Honestly I love hockey nights on tumblr I love watching the games and talking to everyone about them it literally makes me so happy everyone gets so excited and passionate and it’s just,,, fucking fun

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I HATE HOW HOCKEY PRAISES ABUSERS AND RAPISTS. But actually good dudes and players are overlooked PK Subban is an incredible human and did so much for sick kids in Montreal and the Habs traded him for no reason. And PK continues to work with Montreal while also establishing community relations and charity in Nashville. PK also is black and his brothers play hockey too. You’d THINK the NHL would be like, look at our sport grow. But they don’t and I hate it. I hate how I still love hockey and they continue to not have a space for me and others. 

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hockey: LOVES IT. super intense and exciting. i know the most famous players and what teams they play for. im constantly checking the standings and keeping track of team points. even if my favorite team isnt playing i can watch a game and enjoy it bc i love the sport. i go to multiple games per year if i can manage it. fans kinda suck but the more unifying parts of fan culture are fun.

baseball: AWESOME. a lifelong fan. easier to sit and enjoy, more relaxing than hockey. a staple of spring and summer, i love that its an almost daily game and i love keeping up with the stats in both leagues. id like to go to games, and i find them very fun to attend, but theyre usually expensive.

tennis: complicated to figure out, but fun to watch. if the williams sisters are playing, im probably 100% interested and dont want to change the channel.

basketball: not my thing, but i can sit and enjoy it if its on. the fan culture around it is one of the less awful ones from what ive seen. i like the squeaky sneaker noises.

soccer: the field seems absurdly big and the fans are really OTT but its fun enough. i used to like playing it when i was a kid.

football: keep this shit five feet away from me if i see it coming on the tv i change right fucking away the fans are awful and the telecasts never end on time. 

The ticket read “Found nude in a tree”

Shitty and Jack as frogs at their first haus party? yes


i just wanna remind you that Habs official social media made this

some aboriginal nhl’er info

tonight is Native American Heritage Night at Staples Center, so in honor of that i just sorta threw this post together right before i had to leave for that game. this is mostly stuff i knew off the top of my head tho so if any of y’all know anything else, please feel free to add it!
edit: check out the second post i made on this subject!

  • there are currently 10 native american players in the nhl; 6 play in the western conference, only 4 play in the east
  • the players include Jordan Nolan and Dwight King (LAK), Kyle Chipchura (ARI), Rene Bourque (COL), Micheal Ferland (CGY), Jordin Tootoo (CHI), Vernon Fiddler (NJD), Carey Price (MTL), T.J. Oshie (WSH), and Cody McCormick (BUF)
  • most of the players are either Metis or Ojibwe:
    Bourque, Chipchura, Fiddler, & King: Metis
    Ferland: Cree
    McCormick: Oneida & Chippewa/Ojibwe
    Nolan: Ojibwe & Maliseet
    Oshie: Anishinaabe/Ojibwe
    Price: Ulkatcho First Nation
    Tootoo: Inuk
  • Oshie is the only American-born native out of the 10. all the rest are Canadian natives
  • Price and Oshie are the only 2 to play for their respective countries at the Olympics, while Chipchura, Tootoo, and Bourque have played internationally in other competitions
  • Tootoo having to play with the Blackhawks is cruel and unusual punishment of the worst sort
  • Fiddler shares a birthday with me (and Steve Yzerman)
  • Oshie’s name in the Ojibwe language is “Keeway Gaaboo,” which means “coming home”
  • Tootoo’s name in Inuktitut is written as ᔪᐊᑕᓐ ᑐᑐ and his middle name, Kudluk, means “thunder”
  • Ferland, Price, King, and Nolan are the only players who haven’t played for multiple NHL teams
  • Nolan and King are the only two Stanley Cup champions out of the 10 while Fiddler and Chipchura were Calder Cup champions (in 2004 and 2007 respectively)
  • Jordan Nolan after both Stanley Cup victories:

also, to any other native nhl/hockey fans out there: reblog this and tag what
tribe(s) you are; i wanna see how many of us there are and how many different cultures we represent!

Not about scholarship

According to

”Athletic scholarships cannot be reduced or cancelled year-to-year based on ability or performance, or because of injury. Some reasons why a scholarship could be cancelled include academic ineligibility or disciplinary issues. Any student-athlete whose athletic aid is reduced or cancelled has the right to a hearing with institutional representatives outside of the athletic department.”

After that famous episode, we see Bitty crying.

Well, it’s NOT because he’s scared of loosing his scholarship like so many fanfictions has led me to believe.

It’s because he’s scared he won’t get to play anymore.

So many fics get written about Bitty missing figure skating or the tragedy of his choice to abandon figure skating due to money/distance to a good coach/avoiding bullying/pleasing his dad.

What about a fic that expand on how Bitty learned to love hockey?

This boy loves this game, truly he does! And I would love to see more about that!!!! :D