Hey have a little Dex painting where he only kinda looks like Dex because he’s got an attempt at a Playoff Beard and also he got the chop and used product in his hair to idk bring his hair into the 21st century (sorry Dex you poor boy you have middle-aged-man hair and will probably look like Ron Howard in 15 years)

Anyway thanks @abominableobriens for being the catalyst for this.

Watercolor, Colored Pencil

My other Check Please fanart!

Alright kids buckle up this is gonna be a long one

Viktor owns a dacha that he inherited from his family that’s way out in the middle of Butt Fuck, Russia on the shore of a lake the name of which Yuuri cannot pronounce. 

Yuuri finds out about the dacha because the key to the place is an actual skeleton key and Yuuri asked about it while holding Viktor’s keys for him one day.

“Oh, that’s just the dacha,” Viktor took the key and spun it around in his fingers, contemplative. “I haven’t been there in years, not since the deed was put in my name. Maybe I’ll take you there someday.”

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Kiss for Luck

Because fair is fair in magical healthy poly pb&j AU land.
And Look. In this universe in the inevitable future where the Aces and the Falconers play each other for the Stanley Cup, regardless of who wins, everybody wins. Because either way Bitty gets to figure out some sort of creative food for everyone to eat out of it.

(I drew this because I had a fierce need for playoff beards and hockey gear and flow!Jack and stuff.)

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playoff beards: pittsburgh penguins edition (3/?)