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After these long 6 months I send my love to:

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yuliamrrrchuk and jasmine7500 whom I don’t follow but still appreciate them as amazing people

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Thank you. 

wendycorduroy asked:

since youre like full on ygo fandom rn and only watching the dub, i just want you to know--you know the shadow realm is completely made up and noncanon, right? like, in the original canon card games KILL PEOPLE and 4kids wasn't having that. so they made the shadow realm. you know this right. its important to me that you know this.


So I don’t think I told anyone on Tumblr this but I collect hockey cards it’s a hobby and I’ve been collecting them since I was a kid and today I went and bought 4 packs of hockey cards for like a $1-$1.50 each and anyways I opened them up and I ended up getting 2 different hockey cards of Wayne Gretzky one of my all time favorite hockey players :) it’s not very many times I gets a Wayne Gretzky hockey card let alone 2 so I’m definitely very lucky to have them :)

I lost another follower…sorry not sorry for the hockey spam, it’s playoffs

Also look at this guy, just look at him

This guy is becoming one of my new favorites

And I promise tomorrow will be back to you regularly scheduled OUAT blogging

007waffles007 replied to your post:HELLO FOLKS DO YOU WANT TO EXPIRE OF A BROKEN…

I LOVE IT! I need more Brad/Tyler in my life and this hit the spot!

riiiiight? RIIIIGHT? brad/tyler was like the first ship that messed up my heart all kinds of ways in this fandom. so much history and trade angst and still weird about each other, uuuuuggggghhhhhh. bless this fic writer.

i’m ashamed to attend boston university. they hold no rapists accountable. a group of guys from the hockey team were accused of sexual assault multiple times; they all still go here. another group of guys sexually assaulted their female RA and nothing happened. since title ix investigations have begun, BU sends us “sexual assault climate surveys”… while i agree they could be beneficial, why the FUCK a group of ADULTS RUNNING A UNIVERSITY incapable of properly punishing a rapist. they care more about keeping an influx of money and preventing campus crime stats from climbing.

hey hey friends! so i’m working on a long-ass hockey au for ao3 which is taking up pretty much all of my time. i thought i’d share a teeny snippet with you that might??? be in the final cut but who knows really

anyway, have some dumb boys being fond

pairing: Luke/Ashton

He pulls back from where his nose is buried into Luke’s hair to place a soft kiss along his jaw. It’s getting long now, curling up at the nape of his neck and along the sides. He doesn’t mind, though. It makes him messier, less perfect in some ways. He likes it best when he doesn’t style his hair because that means Ashton can run his fingers through it as much as he wants, and without the haze of product, he gets to smell Luke, just the way he is, no frills or tricks.

“You always smell like a bakery,” he says.

He laughs. “Do I?”

“Yeah. It’s weird. I expected you to smell like Axe or Irish Spring or something.”

Luke wrinkles his nose. “You think I’d wear Axe?”

“Half the team does.”

“Yeah, and it’s gross.”

“It’s manly,” Ashton says and flexes his bicep before kissing it.

Luke laughs and shoves at his shoulder, making him flop onto his back. They’re still close, Ashton’s other arm trapped under Luke’s back and their legs tangled together. He tries to shift closer into his side without being obvious but Luke catches him and smiles.

“My mom bakes bread twice a week,” he says quietly. “That’s why I smell.”

“You don’t smell.”

“You said it’s weird,” he says a little petulantly.

Ashton snuggles closer, presses his nose back into the soft almost-curls behind his ear and inhales deeply. “It’s a good weird. A nice weird. A home-y weird.”

“Home-y weird?”

“Yeah. Like you remind me of home.”  He takes an uncertain breath, presses his face harder into his neck. “You are home.”

I got tagged by crosbuns , my continental european boo

1. Why did you choose your URL? because Ben Smith is literally a human bunny rabbit, seriously, just look at his stupid, smiling face. the dick. 

2. What is your middle name? ….I have two, Charlotte and Fortune (no my name is not Charlotte Charlotte, I just go by my middle name)

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet what would it be? I don’t even know, some type of huge fucking dog I can snuggle and ride into battle

4. Favorite Color? Black and Yellow, and Purple 

5. Favorite Song? DEAR GOD DON’T ASK THAT OF ME. I HAVE THEM FOR EVERY GENRE/TIME PERIOD, so um. “Stand By Me” by Ben E King, that is the all time, I think. 

6. Top 5 Fandoms? Hockey, music in general, and I will create my own fandom for MOTHER FUCKING PLANTS (they are so pretty and need homes)

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr? I have made so many friends, and laughed my ass off the whole time. It gave me something comforting when I moved away to university 

8. Tag 8 Tumblr Crushes t-o-ews marianyossa skatingtheriver chi-town-mistress bloody-mary-23 hockeyapuckalypse thisismydivision

Here comes the time when all hockey fans of our country become one. Those who were arguing and fighting during the KHL championship are going to be together. Together with each other and with the team. 

I just yelled at my mom for changing the station with 3 minutes left in the game and her response was “it’s not even the wings…” Where I not so calmly responded “NO ITS NOT THE FREAKIN WINGS IT THE BLACKHAWKSSS!!!” After which she promptly put my game back on and I got to see that amazing finish to the series. Cheers to my boys holdin it down in the UC!

in 2006 i went on a band trip to banff which was my favourite school trip i went on

but one of my fondest memories from it was that it was during the playoffs, and the sens were still in, and during the free time one night a huge group of us ended up congregated at a mcdonalds because they had tvs and they let us put on the game

i also remember some locals asking if we were from ottawa and then complaining to us about how bad the flames were that year lmao sry flames