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1/3 Dex knows that he needs to be the first one to shower. He needs to shower before Nursey. If he showers first, he can get dressed and leave the room before Nursey finishes his shower. Because Dex can't be in the room when Nursey walks out after a bath. His skin will be wet, and the towel will hang low around his hips and. . . No. Nope. Seeing him when they shower after practice is fine. Because the team is there. And it is after practice. But this? This is intimate. And it makes Dex feel all

2/3 sorts of fluttery. He can’t escape the sight of Nursey still half asleep, which is a lot more adorable than a tall, tattooed hockey player should be allowed to be. And he can’t escape the sprawled-out-on-the-bed-while-writing-poetry Nursey, who looks beautiful and relaxed, while biting his lip. But you can bet that Dex will escape the post-shower Nursey, who leaves water on the floor, and dries his hair with his back turned towards Dex, 

3/3 and probably is very well aware that he is flaunting his perfectly shaped ass. So yeah, Dex knows he has to shower first. He has to. He can wait for Chowder to shower. But not Nursey. As long as he can make sure to shower first, he can avoid facing the fact that, he maybe sorta kinda have a tiny crush on - No. Nope. Not going there. He isn’t. He doesn’t have a crush.


this has cheered me up no end. i really love this headcanon, and oh boy if it isn’t the most nurseydex thing i’ve ever seen. thank you so much?!

Tyler Seguin at the Dallas Stars Season Ticket Holder Event at Six Flags Over Texas on October 1st. Those arms, though…

Photo by: Shattered Lens Photography 

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Here some drawing done I will be doing with Willow. This is the part where Willow is helping her father and doesn’t want Brad involved in it and they have a huge fight. And the second drawing is when she walked away from a game and her father is super angry. Willow is a mix raced (Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and British) and grew up in New Zealand and with the Maori people, so she learn Maori and koe taniwha means you monster and maple-sucker is a racial slur for Canadians

Brad @britttopia