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ya girl’s finally hit 500 followers after being in this hockey hell since June 👏🏻 that being said, i want to take this time to send some love to the people that support my CBJ loving ass 💕 most of this isn’t in any particular order!

my hype bitches - there are the people that put up with my shit on the constant, that i talk to almost every day and love with all my heart~

@stupidpuckboys // @serronsnoel // @dirtierhockey // @jamesvesey // @jlarocque

fellow CBJ enthusiasts - there are so few of us, so i feel like i need a special section for my favorite CBJ blogs tbh

@columbusbluejackets // @z-werenski // @boooonejenner // @e-race // @feelschicken // @murrayryan // @wennberg10 // @folignsky // @andreburkovsky // @theblue-whackets // @markusnutivaara // @titobeauvillier // @unionblue 

everyone else near and dear to my heart -some of you i’ve had the pleasure of talking to in one way or another and others, i just admire from afar, but either way, thanks so much for making hockey tumblr such a nice place for me~ 💖
((bold are people that i’ve talked to frequently and i literally can’t imagine tumblr without))

@morganfrederickrielly // @nhlinfluenced // @plasticnolan // @povverbottoms // @detroitundeadwings // @leafsbabe // @landymoji // @ajuicefromtheblock // @hockeysmut // @tysegs // @bunny-chara // @squilliamnylander // @gaudrhoes // @beefcakematthews // @andremarcusburky // @peachandthefrog // @snaccastonreese // @jake-debergeron // @mystupidlovesongs // @frederikandersensource // @kreiderrider // @chabotts // @jamjambenn // @nyisles // @babrielandeskog // @bkmarchand // @pstrnk // @newdorkrangers // @anzekopistar // @nhlboys // @nhlbeauty // @pksuburban // @barzythebabe // @jneals // @lattamichaels // @fratdaddyoshie // @oshbae // @dsmithpellys // @uncleantti // @titobeauvis // @witch-marner // @kyleekhaos34 // @mikkostits // @thirst-trapnhl // @galchenyum // @austonslobstah // @bigsavebraden // @kotkaniemi

Someone from opposing team: does anything

Me: don’t talk to me or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son ever again

My dads hot take on the Leafs pt.3

Me: Hey dad how would you describe being a Leafs fan in 3 words

Dad: highs and lows

Me: What about one sentence?

Dad: a scary roller coaster that I can’t seem to get off, that has great moments but also makes me want to throw up profusely.

an incomplete list of things I love about hockey tumblr

- the merciless yet weirdly affectionate dragging of tuukka rask

- every single photo of tyler seguin

- comparisons between jamie benn and long-lashed farm animals

- accurately subtitled gifsets that look like they’re from pre-porn actor interviews when taken out of context because hockey really is Like That

- hockey players ft. children and/or dogs

- every single story about jaromir jagr, actual living memelord



- Official Avs Tumblr Thirst ™ for gabriel landeskog

- lovingly rendered hd slow-mo gifsets of fights

- important Ass Science

- instagram reposts where someone who knows all the players’ semi-secret personal accounts has gone through the comments to add on annotated banter screenshots 

- every single callback to That Time Wilso And Latts Were Proud About Their Bargain Tomato Sauce Purchase

- the wonderful sense of community that comes from inhabiting the same trashpile