Coach’s Corner Drinking Game

  • Drink if there’s a comment on Don Cherry’s wardrobe.
  • Take a shot if Don Cherry uses the desk as a piano.
  • Drink when Ron corrects Don.
  • Drink if Don Cherry uses ‘Beauty’ .
  • Drink if Don Cherry cuts Ron MacLean.
  • Drink if Don Cherry tells the kids what to do.
  • Take a shot when Don Cherry gives the thumbs up.
  • Take two shots if Don Cherry is wearing some kind of hat.

10 minutes of drinkin’ fun!  No ugly suits required!


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Nicknames: Jules, Frodo, Lizzie Borden (it’s a long story)

Height: 5′8″ or 5′9″

Time right now: 3:15 PM

Last thing I googled: “lower back injuries”

Fave music artist: Too many to choose from. Tarot, Children of Bodom, Iron Maiden, Delain, Nightwish, Sabaton, Rammstein…

Song stuck in my head: Paradise (What About Us?) - Within Temptation ft. Tarja

Last movie I watched: Return of the King

Last TV show I watched: Does Hockey Night In Canada count?

What I’m wearing now: A Queen shirt and some ugly but soft pyjama pants I bought at a tourist trap in Banff

When I created this blog: October 2015

The kind of stuff I post: Music, hockey stuff, tolkien and text posts about my life.

Do I have other blogs: I have a photo blog at @images-of-the-canadian-dream and an art/writing blog at @writingsofthedreamer

Do I get asks regularly: Not at all.

Why did I choose my URL: It’s from my mum’s favourite Beatles song

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

Pokemon team: No clue

Fave Colours: Dark blue

Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 4 to 14

Lucky number: 27

Favourite Characters: Gimli, Maglor, Merry and Pippin

Dream Job: Something involving music, photography or tech.

Number of blankets I sleep with: Just my huge duvet that probably counts for 10

Following: 408

I’ll tag @inkstranger, @swayingblade-mylullaby, @hietalice, @avangaysia and @asylumsammet. Cheers!

anonymous asked:

What is the "BONINOBONINOBONINO NICK BONINOOOOO" ? Sorry, u made a post about it and I'm brand new to hockey

During the playoffs last, game 6 of the second round against the Caps was won by the Pens thanks to Nick Bonino’s overtime goal and Harnarayan Singh, the play-by-play broadcaster for “Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi", called the goal by yelling BONINOBONINOBONINO NICK BONINOOOOO and it was hilarious and amazing and may we never forget it

anonymous asked:

fuck me of course it would be windscr or some shit. i mean the worst thing about this whole scenario is that there's only one vowel fuck. he literally dressed up as the joker for halloween and has seen kenny fucking chesney live what did i expect

he takes home the hockey night in canada towels and is the little spoon.