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Jack Zimmermann: Secret Scrapbook Fiend.  

He got the bug from Alicia, who compiled tons of albums on different themes (hockey teams and seasons, family gatherings, stages in Jack’s life) and gave them out as presents to family and friends.  Who sent Jack to his first sleep-away hockey camp with a book of pictures of him and his family in case he got lonely. She’s the reason Jack has an album containing his own baby pictures in his dorm room.

Jack keeps scrapbooks of his own now–tends to do one for every hockey season–and he gets kinda… artsy.  

i don’t know why i got two hockey asks in such close proximity but i am going to assume it is bitty’s fault, somehow

rather than actually answer either of these i will say that now i’m imagining that bruce funds a lot of youth programs and some of them are sports and at least one of them is hockey, but during a surprise visit he finds out the coach is a huge asshole to the kids so he fires the shit out of him

so he goes and becomes a hockey-themed villain and he’s like THIS IS ALL BRUCE WAYNE’S FAULT HE DID THIS TO ME BY FIRING ME FOR NO REASON so not only does batman have to deal with all this goddamn hockey bullshit but he also has to deal with people being like “could bruce wayne have prevented this by being nicer to this poor man” and bruce is like “he made little girls cry why are you listening to a supervillain with a terrible gimmick, plenty of people get fired and don’t become supervillains”

and dick is like “yeah but you have to admit that the people you directly fire seem to become supervillains at a higher rate than most people”

and bruce is like “that is because we have an extremely generous severance package and the kind of person who would spend it all on hockey-themed weaponry in week one of unemployment is exactly the kind of person i would fire for being a shithead”

anyway slapshot probably gets his ass kicked by a bunch of 13 year old girls armed with hockey sticks and the infinite well of rage that exists within every thirteen year old girl. batman probably has to save him from the Gotham Snow Angels before they fucking kill him. there is no mercy in their hearts, only blood.


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↪ the captain and the rookie

for Jack’s birthday I like to imagine a small, quiet day with the people he loves. Shitty gives him two presents; one is a genuinely thoughtful gift that makes Jack cry a little and the other is a sonnet he wrote about Jack’s ass while high as a kite. Maybe Lardo painted him something, or made a small hockey-themed sculpture for his apartment so it doesn’t look completely empty and boring (which it’s not. she’s chirping him and Jack does his Dad Chuckle while everyone else gets offended on behalf of Jack). Ransom and Holster set aside their various graphs for finding out which fine woman has won their former captain’s heart and give him a video they made about his journey through the SMH all the way to the NHL with a cool ballad in the background. It’s a masterpiece. They credit themselves for his increasingly frequent smiles and… they’re partially right. The frogs pooled some money and bought him a new lens for his camera. And Bitty?

Bitty made all his favorite foods from scratch, maple-crusted apple pie for dessert (he had the option of choosing cake, but this is what he chose) and a nerdy history book about the War of 1812 that Bitty saw him eyeing in the Barnes & Noble last time he visited. Pretty standard birthday presents, except what the SMH crew doesn’t know is that Bitty is also staying the night under the pretense that the party cleanup will end up taking too much time and effort for Jack to do it all himself, and as the Chef, Bitty will not let that stand. It works, and because it’s a school night, the crew leaves to catch their 9:45 train back to Samwell, leaving Jack and Bitty alone for the night. 

“It really sucks that you have to leave in the morning,” Jack is saying as he fixes the couch cushions, which somehow became a fort in his living room. 

“Not really,” Bitty says, taking the piles of dishes off the counter and putting them in the sink. He wipes his hands with the towel on the over door and walks over to Jack where he has sat on the couch. 

“And why is that?” Jack asks, then shuts up. Bitty is crawling into his lap, draping his arms around Jack’s shoulders, running his hands through Jack’s hair at the back of his head. He’s doing that thing that drives Jack crazy, where he tilts his head and widens his eyes to look more innocent than freshly fallen snow while also scratching at the nape of his neck, sending fire down his spine. 

“Because…” Bitty trails off and presses a soft kiss above each eyebrow, the center of his forehead, the tip of his nose. Just when he’s about to press their lips together, he pulls back and smirks. “I checked my email before we all left, and my lecture tomorrow is cancelled. You have me all tomorrow.” 

Jack is speechless. 

“Is… is that okay?” Bitty asks, sounding less sure than before. His face is slowly moving back, but Jack pulls him in for a long, deep kiss. 

“It’s perfect.” 

Oh, and it definitely is. 

The Kiss Cam

A/N: This is my hockey themed Spencer story - Reid and reader go to a hockey game! Some side notes you might want to know before you begin: The Penguins (from Philadelphia) and The Capitals (from Washington D.C.) are both hockey teams. Alexander Ovechkin is the captain of the Capitals hockey team. I feel like the rest is pretty self explanatory… if you have any questions, just ask :-) Enjoy!!


“Guys!” you yelled as you ran into the bullpen.

“Whatcha got there, pretty girl?” Morgan smiled at you.

“Two tickets to see the Capitals and the Penguins game right up against the glass tomorrow! Who wants to go with me?!” you exclaimed excitedly. The team looked at each other blankly. “You know, hockey??” you tried to further explain yourself.

Everyone already had plans: Morgan had to go home to his wife and new baby, JJ wanted to go home to see Will and Henry, Garcia had a date, Hotch was working late, and Rossi was going to visit his daughter and his family. So that left Spencer.

“C’mon, Spence please! Don’t make me go by myself!” you poked your lip out and gave him your best puppy eyes.

“Y/N, I don’t know anything about hockey” he complained. You continued with the pouty face in hopes that it would eventually work – and it did.

“Fine, fine, you win! I’ll go” he finally gave in.

“Yay!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll pick you up at 6 o’clock tomorrow” you gave him a tight embrace and when you pulled away, he gave you a smile smile, and you could swear you saw a blush on his cheeks.

You had a crush on Spencer almost the second you walked into the BAU – he was so handsome, intelligent, and has the kindest heart out of anyone you has ever met. Secretly, you were glad that Spencer was the one going with you to the game.


It was 6 o’clock the next night and you showed up to Spencer’s apartment and knocked on the door. When he opened the door, you started laughing.

“What are you laughing at?!”

You had a hard time containing yourself. He was dressed in what looked like the nicest suit he owned and he was wearing a bowtie. “What on earth are you so dressed up for?” you said through the laughing.

“Well I wasn’t sure what attire to wear, so I asked Penelope to look up some pictures of hockey players and they were all dressed up… is this not what I’m supposed to wear…?”

“Oh Spence” you sighed. He must have looked up pictures of them before the games when they were dressed up and taking photos with fans. “This” you gestured to yourself “is what one wears to a hockey game.” You were wearing your oversized Alexander Ovechkin jersey, a pair of jeans, and some boots.

“This hockey sweater is probably big enough for you to fit in, plus I have my Capitals sweatshirt on underneath this. Go throw on some jeans and put this on and let’s go! I don’t want to miss the puck drop” you smiled at him.

“Thanks Y/N… I’m uh sorry I don’t know much about hockey” he mumbled.

“What?? I know more about something than you do??” you exclaimed sarcastically, getting a laugh out of him. “Well, tonight you’re going to learn about it. Now, go change, I don’t want to be late!”

He quickly changed and you had to admit, you loved how he looked in that hockey jersey. You both got in your car and headed to the Verizon Center.


You got a couple beers and found your seats and began to watch the game. After the first period and a few more beers, you were really getting into the game – yelling at the players, yelling at the referees, and basically just yelling in general. At the same time, you were trying to explain to Spencer the rules of hockey why you were yelling so much.

“How do you know so much about hockey?” he asked.

“Well, I lived in an area where hockey was a big part of life – my father played, all of my brothers played, and even I played for a couple of years. Plus I love when they beat up on each other” you winked. He laughed and you continued explaining to him the rules of the game.

It was in between the second and third period and there was a break. You sat and chatted about work and life when all of a sudden there was a tap on your shoulder. You turned around and the woman behind you pointed to the big screen and sure enough – there were you and Spencer on the “kiss cam.”

You both turned bright red, and after some urging from the crowd, you leaned in and gave him a big smooch. What was supposed to be just a peck on the lips suddenly turned into a much longer kiss than expected. You pulled away and looked back up at the screen, seeing as they had already changed to a different couple. You blushed again, and after a long, awkward silence, you started talking about hockey some more.

After the game was over, Spencer insisted that he drive home considering the amount of beer you had consumed. He stopped in front of his building and expecting just a polite thank you and walking in, Spencer surprised you.

“Y/N, I really don’t want you driving home like this. Do you want to um… come in and maybe uh… stay at my place? I could call you a cab, but it’s pretty late…” he trailed off. You felt like you could probably drive home, but just to be safe, you decided to agree.

He walked you up into his apartment and flopped down on his couch. “No, no, I can sleep on the couch and you can sleep in my bed” he insisted.

You sighed. As good as a bed sounded, you were already on the couch and didn’t want to get up. “But Spenceeee” you droned his name on. “I’m already comfortable.” You were feeling a little risky, and the way he looked in that hockey jersey was just too much. “Come sit on the couch with me”

He hesitated for a second, but sat down next to you. He fiddled with his hands as he said “Look, I know that you just kissed me tonight because of the “kiss cam,” but I…” he stopped for a moment. “I really like you, Y/N. I think you’re smart and beautiful and talented at everything you do… you’re just… a really amazing person”

You had always liked Spencer, and hearing that made your heart pound. Instead of answering with words, you kissed him again, with more passion than before. You crawled onto his lap as his hands explored your curves and your hands got tangled in his hair. All of a sudden, he stopped you.

“Y/N, believe me, I want this. Like, more than you know, but not under these circumstances…” he sighed. You drooped your shoulders – as much as you wanted this to happen too, he was right. You had had a lot to drink tonight and he was just being the good guy he was…

“I guess you’re probably right…” you said in defeat. “But we’ll talk about this in the morning, right?” you asked as you started to feel very tired.

“Of course we will” Spencer said as he kissed your forehead. He grabbed a blanket and covered you with it as you dozed off on his couch.

when the dog bites

when the bee stings

when I’m feeling sad

I simply remember that one time a Penguins fan got to meet Sidney Crosby and excitedly told Sid about his hockey-themed gay wedding at the Pens’ arena, and Sid was like “that’s awesome!”

and then I don’t feeeeeeeeel so baaaaaaad


jonathan toews + indignation over penalty calls

“But I didn’t even do anything! Fucking horseshit fucking call.” – Jonny, probably