• Jack: hey bittle, some of the guys are coming over later
  • Bitty: oh no you don't, Jack Zimmermann, last time you said "a friend" was coming over I stood there at the door gaping like a fish at Sidney Crosby
  • Bitty: for five minutes!
  • Bitty: you give me their names so I can at least TRY not to make a fool of myself in front of the entire Canadian Olympic hockey team or something
  • Jack:
  • Bitty: oh my God it's the entire Canadian hockey team, isn't it?
  • Jack: well not the ENTIRE team, no.

Jack can sing.  It’s one of Bitty’s most favourite things about his boyfriend.  Jack doesn’t really like people being able to hear him unless he’s really comfortable with them, and even then he reserves it for when he’s cleaning or cooking, or taking photos.

But he loves humming.  He and Bitty will often times spend the end of the evening curled up together, Bitty sat between the V of Jack’s legs.  Bitty would be on his phone, Jack would just sit there with his arms curled round Bitty’s waist, holding Bitty to his chest, and humming softly into his hair.

Bitty lived for these moments.  They were everything.

It wasn’t until later that year, during the holidays, that Bitty had any idea where Jack’s habit had come from.  They had decided to visit Bob and Alicia in Montreal since they’d done summer with Suzanne and Coach.  It was cold, and Bitty spent most of the time star-struck with the hockey legends who’d come over for the holiday party.

But everything wound down, and Bitty and Jack ended up in Jack’s room on the bed, Bitty stretched out beside his boyfriend scrolling on his phone whilst Jack watched tape.

Around ten, Bitty stretched and sat up.  “I need water.  You want anything?”

“Juice would be nice,” Jack said.  He didn’t take his eyes from the screen, but with perfect aim, curled his fingers into Bitty’s shirt and dragged him in for a kiss.

Bitty flushed kissing back, cupping Jack’s cheeks and savouring the moment.  Then he slipped out the door in his dressing gown and his socks, and made his way toward the kitchen.

As he rounded the corner near the lounge, he froze when he heard the noise.  A soft, deep, rumbling sort of humming.  It sounded…so familiar.  Poking his head into the room, he caught a glimpse of Bob on the sofa that faced the window, Alicia stretched out against his side.  His fingers were brushing softly through her hair as her head rested against his shoulder, and he was humming softly to her as they watched the fire.

Bitty’s heart sped up, affecting washing through him as he realised then Jack had grown up with this.  And it wasn’t perfect.  Jack’s fear he could never measure up to who his father was crushed him at times, but there were influences that even Jack was probably unaware of.

Unconditional love between partners, being one of them.  Bitty had spent most of the day watching Bob and Alicia.  Watching them watch each other, sharing secret smiles and holding hands, and whispering to each other.

The same thing Jack did with him.

Jack had the same look in his eye when he gazed at Bitty.

Bitty then realised Jack loved him.  Really loved him.

He was in a daze as he made his way back to the room.  He’d forgotten the water, and the juice, and barely took note of Jack’s frown.  Reaching out, he took the laptop off Jack’s knees.

“Bits, hey what are you…”

Bitty replaced the laptop with himself, straddling Jack’s thighs.  He cupped his confused boyfriend’s cheek with one hand.  “You love me.”

“Yes,” Jack said slowly, still frowning.  “I’ve told you this before.”

Bitty shook his head.  “I know but…I.  But you love me.  You’re in love with me.”

Jack’s face went from confused to somewhat amused and he curled his fingers round Bitty’s wrist.  “Are you just now figuring that out?”

Bitty couldn’t help but laugh a bit at himself.  “No I just…your parents are downstairs cuddling on the sofa.”

“Gross,” Jack groaned.

Bitty poked Jack on the tip of his nose.  “It isn’t.  It’s sweet.  I just…you do that with me.  You hold me, you hum songs to me.  You look at me like you really do love me.”

“Oh,” Jack breathed.  His hands went to Bitty’s waist, then curled round to hold his small butt with a grin as he tugged Bitty close to him.  His lips danced across the cut of Bitty’s jaw before trailing up, capturing him in a slow, sweet kiss.  “Because I do love you, Eric.  So much.”

Bitty flushed from head to toe, and pushed his forehead against Jack’s.  “I love you too.”

happy birthday connor mcdavid !!
  • baby: c-
  • mom: honey i think she's trying to
  • say something
  • baby: c-c
  • dad: i knew her first word would be coffee...
  • mom: *smacks his arm*
  • baby: c-connor mcdavid was born on january 13, 1997; he would become one of the league's youngest captains and the lord and saviour of the edmonton oilers

Everybody, just STOP. Stop whatever you are doing and IMAGINE:

Alicia Zimmermann as the retired hockey legend married to Bob Zimmermann semi-famous actor/model.

First, Jack wouldn’t feel as overshadowed. Instead of being compared to his dad, a lot of the guys in the locker would have made fun of him or said crude things about his mom. Jack gets into a lot more fights in this universe, but he is just as talented.

Alicia knows how to nurture that without making him feel that’s the only thing he’s good for.

Alicia and Jack make fun of Bob’s terrible movies. He played a rookie in an 80’s classic cop TV show, and the two of them know the lines by heart. They spend holidays reenacting the worst scenes, and there’s a game where one of them yells strike a pose and do one of his ad campaigns. Alicia wins every time (she takes this very seriously and that’s how she got banned from two different supermarkets).

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A Wall Around Me

Title: A Wall Around Me
Author: angryspaceravenclaw
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 59630
Summary: When Eric Bittle’s scholarship is threatened, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He can’t go home, and he can’t afford Samwell on his own. Then help is offered from the most unexpected place–Hockey Legend, Bad Bob Zimmermann. Bitty knows things like this don’t come for free, he just never expected he’d have to “look after” Bob’s equally famous son, Falconers’ captain, Jack Zimmermann.

Most memorable line: “At least call me Bob,” he replied with a laugh. “I think we’ve come that far.”

So it’s Christmas morning where I am and I spent a few hours last night drinking white rum and helping assemble a trampoline from “Santa” for my little brother and now all I can think is

Alicia and Bad Bob making shushing noises so a young Jack isn’t woken up, while sipping mojitos and watching hockey legends squabbling over whether instructions are important. A couple are just searching for extra bolts and two have decided that they’ll help by “testing” the trampoline with considerable enthusiasm. The Zimmermanns judge the work from the sidelines

I'm making a new cartoon

idk what it’s called or what it’s about but it’s gonna have hockey legend Wayne Gretzky voicing a talking jet ski and it’s name is Wayne Jetski

Sugar Daddy AU- Ch 1

A Wall Around Me- Chapter One (on ao3)

Based on THIS au post that I wrote a few days ago with Sugar Daddy Bad Bob

Pairings: Jack/Bitty, Alicia/Bob, Kent/Alexei

Rating: Mature

Summary:  When Eric Bittle’s scholarship is threatened, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He can’t go home, and he can’t afford Samwell on his own. Then help is offered from the most unexpected place–Hockey Legend, Bad Bob Zimmermann. Bitty knows things like this don’t come for free, he just never expected he’d have to “look after” Bob’s equally famous son, Falconers’ captain, Jack Zimmermann. (see Ao3 for full tags/warnings)



Eric’s head lifted from the mixing bowl, staring at the door as though he might be able to somehow develop laser vision and see through it. Unfortunately, as usual, he was left with his ordinary human vision, and was forced to take his hands out of the dough he was kneading, and push with his elbow to poke his head out.

Luckily enough, Sarah was behind the register, taking the order of their first customer in two hours.

“You wanna help me on bar?” Sarah called as she looked back to see Eric watching.

He rolled his eyes. “Sure thing, darlin’, if you wanna finish these pies in time for the lunch rush.”

She huffed, but waved him off, and he wandered back into the kitchen. The pie dough was going to have to set, and the mini-pies which would soon fill out their baking counter, had another five minutes of baking, and an hour to cool.

It was the one thing Eric could do, at the present moment, to keep himself from losing his mind entirely. The one thing he could do so his head wouldn’t wander back to the email sitting in his inbox, to the phone call he’d gotten earlier, and the face of his coach who had finally decided that yeah, it was pointless, and Eric wouldn’t be playing this year.

His fingers began to tremble a little and he took a breath, held it for four, then let it out. He dug back into the massive mixing bowl and began to knead again.

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so i’ve seen aus where bitty’s a football player but jack is still a hockey player, and where they’re both football players and jack’s backstory is the same but with football instead of hockey, but what about a football player au where their roles/stories are reversed?

eric bittle is a former football wunderkind, son of football legend richard bittle, who dropped put of the draft at the last moment and seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth, before resurfacing to play for samwell university’s football team. jack zimmermann is son of hockey coach bob zimmermann (or of hockey legend bad bob it doesn’t matter) but got into football himself, and joins the samwell men’s football team in eric’s junior year.

the greats: gordie howe, 1946–1971, 1973–1980

Spending twenty-six seasons in the NHL and six in the WHA, “Mr. Hockey” is a twenty-three time NHL All Star.  Howe held many of the sport’s scoring records until the 1990s, and continues to hold NHL records for most games and seasons played. Most famous for his scoring prowess, physical strength, and career longevity, he is the only player to have competed in the NHL in five different decades (1940s through 1980s). Although he only achieved the feat twice in his own career, Howe became the namesake of the “Gordie Howe hat trick” – a goal, an assist, and a fight in the same game. [x]

i was going through my tag recently and was reminded of this headcanon and. like i’m just saying but i’ll bet you ten thousand dollars that when jack l. zimmermann retires from the nhl he takes a look around at what he can do with the rest of his life–cause it’s just. always been hockey???–and he spends some time thinking about what he likes to do and what he’s qualified for and it hits him like it’s the most obvious thing and so he just. goes to grad school and gets a phd in history and eventually becomes a professor. imagine: salt and pepper haired jack zimmermann with glasses cause he’s getting Old giving surprisingly animated lectures on civil war history

all the ratemyprofessor reviews are basically “i took this class cause he’s a literal hockey legend and i just wanted an excuse to be in his presence but he’s actually a great teacher?? gives really good feedback on essays and sometimes brings the best pies i’ve ever had in my life to class”

Sugar Daddy AU

A Wall Around Me

Chapter Four (ch 1-3 on Ao3)


Summary:  When Eric Bittle’s scholarship is threatened, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He can’t go home, and he can’t afford Samwell on his own. Then help is offered from the most unexpected place–Hockey Legend, Bad Bob Zimmermann. Bitty knows things like this don’t come for free, he just never expected he’d have to “look after” Bob’s equally famous son, Falconers’ captain, Jack Zimmermann.


Eric’s head snapped up from his desk when he heard the frantic thumping on his bedroom door. The handle wriggled, and he scrubbed at his face, his neck aching from falling asleep at his desk, again, and the essay on his laptop only half-finished.

“Bitty! Bro, come on open up holy fucking shit.”

Bitty sprang to his feet, afraid that it was an emergency. Maybe Betsy had finally given up and just set the damn Haus on fire. He threw scrambled to unlock his door, and threw it open to face Holster who was pink in the cheeks and breathing heavy.

“Okay it wasn’t like I didn’t believe you, but fuck me, Bits. Kent fucking Parson is at our door.”

Bitty blinked, then glanced over where his phone sat on silent—something he was trying out in order to study a little more. He reached for it, and swiped his screen open to find six texts.

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Time slip AU?

I’m such a sucker for time travel/time slip/alternate dimension travel fics I need one where 10-years-in-the-future!zimbits (I’m talking like married, Bitty is a famous television personality/food critic/chef, Jack has won the Stanley cup three times, they have a house, they have a daughter who’s about 6 and asks a million questions and is the sweetest sunshine flower, and a new baby, etc etc) decides to drive down to Samwell for a reunion (their daughter absolutely loves hanging out with Shitty; he’s hilarious and he talks to her like she’s a grownup and she loves it).  Shitty kept a copy of the Haus keys because he can and supposedly he’s already in there setting up with the frogs who don’t even mind the reunion is happening in their home and are so excited to meet Jack and Bitty and their family like woah celebrities!!! a hockey legend!!!! a pie making genius!!!!  It must be the second coming. 

I want Jack and Bitty and children to pull up to the Haus and some magical time time slip thing happens and when they ring the doorbell, they are expecting Shitty and excited frogs but the door opens and it’s…themselves? A younger Bitty with eyes wide staring at an older Jack with a baby carrier and diaper bag, an older Bitty holding a young girl’s hands looking equally shocked. Younger Jack emerges from within, saying, “Bittle, what’s going on–oh.”

Imagine Bitty seeing himself grow up to be confident and unafraid, and god, when he sees the older version of himself kiss older Jack on the forehead like a grandma he’s overwhelmed by how happy both of them look. Imagine Jack watching his older counterpart being an amazing dad and brilliant with babies and crooning in soft Québécois, at his Stanley Cup ring, at how relaxed and comfortable he is with his family, and Jack has always been great with kids and underneath all that hockey robot appearance he’s thinking “is this real? i can have this? i want this i really want this oh boy” 

Also I just want future!zimbits interactions and chirping and Holster and Ransom to come up with crazy time traveling conspiracy theories on how to get future!zimbits back to their time and younger!zimbits falling in love. this is a trope right does this kind of thing exist if so i want it 

BONUS: (Tango: “omg Bad Bob is here??? Wait no–I’m so confused”)