The signs at homecoming

Aries: *awkwardly dances in the corner as none of their friends came*

Taurus: man hunting

Gemini: isn’t even at homecoming, they just stayed home eating chips

Cancer: came in a group of people but they kinda just forgot about you so now poor Cancer is just sitting at a table waiting for it to be over

Leo: lucky son of a gun who got a spicy date

Virgo: them: “PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYYY!!!!!” administration: “please leave”

Libra: somehow got past the strict dresscode and wears a saucy dress

Scorpio: that person everyone hates that screams “THIS IS MY JAM!” every time whenever a song comes on

Sagittarius: *spikes the drinks*

Capricorn: came with a group of their friends, and unlike cancer, is still with their friends and having a good time

Aquarius: never looks up from their phone the whole time

Pisces: dancing but they don’t really know how to dance so their just whipping and dabbing 


Similarities between Blake Brockington and Leelah Alcorn

1. They were both Transgender.

2, They were both rejected by their families. (Blake was in fostercare because his family kicked him out)

3.  Their ages. (Blake had just turned 18, and Leelah was 17 turning 18)

4. They both commited suicide.

So explain to me why this well known Transgender activist, Blake Brockington, who raised thousands for charity and became the first black transgender homecoming king is getting almost no media attention. Leelah Alcorn trended across Twitter and Tumblr—even got her own Wikipedia page and article in People magazine. 

This is by no means a comparison or a contest for opression. But Blake Brockington deserves the same memorial Leelah Alcorn was given— if not more.  Three thousand to three hundred and sixty four( and that is including articles about him winning @ HOCO) .The only clear difference between them is his race. Preserve this young man’s life.


I never really have much to complain about when it comes to school. Sure, there’s a lot of homework and some teachers suck, but that comes with the package. What I do hate though: the fact that some students work so hard they only get a few hours of sleep every night. The fact that GPA matters more than 3 square meals a day. The fact that having an unrealistic amount of extracurriculars is more important that spending quality time with your family. But most of all, I hate that I, an incredibly hard working student, am overlooked simply because I am not number 1. And that is the American school system in a nutshell.
—  how I’ve been feeling lately