hockey strike

My favorite quotes from the old men sitting next to me at Panera

“I saw old Wally today! Remember him? Nice guy. He said he fucked my wife. Then he called me a son of a bitch.”

“This whole capitalism thing is just glorified slavery. You get a job or you DIE. Ridiculous.”

“He doesn’t understand where you’re coming from!” “Where am I coming from, Manchester?” “You’re coming from a BRILLIANT MIND!”

[5 minutes of comparing Chinese proverbs]

“Did you hear that the lady hockey players are on strike? They want more money. They better get it! They deserve it. Those lady sports player get no money and no credit.”

[Comparing their various pocket knives and pen knives in the middle of Panera]

“There should be more women on the police force, the poor prostitutes don’t get any sympathy from those men”

“I’ll be right back. Why don’t you talk to the young lady next to you?” ((This meant me)) “I don’t WANNA talk to her!”

“I can’t believe they used to put the kids with the mental illnesses in the hospitals and never mention them again. They should’ve been ASHAMED. Like the Kennedys.”

Sidney Crosby is taking off his hockey gear for a magazine spread. The budding hockey star is striking a shirtless pose for the November issue of GQ Magazine.

The men’s fashion magazine features the 18-year-old hockey phenom in a cover photo and story entitled “The Crosby Show.”

In his hometown of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia reaction is mixed. One young man tells ATV News that Crosby is “popular enough, he doesn’t need to be taking off his shirt.” However, young women in Crosby’s hometown simply say he looks “hot, really, really hot.”

—  October 26, 2005

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