hockey meme - 1/7 legends: maurice richard

"He told me ‘Mister Bergeron. I just moved from a third floor to another third floor. I’m going to the Forum to tell Irvin I can’t do it, I’m too sick, too tired.’ So I went to the Forum and told the guys around me the Rocket wouldn’t play that night. A really smart boy that Maurice Richard. He scored five times that game. Afterwards, I said to him: ‘You should move more often’."

so there’s already a hockey meme thingy floating around but i made a longer/adapted version because i’m trash (and also lost the original post):

  • 10 players
  • 9 relationships (brotps or actual couples u decide)
  • 8 moments (a goal, a ceremony, anything!)
  • 7 legends 
  • 6 jerseys
  • 5 youngsters (rookies/prospects)
  • 4 fictional players (from tv/movies/pop culture)
  • 4 goalies
  • 4 coaches
  • 3 nhl teams
  • 3 nationalities
  • 2 junior teams
  • 2 families
  • 2 rivalries (between teams or players whatevs)
  • 1 stanley cup finale
  • 1 quote