Ah, a carnival strength test! This’ll be fun to watch.

Hit the hockey-puck-shaped target, make the yellow cylinder fly up. Simple!

I’m sure ol’ derpy Shag will be a champ. Here we go!

…wow. Well, Shaggy, if it was a test of derpiness, you’d have first prize for sure.

Aaaaaand there’s the hit! Right on the target, yellow doohicky primed to go flying.

Aaaaaand up it flies! 

Not bad, Shag, but now it’s Scooby’s turn.

Show ‘em what you got, Scoo- wait, what? 

Where did the target go? And the yellow thing, for that matter?

…but Scooby hits the empty hole, and the yellow doohicky reappears, and flies up anyway?

Scooby’s tail is so strong, it transcends space and time!

Regardless of your opinion on either team. Regardless of your opinion on hitting in hockey and whether or not it has a place.

If you’re seriously suggesting an eighteen-year-old kid somehow DESERVED an injury because of his “attitude” or because he wasn’t being responsible enough, you’re just…not a very nice person.

Rookies like Laine and McDavid deserve to be able to play their full seasons, without getting taken out by unnecessary and completely preventable hits.


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