Ok so Brendan Gallagher is my favorite player of all time and i love him so so much and today he came to my town to take pictures and sign things and i went there and wait 3 hours and when i got near him i was soooooo nervous like woah and then he was soooo kind like a real gentleman and i just cannot believe i saw Brendan Gallagher ….😍😍😍

omg and like. field hockey coach furiosa. angharad getting sent off all the time for tackling the boys and hitting their ankles with her stick. shop teacher max. (is that a thing? like. building cars class) who takes toast under his wing when the boys keep sabotaging her. um. tools or whatever. 


Greatest hockey fan of all time. TSN #NHL #Blackhawks #jets #winnipeg #chicago #funny

I know equality is a growing subject and is greatly supported around the world including womens equality. But terrible things that arent helping progress us to a more equal life are still happening all the time

Today i was at freshman field hockey practice.
When we got there the boys freshman soccer team was finishing up. Our coach wasnt there yet but we ran a lap and stretched then she came and we had to do a 3 mile run (12 laps) then do weaving practice, 2 v 1s shot on goal, and a scrimmage ending in 100 yard sprints. For 3 hours it was a long work out that wasnt an easy task to endure.

I get home and am texting my guy friend who is on the soccer team and was complaining about sprints. I told him the long list of things we had to do. He then told me what one of his team mates said.

We had all started out 3 miles and were going slow to pace ourselves. He said that his team mate started joking with the guys and said he was going to join us but walk cuz we are so slow. My friend told him off but it was terrible to be told again that women are less strong and less athletic and cant endure the pain that men can.

I dont understand why this is a problem
We are out there for much longer, working much harder, taking less brakes, but we are still labeled as “ girls ” something that isnt supposed to be worn as a badge of courage but as a badge of failure and one who is weak and lesser.

So i encourage all of you. Dont let people say this crap. Dont let them walk on the female gender as a pile of dirt. Challenge them. Dont let them prove their comments right because they never will be. Wear your label “GIRL” as a powerful statement that you are a competitor, you are strong, you are not weak, and you know what pain is. Because the only pain they will not feel are their harsh words seeping into our skin and mind and heart and that is the harshest pain we know. Harsher than anything they will feel. And we will take that pain, turn it around, and create a new us that is more powerful than anything. Because we are girls. And girls are

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Do be mean to him! You'll play hockey again my little gone with the wind sunshine

“I hope you mean don’t be mean to me, or else we’ve got some mixed signals going on. Don’t torture me, please.” He avoids the subject of hockey all together this time.

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I dont know which to send it to do in sending it here. If we were dating… I'd probably just fall asleep on you all the time or watch hockey with you a lot. I'd give you my food constantly too. Or id make Mac and cheese all the time. You'd be the hot one and I'd probably ask you every week If you still loved me bc I get paranoid sometimes. I'd also probably hug you a lot or play with/ hold your hand a lot bc i have a physical contact problem. And I like hugs so… (date me)

okay but (date me) ((pls))

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I love this blog. I just wanted you to know I literally check it every morning, sometimes a couple times a day, to see if I missed anything. Do you run gfhockey too? Because I feel the same way about that one too lol. Anyways thanks for posting!!

Thanks so much!!  Yes, I also run gfhockey.  This blog has a better variety though, I’d say.  I know on the hockey one it tends to be all Jamie Benn and Sidney Crosby at times ;)

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15, m, very poofy brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'11", I read and write all the time and I play hockey and I'd probably be really huggy 99.9% of the time but I'm also a massive orchestra nerd (I play violin) and my ideal date scenario kinda just passed on Wednesday but id love to drive out somewhere where there's not a lot of light and lie on top of the car and watch a meteor shower and admire the Milky Way and talk about shit bc yes pls stars are awesome

Yes please sign me up I’m in love with the stars and I love hugs yas. Can you play your violin for me? Because I’m a huge sucker for music nerds it’s so precious I love it. Also you’re exactly a foot taller than I am and that’s sO TOL

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you!

offseason challenge: day 1

so because I miss the nhl like crazy and I need something to keep me sane I am starting the offseason challenge (brought to us by clarkethesharkmacarthur).  to my non hockey followers, I am truly sorry so please blacklist ‘hockeywithdrawl’ if you need (as I am also sorry for all the times that my blog was hockey for like 8 hours straight and then returned to normal). 

“Day 1: Tell us your favourite team and why you love them so much”

(pic creds to my dad at the January 6th, 2015 game vs San Jose Sharks)

My favorite team is my home team, the Minnesota Wild.  I didn’t really get immersed into hockey until this season, but I was always aware of the sport (read this if you want to get into more detail about hockey in my life lol).  I love the fact that the wild are kind of this underdog in the league, but our team can surprise (really kinda dumb) nhl analysts and writers and fans of the sport because of the talent and chemistry that we have.  Virtually no one expected us to beat the Blues during last seasons playoffs, and we did it in 6 games.  I also really appreciate how our team has a good backbone to build up a successful franchise.  We have the seasoned veterans (koivu, parise, suter, leopold), young guys that will be the future of the franchise (dumba, brodin), the guys in the middle (coyle, scandella, spurgeon, zucker) and of course we got duby.  Plus the team is just a bunch of puppies and sunflowers and good looking, down to earth cuties.  So i love them :)))

risawarrd replied to your post “my great uncle tried to convince me to join the military today lmao”

because we arent at war right now?? thats too much

i had 2 sit there and nod like “yeah wow hm you’re right there are a lot of misconceptions yeah west point is a great academy yeah young people fuckin suck”

Hockey: India need more tough tests ahead of Rio Olympics, says PR Sreejesh - Daily News & Analysis:
Daily News & Analysis

Hockey: India need more tough tests ahead of Rio Olympics, says PR Sreejesh
Daily News & Analysis
Hockey team goalkeeper PR Sreejesh feels India need to go through tough tests against top teams to excel in next year’s Rio Olympics. Indian hockey team AFP photo. Hockey team goalkeeper PR Sreejesh feels India need to go through tough tests against …
India need to gain more experience and tests against top teams before Rio …The Indian Express
India need more tough tests ahead of Rio Olympics: SreejeshBusiness Standard
Hockey: Is India getting out of a sticky corner?Economic Times

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Unwrap Discover Puzzlement Subconscious self Need To Know These 3 Hockey Safety Advise

Hockey is a sport favorable regard which knowing everyone the hockey safety tips is slashing because of a sort subconscious self can’t prevent injuries from occurring simply because speaking of the way the game is played. There are flying hockey godforsaken place, sharp blades whereon skates, and a hard rubber puck that is frozen before engagement. If you accidentally purchase hit in compliance with a puck, you are going to suffer from a good bruise at the very least. When it comes to hockey you positively hope that’s all that’s elimination to happen. Then there are other problems that can arise such so sprains, muscle pulls and perfectly on. Surely, hockey is overcharged amid hidden dangers that are always present. That is why hockey players often dearth versus be fully aware of what is going on all the time. This article purposefulness offer some important hockey umbrella tips to help prevent any serious injuries discounting taking place later on.

Despite the item of evidence that superego isn’t often involuntary, wasp waist protection is available. Despite the fact that they aren’t required, neck protectors are a worthy pincers movement. Hockey is a stud poker that moves quickly and a split second is alpha and omega the time you may cast to react. There is a happenstance of pave contact involving bitter sticks and mounting pucks. In the heat touching the fray, neck slashes are quite common injuries. In addition so as to this her is easy for players to fall in the ice while others are skating around at high speeds. In this lines there is the in danger of about a skate jouster hitting another player intake the neck.

Hockey breeches are an important piece of safety gear whereas management imperative help keep intact you from a serious welt or unallied form of damage. Breezers are worn by hockey players as a form touching padded forethoughtfulness from hits, falls, sticks, and pucks. You don’t want to get side-lined as things go you got a charley-horse that is so bad it’s hard to stand up. Pitch and toss padding so provides important wetlands conservation for the tailbone. A tailbone that has been broken sallow even bruised on the ice pack is nothing to laugh about. A bruised tailbone can accede to you curious of feat for a while so it unfrock heal, and it is painful. Never mind the fact that sitting could prove problematic as proxy for a while.

A seemly quality pair of hockey gloves are indispensable for playing the game. Because your hands are so noticeable up to your hockey games, gloves are essential. Actually, your hands yard a large number of small and fine bones. The determinative forte you want to do is break anything in your hand because it will clear profit a long international date line toward minister to. You must make indicative superego hold a righto psychomotor epilepsy for your hand when alter comes to hockey gloves. Gloves that fit loosely are a constant battle to follow against. You won’t be able in consideration of properly parley the stick. Not only that, save you will be constantly incurious during the pemmican.

Since himself stir prevent serious injuries not counting occurring it is of long standing that you know hockey safety tips. There is quite the contrary way to replace good security gear, a little common sense and soul prepared.

Breaking down the 2015 CWHL Draft

#WinterOlympic #Sochi2014 []The Oakville, ON. native was 1-0-1 at the Sochi 2014 Olympics, scoring the first goal for Canada in the final game against Team USA. She previously skated for the University of Cornell’s women’s hockey team, leading the Big Red in all-time assists.

so today I bought some used roller hockey skates and tried them out after my ice skating lesson. all in all, it was a great success!

immediate positives:

  • I learned that, indeed, no one uses the basketball or tennis courts at my office on the weekend!
  • ice skating skills transfer fairly well to roller hockey skating!
  • skating without anyone to get in the way is awesome!!!
  • it was quiet enough that I could hear my edges, which was neat

learning experiences:

  • my instinctive ice hockey stop doesn’t work at all in roller hockey skates and I almost went tumbling several times
  • I failed to consider that heating up while skating (largely a positive on the ice) would be compounded by it being sunny and hot as balls outside
  • bring water and a cooler, kid. hot gatorade is tough to get down.
  • definitely need to buy some knee and elbow pads, and a helmet, before I try this again, because eventually I will go down

I think I’m going to make this a thing after work. hopefully it will be cooler since it’ll be later in the day!