luck!


An observation

I remember when I was a littl'un at Filipino parties running around with the other littl'uns, I would catch glimpses of the teenagers coming in and out of their reserved room. When two of my guy friends became old enough, they joined the other teens and started snubbing the younger kids, too.

I used to think the teenagers were really stuck-up and snobby for ditching the party just to be with other teenagers. I also wondered what they did in there. Did they play spin-the-bottle? Or dare each other to do icky things? Did they watch inappropriate stuff on those sites my dad told me to never go to?

Now I’m one of those teenagers. I wonder how the younger generation sees us? It’s weird to think about, isn’t it?