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So my darling hansideburns got me into her stupid hockeyau in a major way. I’ve been over in my own little corner moaning over how hot hockey!Hans is and complaining cause I’m not supposed to ship Hanna and you made me, dammit. And I read all the fic and then I was like “okay but sisters” cause you know. This AU really doesn't have enough princess sisters. And there is nothing more important to me than princess sisters. An AU that doesn’t have enough princess sisters absolutely has to be fixed. 

So Lisa and I started brainstorming all this sister fluff while we were hanging out yesterday and of course, sister fluff is my specialty so I had to write something.

Hockeyau is Lisa’s baby and you can see more about it on her tag. It’s actually the best AU. Once you add more of my beloved princess sisters, of course.

PRINCESS. SISTERS. *chinhands*

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Coming Soon: A Shot In The Dark

“You have a game in four hours, Harry.” I began to pull away but he hooked his fingers through the belt loop on my jeans.

He smirked, shaking his head like it did not matter at all that one of the biggest games of his NHL career was about to begin. “And you won’t be there.”

“I really am sorry.” I said, sincerely wishing I did not have to work.

He was disappointed but he didn’t want me to see that. “Then humor me.” He dropped one of his hands and grabbed mine, tugging me forward into the freezing rink.

“Harry.” I warned again. “I don’t have skates on.”

“You don’t need them, baby.” He reassured me. “If you fall, I fall.”

no more night time drawings for a while or ever

soo there’s this really cute scene in tia’s beautiful hockeyau fic with hans and anna on his car and i was going to draw that scene specifically but we’ve been talking the past couple days and it kind of slightly modified itself into this instead

they say here comes a hurricane, trouble is his middle name but i dont look for trouble yeah trouble looks for me

this song was totally my jam while working on this and couldn’t help but think of hans getting into fights and thought it fit this perfectly /? idk maybe im just crazy


for the always flawless bea-sim cause she politely kicked my butt into actually getting around to drawing these 3 gorgeous morons and because she’s writing hockeyau for meee <3 so i kind of owe her one too (there i posted it for everyone to see cant back out now haha)