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Hello tumblr users!

Just wanted to throw it out there that I have a few hockey sweaters available on my ebay page, They are a great price and in great condition some are even vintage jerseys. A few of them are children’s sizes and starters so they would be great as a gift. All sweaters were found by @puckklife while thrift shopping. Hes got a real eye for these! 

These would be great for gifts or just for yourself, they are all starters so you can put your own player and numbers on them. 

There are way more we just havent gotten around to putting a price or anything on them. But we will. So keep your eyes peeled if there is something specific your looking for or ask either @dexiffixed or @puckklife

Edit*** I had to relist a couple so 3 of them are not going to show up for at minimum 24 hours. 

anonymous asked:

What do you want for your birthday?

Damn it’s not for like a month and a half but

1) a picture of daveed diggs in a hockey sweater aka the most attractive person wearing the most attractive thing
2) my mom to let me go to a protest with my camera Bc I can’t win the photojournalism Pulitzer without practice
3) someone to draw me as theo burr
4) competent gun control
5) the in the heights vocal selections book