hockey vs

sabres vs canucks. ( 10.20.17. )

watching a Win would’ve been nice…..or even just like. a decent game where the last two periods didn’t make me want to DIE. the first period was so lit tho. and @happyatheart and i had the litest fucking seats so close to the ice. samson was so cute during the goal overview (which, was a Bad Call) bc he was stretching and shit to keep his muscles warm. there was a lot of bouncing. also his facial expressions were frequently amusing, esp this one point when he was battling for a puck along the boards in front of us and it popped up right by his face and his eyes went all wide. same.

we also met ror after, risto smiled and waved awkwardly at us from his car (someone else was driving??? mccabe??? someone???), pommer was also sighted, and jack looking damnnnnn good in a suit with erin in the front seat (and sam in the back???) drove so fast from the player’s parking lot his car wheels squealed. same dude. lmao and the attendant was like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ classic jack, looked at us and then looked away to talk to someone else and was like, he was parked all the way to the side in his parking spot too. also there was this cute kid there and when he saw jack with his baby buffalo hair he kept going, “mr. eichel! mr. eichel!” and what part of me didn’t die during the game died right then of cuteness tbh.

BUT EVEN THO THEY LOST i had SO much fun. and it’s tough, but i still love them.

oh and favorite quote of the night:
olivia: okay so where are we going? [to meet the players]
me: i don’t kNOW
olivia: i thought yOU knEW
me: dude, the last time i was at a sabres game they still had miller and he was gOOD

super thanks to @happyatheart for coming and being friendship goals with our jerseys.