Coach’s Corner Drinking Game

  • Drink if there’s a comment on Don Cherry’s wardrobe.
  • Take a shot if Don Cherry uses the desk as a piano.
  • Drink when Ron corrects Don.
  • Drink if Don Cherry uses ‘Beauty’ .
  • Drink if Don Cherry cuts Ron MacLean.
  • Drink if Don Cherry tells the kids what to do.
  • Take a shot when Don Cherry gives the thumbs up.
  • Take two shots if Don Cherry is wearing some kind of hat.

10 minutes of drinkin’ fun!  No ugly suits required!


rules : tag 9 people you want to get to know better then tag who tagged you!

tagged by @fluffyjihun (seriously talk to me become my friend!!)

relationship status: Third wheeling all my friends relationships (SWAG) 

favorite color: GREEN

pets: The squirrels in my backyard. 

last song i listened to: Playing with Fire - Blackpink

favorite tv show: Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf, Hockey Night in Canada (lol)

first fandom: One Direction. Niall is bae. Forever and always. <3 

Who I tag (and who have already been tagged 10 thousand times) 

@j-cypher @jjjaebum @petithobi @knkinky @ilikeitknky @namjoonholic @yeorwon @babaybubblez @keunxkeun