hockey word of the week

when jack is born, bob is the Proudest Dad Ever™. he dresses baby jack in tiny zimmermann hockey jerseys and calls all of his friends to brag whenever jack reaches a developmental milestone. (”jack took his first step today, mario!” “hey, wayne, guess what? jack just learned how to finger paint!” “jean-claude! jack called alicia ‘maman’ today!! that’s his second word. the first one was ‘hockey’. i’m hoping that this week i can get him to say ‘papa’.”)

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So obviously the sexy Finnish BAMF does a Finnish word.

It is…omg I won’t even say it. You have to watch this first

IGNORE HAGGS BEING A FUCKING ANNOYING UNFUNNY CHEESY DUMBASS AT THE BEGINNING but do pay attention to Mike Giardi being a sexy disheveled mofo.

0:33 is where the fun begins. After Tuukka says it you can see him trying SO HARD NOT TO BURST OUT LAUGHING AT TROLLING THE MEDIA because he won’t say the ACTUAL definition of the word. OH my God hes so cute the way he smiles here and tries to play off the actual meaning and just the way he over-enunciates his Finnish I want to get in his pants.

Anyways…the real meaning of takakarva is back hair lololololololololololol i gave it away i dont care