It seriously blows my mind how much quality content the Hannibal fandom is still putting out damn near two years removed from the last airing of the show on NBC. I saw that post about the fandom apparently ~disappearing and that could not be further from the truth???? And the content this fandom produces is some serious high quality, gourmet shit. The art blows my mind. The fic blows my mind. The AUs and the humor and the depth of analysis all blow my mind. The people. The amazing, wonderful, darling people. You all blow my mind with how wonderful you are every single day.

Basically I love you guys more than I can ever express let’s all be friends forever. <3

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Ball Bearings

DM: As you stop, she turns around and asks “Why have you stopped?”
Elf: He uh, stubbed his toe.
Human (OOC): I’m on a horse!
DM: Okay roll for, deception.
Elf: *rolls a 9*
Warrior: OKAY! As they do this, I’m going to “accidentally” pour my thousand ball bearings on the ground.

Ball bearings are apparently a good way to distract from a bad distraction.


At the sleepover and we are about to watch this….

And considering the trailer sent us into hysterics….

Rules and tips for dating a hockey player
  • Swallow at least 46 pucks per day
  • Wrap your entire body in stick tape 
  • Scoot scoot across the ice on your ass
  • Only consume Letang #58 Bars™ 
  • Take a puck to the face or you’re fake 
  • Scoot scoot 
  • Know every line from Goon 
  • Remember: Hockey isn’t real 
  • S c o o t 
  • Refer to pucks as “Indestructible Oreos”
  • When someone says “chirp” immediately turn into a bird 
  • On Your Ass
  • Wear the opposing team’s jersey’s to every game to assert dominance 
  • Fight K*ne in the Domino’s parking lot 
  • Endless Ice Puns + Basic Confusion 
  • “How is there DIVING if the ice is FROZEN?”
  • Don’t
Auston Matthews - Arizona

Anon: Can you do an imagine where the reader is from Toronto and has been dating austin matthews most of his season and in the summer he takes the reader to his home in arizona?? You can go whichever direction you want with it

A/N: This is my favorite imagine right now (maybe ever?? idk)

Warning/s: Almost smut, steamy stuff

Song/s: Arizona - Frances Cone, Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap, Honey - Magic Man 

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i went through the tag of the 2015 draft. So many people who were like “hahah poor McDavid” or “well, there goes another first pick wasted”

But look at this team now

This team who finished second in their division

The team with currently the most playoff wins. 

The boy who is the captain and the art ross trophy winner

I’m so proud of Connor Mcdavid and the oilers doing better than what people thought they would do. I’m proud of them for making it this far

Morgan Rielly - Part One

This is the start of my new story featuring Mo Rielly. I’m super excited about this story because it reminds me a lot of my Matthews one. I’ll still be doing single post stories between posting this story so please keep sending in requests!

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    “Welcome to the team,” Steve grins down at me and my stomach flutters nervously as I give him a small smile back and a nod.

    “Thank you,” I murmur, adjusting my grip on my carry on.

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