Nico Hischier by Katie Whitty

So I finally went through omgeverythingplease and here are things that I didn’t know
  • Bitty is OBSESSED with food. OBSESSED.
  • Boy has a *problem*
  • Like I know we like to headcanon that Bitty goes into some sort of media, but he’s more likely to become a food critic. Basically he’s more into the “baking” part of “baking vlog” than the “vlog” part.
  • Holster is a grumpy messy bitch.
  • For real, the team seriously debated who was grumpier: Jack or Holster
  • (for like, a hot second, before the answer became obvious)
  • (It’s Jack. Jack is the grumpiest)
  • Ransom and Bitty are very close friends. Close enough that Bitty chirps Holster that he’s being replaced via tweet.
  • Ransom and Bitty get PSLs from “ ‘Bucks”.
  • That is a quote. Eric Richard Bittle has called Starbucks, ‘Bucks.
  • (I bet he calls Target, Tar-zhay too)
  • This one was a bit more analytical: we found out about Jack coaching peewee via Bitty’s twitter
  • Bitty is the one who tells us that the Jack says the kids call him “Coach Z”
  • Because Bitty is the one who typed out the tweet, if the kids called Jack “Coach Zed”, he would have spelled out “Zed.”
  • Therefore we can assume that the kids called Jack “Coach Zee” and not “Coach Zed”
  • However this revelation by Jack was immediately followed by a debate over Zee vs. Zed. So who really knows?
  • I still don’t know how either of them pronounces “pecan”
  • More after the cut because this is getting long

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To see my work evolve throughout the years has been incredible.

I used to spend hundreds of dollars to get good seats or hang with TBL fans that were also STM’s and bring my camera as a hobby. All it took was one media outlet to let me know I have potential.

Looking back almost 5 years later, I can say my work has developed. I am extremely hard on myself and my own worst critic when it comes to images, i’m old school and try to edit as least as possible.

Just so lucky to live in the city I love and not only shoot for the Philadelphia Flyers but now the NAHL Philadedlphia Rebels this season as well.



Nobody would high-five Jamie Benn after he got one past the goalie, so Radek Faksa had to step in and save the day.


kerby rychel by Katie Whitty

I cannot stress enough how important it is to leave a watermark on a photograph of your fav hockey players. It gives credit to the artist and a lot of the time these are copyrighted images so removing a watermark and posting it as your own even if you don't claim you took the photo is still fraud and photographers can sue over copyrighted images.

I don’t care if you don’t think the watermark is aesthetically pleasing to you. LEAVE IT ON THE IMAGE. it’s so frustrating to be a photographer (including myself) and to have people remove the watermark to post on their own accounts, get 100s or 1000s of likes and it goes uncredited because SOMEONE had to remove a watermark. I’m not trying to make anyone angry but it’s frustrating to have your work pretty much stolen from you and reposted without credit.