Steve Dangle helped me figure out why I’m so disappointed with Sidney Crosby

Dangle said in his latest podcast that if Sidney Crosby at the end of his life wants to look back and be remembered for being a good hockey player and nothing else - then he is doing everything to achieve that right now. But if he wanted to be remembered for being a great hockey player and a good person, he would have to start speaking up for people less privileged than him. 

And that is exactly it. Sidney Crosby is undoubtedly one of the greatest hockey players of all time. But he has never done a You Can Play video, has never actually spoken up about racism and homophobia in the league, has not helped to make the sport he loves so much a safe space for everyone and now he is going to shake hands with a white supremacist in the White House. 

He could actually change some things. As the face of the NHL, his words carry a lot of weight. He could help make an actual fucking difference.

Yes, he is a good hockey player. And if that is all he wants to be, than that is fair enough. But I sure wish it were different. I sure wish the kid who got bullied when he was younger would stand up for others now. Instead he is shaking hands with the biggest bully the country has to offer.

hockey asks
  • anaheim ducks: favorite hockey memory?
  • arizona coyotes: when/why did you start watching hockey?
  • boston bruins: best hockey fight/brawl youve ever witnessed?
  • buffalo sabres: have you ever been to a hockey game?
  • calgary flames: have you ever witnessed your team win the cup?
  • carolina hurricanes: favorite hockey siblings?
  • chicago blackhawks: favorite hockey bromance?
  • colorado avalanche: have you ever met a player?
  • columbus blue jackets: who do you think is the most underrated player?
  • dallas stars: who do you think is the most overrated player?
  • detroit red wings: favorite player that is not on your team?
  • edmonton oilers: have you ever been to a playoff game?
  • florida panthers: favorite hall-of-famer?
  • los angeles kings: if you could pick 5 players to go to dinner with, who would they be?
  • minnesota wild: favorite hockey city (besides your own)?
  • montreal canadiens: if you could, is there any rule you would add/change/remove?
  • nashville predators: favorite goal horn (besides your own)?
  • new jersey devils: if you could go to any game, anywhere, between any two teams, what one would you go to?
  • new york islanders: do you have any unpopular hockey opinions?
  • new york rangers: favorite lil hockey rookie?
  • ottawa senators: all time favorite player?
  • philadelphia flyers: favorite rivalry?
  • pittsburgh penguins: favorite celly a player has done?
  • san jose sharks: one trade youre still not over?
  • st louis blues: a player you love a lot and you still havent figured out why?
  • tampa bay lightning: least favorite/favorite jerseys?
  • toronto maple leafs: if you could add a new nhl team, where would you locate it and what would they be called?
  • vancouver canucks: favorite hockey tradition?
  • washington capitals: are you team USA af, team Canada af, or team other af?
  • winnipeg jets: are you superstitious?

1. favourite hockey jersey number
2. favourite dressing (clothing) style of a player
3. favourite player voice
4. favourite hockey family/couple
5. favourite hockey best friends
6. favourite hockey video
7. favourite line
8. favourite off-ice bonding time
9. favourite hockey player baby
10. favourite hockey hair
11. favourite jersey style
12. favourite weird and rarely known fact about a hockey player
13. favourite player that’s dad af
14. favourite player that’s son af
15. favourite soft hockey player
16. favourite sexy hockey player
17. favourite underrated hockey player
18. favourite overrated hockey player
19. favourite hockey chirp of all time
20. funniest thing you’ve ever heard a hockey player say

can we talk about how many people are trying to walk-on to the samwell men’s hockey team now that bitty is captain? i feel like normally theres a handful every year but this year… i’m just imagining like legit 47 people trying out for a team that only accepts like max 2 walk-ons a year,


bitty bakes like 55 pies for the beginning of the year captain’s meeting. there are leftovers. word spreads the hockey players get them all the time.

chaos ensues. 

Today I was struck by a terrible conviction that Jack Zimmermann is a hardcore hockey history nerd who can only occasionally be persuaded to care about anything else that happened in the past.

In elementary school they had to do a report on “My Hero” and Jack researched Jacques Plante and talked for an extremely excited ten minutes about how Plante had a 27-year career and won six Stanley Cups and seven Vezina trophies and was the first goalie in the NHL to play outside the crease and he engineered the use of goalie masks and was a major innovator in player safety and Jack made this papier-mache copy of Plante’s first hockey mask and his dad helped him drill out holes so he could breathe and–

“Jack, who was John Cabot?”

“I don’t know.  Did he play hockey?”

“Jack, tell us about life for settlers* in early Quebec” (*french: les habitants)

“Well, before a game the team* always used to…” (*hockey: Les Habs)

If you want him to talk nonstop for an hour, ask him what he thinks the greatest hockey game of all time was. 

He got over it his monofocus eventually, but only just by extending his laserlike concern to broader topics like “World War II”–he still doesn’t give a crap about anything outside his area of interest.  It’s still less true to say he is a history geek than to say he took every class Samwell offered related to hockey, from Sports Management to Kinesiology to Human Ecology 267: History of Leisure and Recreation, and then looked at his credits and went, “Huh, I could make a history degree out of this.”

It all started in the pre-season, as most things do. The Falconers don’t know much about Jack Zimmermann, (“He has said 3 non-hockey related words in all the time I have known him. Two of them were ‘eh’.” - Snowy) but they do know one thing: He is. Always. On. His. Phone. Lunch break, before skate, after skate, texting, talking. Tater chirps him about his girlfriend, but Tater chirps everyone about everything always. So, most of the guys on the team just leave Zimmboni to his own devices.

Then, one day before morning skate, Jack walks into the dressing room and says, ever so casually,

“Hey, y’all.”

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Smile - Auston Mathews #12

Originally posted by wonthetrade

about/request: an imagine where you have dated auston for years, you two break up, he gets with a new girl who know one on the team likes at all and does everything in their power to get you two back together in a parent trap style.

warnings: cursing

authors note: idk what this is really, i hope you like it!! 

word count: 1745

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Race ya

Not requested, but a quick little ice skating imagine with some fluff.


You’re back in Toronto with Shawn for the weekend, and you two decided to pick Aaliyah up from hockey practice.The cool air hits you as soon as you enter the rink. Shawn’s warm hand finds yours, intertwining your fingers as he leads you toward the bleachers. You take a seat beside him, immediately searching the ice for Aaliyah, but in their gear, all the girls look the same. You still watch in awe, completely entertained by watching them scrimmage. Shawn lets go of your hand only to wrap his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to himself and sharing his warmth with you. As the practice comes to an end, Shawn impulsively says to you, “Let’s skate." 

You look at him for a moment, checking to see if he’s really serious. You had planned to just come and pick up Aaliyah and then take her out to dinner with the two of you. Skating was never part of the plan. "The rink isn’t even open to the public right now.” You respond.

“I used to play hockey here all the time. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. The rink is usually empty for twenty minutes after practices before they resurface.” He confidently responds.

You used to love going to the ice rink near your house growing up. You’ve never skated with Shawn before, but suddenly it’s something you realize want to do. “Okay, if they don’t mind.” You shrug.

“Perfect, I’ll be right back.” He says with a grin before jogging down to the bottom of the bleachers and heading toward the front of the rink in search of someone who works here.

He’s back in less than ten minutes with two pairs of socks and hockey skates and the biggest smile on his face. “They said we have fifteen minutes before the Zamboni comes out.” He says, handing over the smaller skates. You pull the socks on, then put the skates on. As you’re lacing them up, you ask, “How did you know what size to get me?”

He just gives you this look, almost like he’s offended by the question, “Babe, i know your shoe size.” He tells you like there’s no way he wouldn’t.

“Oh, thanks. I didn’t know you knew it.” Because you haven’t been dating very long, and you’re almost positive you’ve never told him. He’s a lot more observant than you’ve given him credit for.

You’re both on the ice a couple of minutes later. You know Shawn played hockey, but you weren’t a stranger to ice skating growing up either, and you’re glad for that. Shawn grabs your hand in his before the leading you onto the ice. He’s pretty steady immediately, but it takes about half of a lap around for you to get the hang of it. After the first lap, you start picking up speed, and you catch the surprised look on his face before laughing and speeding up even more.

Once you reach the far end of the rink, you turn to Shawn, “Race ya,” You tell him, taking off before he has a chance to respond.

Of course, he catches up to you and wins, reaching the opposite end of the rink first, but when you get there a second later, he says, “Hey, you’re pretty good.”

“You have no faith in me.” You respond, purposely teasing him.

“I just didn’t know you skated.” He defends himself.

“Wanted me to have to lean on you for support.” You accuse.

He reaches for your hand, and you don’t protest, “Nah babe, I know you can support yourself.” He says, bringing up how independent you are and always have been. He pulls you a little closer, though, wrapping his arms around you. You hug him briefly before untangling yourself from his arms and grabbing onto one of his hands. You skate hand in hand, before letting go. You let him skate first and follow closely behind him, doing everything he does for a little while. He shows you crossovers and tries to teach you to skate backwards. It doesn’t work and you give up after a minute. “Shawn?” You ask, and he shoots you a questioning look. “Can you pull me?”

He laughs and shakes his head, but holds tight to your hand and starts pulling you along the ice for a while before eventually pulling you and letting go so you’d glide ahead. You laugh and playfully chase each other around the ice until you spot Aaliyah walk out from the locker room with a few of her teammates. She stops at the edge of the ice, saying goodbye to her teammates as they head for the exit. You check the time, and regretfully say, “I guess it’s time to go.” As you wave to Aaliyah, who just gives you and Shawn a confused look.

“One more lap,” Shawn says with a smile, before taking your hand and pulling you along at a leisurely pace.

The Morbid Tale of the Two Georges

Every year, the National Hockey League in North America awards the Vezina Trophy for the top goalie of the year. It was first given to George Hainesworth. He had just finished his first season, 1926 to 1927, with the Montreal Canadiens and is still remembered as one of the best hockey goalies of all time. In fact, Hainesworth won the Vezina Trophy not just once but three times between 1926 and 1929. Ironically George Hainesworth had signed with the Canadiens to replace Georges Vezina, who died of tuberculosis in 1926.

Auston Matthews- New Leafs- Chapter Four

It was really nice to be back in Buffalo again here with my friends made some new ones. We were all walking out into the parking lot Sam and Amanda left right away said that had somethings to do. Erin and Jack left shortly after they had to go see Erin’s grandparents who live here.

“So Em what are your plans for the rest of the day?” Mitch asked standing next to me.

“Umm I don’t know really know. I was going to go food shopping but Patrick already went shopping for me so I don’t need to do that anymore.” Mitch smiled

“Well we rented out Canalside ice rink did you want to come with us?”

“Oh I don’t want to intrude.”

“Intrude on what? Guys skating around shooting puck into a net?” Will said. I laughed so did Alex he knew I was trying to get out of this. He knew the reason why.

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livestream tidbits, vol. 4
  • the most important thing to remember about jack: he thinks about hockey 90% of the time. he has a laser focus on what he needs to do
  • because of this, jack has historically been a terrible boyfriend. it would take a special person to help coax him out of the idea that he needs to live and breathe hockey all the time to prove himself
  • chowder is second generation chinese. his father immigrated when he was a teen and his mother was born in the us. they met at samwell. he has an older sister
  • ngozi has said before that jack is loosely based on sidney crosby, but he’s also based in part on jonathan toews and other intense hockey captains
  • people think lardo is totally cool and perfectly badass all the time, but she has weaknesses, things that she hides. she puts on a mask of being always chill, but she worries about things like looking cool, whether or not someone she likes likes her back. she does have some problems communicating so that’s why, like jack, she befriends outgoing people. she communicates with art
  • no one was managing the team when lardo was abroad in kenya
  • ngozi reminded us that we don’t really know anything about parse (but he will become more important in year four). there is a short storyline about jack’s time in juniors (so parse shows up in flashbacks) in bitty’s junior year
  • bitty has problems with agency and confrontation; he needs to learn to stand up for himself and other people. he is passive aggressive
  • bitty isn’t a good student and isn’t the most responsible person. he procrastinates and doesn’t study
  • being the son of a southern football coach meant bitty grew up as something of a minor celebrity child
  • when jack was born, everyone said ‘oh alicia is a model and bob is a hot hockey player, their child is going to be perfect’ and then jack “oozed” out and everyone was like ‘ooooh… that… did not go as expected’. but then puberty hit and he became a beautiful young man lolol
  • shitty has a huge amount of white guilt and/but will dominate a conversation
  • shitty does not know everything about jack (including, perhaps, his sexuality, whatever that may be…) and would not be that cliche character to orchestrate jack and bitty
  • the team probably has no idea about the thing with jack and bitty - if guys like that see two guys hanging out together a lot, they don’t automatically think “oh they like each other”. they might think bitty has a crush (and maaaaybe think jack is being a bit mean by indulging him with no intention of reciprocation?), but they don’t see where this is going
  • ransom and holster are the bro-trope: they really are the definition of a bromance, with all the implied making fun of two dudes being hetero life partners. humor and serious friend-love
  • chowder is infantilized by bitty, but is also the first person to have a girlfriend (n: “so take that”)
  • jack has dated people; he dated (?? even n says he was cagey about it and weaseled out of the question) camilla collins (who now is captain of the women’s tennis team). it was probably like him saying hi, her suggesting they go out, him saying okay, and her eventually saying “we’re both busy, we should focus on the things we have to do” and him saying “oh, you’re right” and not realizing she was breaking up with him. he might not have even known they were actually dating. he’d walk away going “oh, that was a nice person i knew” 
  • jack on a date: “what are you interested in? how’s your team doing? did they win their last game? what are the weaknesses you’re trying to address?”
  • he would have to date an athlete or someone involved in something consuming; he could, however, be in a successful relationship with someone not into hockey
  • shitty can be very chivalrous if the girl doesn’t mind, but not in a “milady” way, he just really likes taking care of people
  • Me: teammates go in and help each other out during hockey scrums all of the time. it's part of team.
  • Me, 5 minutes later: did you know on february 11, 2017 in the dying seconds of the 3rd period against the buffalo sabres mitch marner saw his bon jovi buddy auston matthews fighting with ristolainen and immediately went in to pull him away from auston no questions asked and without a second thought, despite being noticeably shorter and lighter than both parties involved

In this inspiring and entertaining talk, Hayley takes us through her rise to become one of the greatest female hockey players of all time, and introduces us to the challenges she has faced as a woman in a male dominated sport. Hayley shares what it has taken for her to buck the status quo and carve her own path, challenging us to find the courage to blaze our own trails. Hayley Wickenheiser is one of the best female hockey players in the world. A five-time Olympic medalist and national team member since age 15, Hayley’s passion for sport is matched by her desire to give back to the community – working with JumpStart, KidSport, Right to Play, Wickenheiser World Female Hockey Festival and dozens of organizations worldwide. Originally from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan and a graduate of the University of Calgary, Hayley’s numerous accolades include the Order of Canada, Canada’s Walk of Fame and The Globe and Mail’s “Power 50” influencers in sport. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at [12m:52s]


requested: sid imagine

a/n: i had such motivation in writing this. the person who requested this was v specific about it and i LOVED the idea so i just had to write it as soon as i could

warnings: non except soft sid

** ** ** ** ** **

it was one month before sid’s 30th birthday when you noticed he started acting different; he wasn’t himself. he was always out and wasn’t spending as much time with you anymore, and hockey was always his excuse. you had been dating him for 6 years and knew you could trust him when he constantly said he was busy with hockey, but you knew something was bothering him.

everyday, he got up and would head to practice hours before it’s scheduled start, leaving you to eat breakfast alone. you needed to find out what was bothering him because, to be honest, sid wasn’t always open about his feelings.

you got up an hour before sid was suppose to, allowing you to cook him a delicious breakfast before his practice today. as you were finishing the eggs, you heard him stirring in the bedroom. it wasn’t long before you turned around to see sid leaning against the door frame.

“what’s all this?” he asked, clearly catching onto your antics.

“just thought i’d make you something to eat. you know, i feel like i haven’t really seen you lately, love. you’ve been so busy. what’d you say you and i go do something tonight?” you questioned him.

“sorry, im staying late again tonight to work on slap shots and shoot out skills.” he said as he munched on a piece of toast that you just buttered.

“oh, alright.” you said, sounding disappointed.

“im sorry baby.” he kissed your cheek. “thank you for this lovely breakfast but i gotta get to practice. ill see you when i get home tonight.” he said as he grabbed his bag and walked out the door.

“i love you.” you whispered after he had already shut the door. you look over to the clock that read 7:12 am, and realized you wouldn’t see him until 9 o'clock tonight. until you decided, you wouldn’t. you needed to figure out what was wrong and why he seemed to be shutting himself out lately.

you put on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, grabbed your shoes and headed out the door to catch sid at the PPG. you drove as quick as you could until you finally got there, and felt nervous as you entered the building. you knew sid was there, you could hear the sound of pucks on the ice, ricocheting off the red goal posts.

       when you got there, you saw a few of his other teammates there, but couldn’t quite make out who they were. you made your way through the empty seats that would otherwise be as packed as sardines on game days, and got to the bench.

      “sid!” you screamed, your voice echoing through the arena. he took a slap shot and turned to see you standing on the bench. he started skating over to you, all his gear on, stick in hand.

       “y/n, what are you doing here?” he said in an angry tone.

       “i needed to get you somewhere where you couldn’t run away from me. now what’s going on? why have you been so distant lately? coming to practice early and staying late? what’s up with you sid?” you asked, trying to sound understanding and content.

       “not now y/n…” he said, clearly annoyed at your presence.

       “sidney crosby, tell me what’s going on. im not here to assign blame, im here to help.” you needed to sound understanding because sid would never hurt open up about his feelings, even to you.

       “get out of here, ill talk to you later.” his voice continued to get louder with every word.

       “tell me now.” you gave up being the nice guy.

       “get out.” he said firmly. you were done and tried to rip the stick out of his hand, and ended up knocking him straight on his ass, and the stick ended up in your hand. he looked up at you as you dropped the stick on the ice next him, reliving the moment in your head.

       “sid…” your voice trailing off as he stood up and met your gaze.

       “im turning 30 in a week. there’s so many rumors going around that mcdavid is already better than i am. ive been working my ass off for years to get where i am and suddenly this rookie is just gonna walk in and match me? im sick of hearing all these rumors and im gonna be retiring soon, i mean im turning 30 for fucks sake y/n.” he turned around, unable to face you. “i miss when i was the best and everyone knew it. i guess, the 30 year mark is stressing me out, and non stop practicing is the only way i can deal with it.”

       there it was. the confession you’ve been looking for the past month. but you understood where he was coming from, you had heard the rumors too. “aw darling. even if he is better than you, who is the three time stanley cup champion here? who has won, like, the most awards ever? who has won the world cup of hockey more than once? certainly not connor. sid, baby, i know 30 is a big number for you, but no matter where your career goes from here, you will always be the best hockey player to me and one of the most legendary players in nhl history.”

       he turned around and looked you in the eyes. “i love you. im sorry ive been so focused and hard on hockey baby. im just stressed. i promise ill spend more time with you. i can skip the late night practice tonight and we’ll hang out, just like you wanted.” he smiled.

       “that would be great.” you wrapped your arms around his neck as you pulled him in for a kiss. “no matter what happens, you have accomplished so much in your career so far. you are truly one of the most successful hockey players of all time. you are this generations gordie howe, or wayne gretzsky. there are so many people who love you and are proud of who you are and what you’ve done for nhl. we can’t all stay in our prime forever. but you will always be remembered and always be a wonderful hockey player.” you needed to comfort sid and make sure he was truly okay.

“i know. im just going through a rough time. this rookie stuff is just getting to me and ive been stressed and im sorry. thank you for being here even when i haven’t been around that much and haven’t been doing anything but hockey. i love you so much babe.” he seemed to be feeling better.

“i love you too. now get back to practice, ill see you when you get home later.” you blew a kiss to him as he skated away screaming ‘i love you’, loud enough for the entire city of pittsburgh to hear. you loved sid with all your heart and you couldn’t wait for a night out with him for the first time in a while. he finally confessed what had been bothering him, and he now knew that you would be there to help and support him. you couldn’t stop smiling as you entered your car, thinking of the man you were head over heels for, who you hoped to say 'i do’ to one day.