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dear luigi

dear luigi,

man i understand you. i feel like we could be good friends. my older brother is also cooler and shorter than me. i am also easily scared. i’m you in real life luigi. we are one.

Day 1

(President’s office)

Today has been a very good start for this project. The picture above depicts the opening scene of Olimar in the President’s office. I was originally planning to have the President turn his chair around, but I deemed it unnecessary. The portrait on the left is supposed to be the President at a younger age, although I may change it into a baby picture. Baby President sounds cute.

I’ve started the animation for the President, which I want to finish tomorrow. If I can do that, I can start drawing the S.S. Dolphin, which I have a bad sketch and few references for. I have not decided if I want to add any shades of grey or color to the finished animation or not. I won’t try if I don’t have enough time. I should start a timetable of some sort soon so I can pace myself. Will I be able to do what I promise to tomorrow?

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What's life like on Hocotate -- like the climate, the people, etc.? I remember you mentioned how beautiful it was when you compared it to PNF-404 in your journal, at one point.

My culture and people are ,undoubtedly, very advanced. Not only in technology, but in business! 

As for art, one may find inspiration in the brilliant scenery Hocotate has to offer. Personally, I do enjoy my karaoke! I don’t believe my family does, however…they’re losing a satisfactory experience!