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5 Seconds of Summer

25 Days of Christmas
Because Christmas is my favorite holiday

Michael Clifford:
The Other Hemmings ( Part 1 **  /  ~ Part 2 )
Broken Home ( Part 1 ** / Part 2 ** / )
The Bet ( Part 1 / )
Coming Out (Dad!Michael)
  The Setup (Virgin!Michael)

Ashton Irwin:
Opposites Attract
Who Did This
Daddy’s Birthday
You Can’t Sleep (Part 1 / Part 2)
Rumors (Hockey!Ashton)
Bun Head
Oh, Princess (Daddy!Ashton)**
Mr. Irwin (Teacher!Ashton) **
Jealousy **
Number Three (Dad!Ashton)
Table for One
Never Have I Ever (Virgin!Ash)**

Luke Hemmings:
Birthday Surprise
Bad, Good Boy

The Birthday Boy (Part 1 ** / ~ Part 2**)
No Promises
The Wedding

Needy (Dad!Luke)
Don’t Hurt Yourself (Part 1 / Part 2)
Long Night

Calum Hood:
Pre-Wedding Jitters
I Have to Pee
Football Lessons ( Part 1 / Part 2  / Part 3**)
Jealousy’s a Great Look on You
Broken Promises (Dad!Calum)
The Back Room **
Roommates **
Video Games **

Ashton Irwin:
Brother’s Best Friend

Luke Hemmings:
The Other Girl

Nathan Adrian:
Hey Stranger


Let’s Go Camping**
Netflix and Chill**

We Had a Deal**

Caught **

Skinny Dipping **

Challenge me - 5SOS **


They Help Your Boyfriend Propose 
He Finds Out You’re Ticklish
5SOS Preference Series


Blurb Night

Michael Clifford
~ Listen Baby Girl

Nathan Adrian
“I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”
“They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”
“If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”
“Please, don’t give up on me.”
“My parents asked about you.”


Nathan Adrian:
~ Stormy Weather
He Can’t Love You Like I Do (Part 1** / Part 2**)
I Told You So
Poolside Adventures  (Part 1** / Part 2**)
Unwanted Surprises (Part 1 / Part 2)
Age is Just a Number
Surprise *
Thank You for Loving Me **

Smutty Masterlist

A collection of my favorite smuts that I’ve read.

me: i cant wait for galchenyuk to get traded-

hockey reporters: rumors the blackhawks might be looking at habs number 27

me: -like i was saying i cant believe im the habs number one fan and want them to keep all their players 

Rumors - A.I.

Hockey!Ashton :D

“You’re fucking joking, right?” y/n asked Ashton as he watched her with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Do I look like I’m joking? he questioned back as she turned off the stove in the small off campus apartment he shared with his teammate, Calum who was probably being disturbed from his pregame slumber. “There’s pictures to fucking prove it.”

“When would I fucking have time to cheat on you, Ashton? When I’m not with you, I’m in class. If I’m not in class, I’m doing fucking school work. Oh, and on top of that, we’ve been together for over a year. What in the fucking world would posses me to fucking sleep with someone else, Ash?”

“I don’t know, y/n. You tell me!” he yelled back to her as he slammed a hand on the table. “Get the fuck out of my apartment.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Ashton. You can’t be serious right now?” He glared at her clearly not letting up anytime soon as she scoffed, grabbing her jacket from the chair before grabbing her backpack. “Good luck at your game tonight, Irwin.” She trudged to the door, slamming it behind her as Ashton took a deep sigh removing himself from the kitchen where the smell of her cooking lingered as Calum came out of his room in sweatpants, a distraught look on his face.

“What the fuck just happened?” he questioned as Ashton pulled out his phone going towards his most recent messages with an unknown number and pulling up the photos of his girlfriend with another dude. “You can’t be serious.”

“This is seriously the last thing I need right now,” Ashton mumbled before heading to his room to change into something nice for the walk over to the rink, demands from his hockey coach.

The two hours before the game were probably the most nerve wrecking. He hadn’t been this nervous and nauseous in over a year, usually having y/n to calm him down before the game, but between this being the semifinals and the fact he had found that his girlfriend just cheated on him, he couldn’t think straight.

“Irwin, you alright?” Luke asked walking up to him as he taped his hands, ready to slip them into his goalie gloves.

“Not even close,” Ash mumbled back forcing himself to take a bite of the granola bar in front of him before taking a sip of powerade. He hadn’t eaten before he left, leaving y/n’s food to become cold on his stove.

“Well, I need you get your head in the game, mate. You’re our best forward. Don’t get too far into your head.” he nodded at Luke’s words, standing up and grabbing his stick ready to head onto the rink. His eyes instantly rested on the guy he recognized from the picture in a red uniform that contrasted his white.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he muttered to himself throwing on his helmet, taking the ice. The warmup dragged on, soon resulting in the captains making their way to the center of the ice, Ashton for his team as well as a masked member of the other team, instantly being told to shake the others hand. The way the guy’s eyes shone through his helmet had Ashton even more nervous than before. There was something about them that was off, and Ash didn’t like it.


For the most part, the first period of the game went by with no problems. The game was scoreless at the start of the second period, but halfway through, the other captain had started getting physical with Ashton.

“What’s your problem, mate?” Ashton asked after being checked for the third time when he didn’t have the puck.

“I hope, y/n sucks cock better than when I dated her,” he said before skating off towards his end of the ice to attempt to score, Ashton not bothering to move as the words registered in his head. He shook it off trying to regain focus as the puck made its way towards him, quickly gaining control as he headed towards the opposing teams net, only to be illegally checked once again into the glass. “God I miss that pussy.”

“Fuck off,” Ashton said pushing the kid off of him going back after the puck. When another member of his team held it at the half, he was satisfied staying where he was waiting for the opportunity to try to get himself open for a shot.

“She felt so good wrapped around my dick.” At that last statement Ashton had dropped his stick, turning to hit the kid into the glass behind him, pulling off his helmet sending a shot right to his jaw. The kid retaliated hitting Ashton with his stick, ready to throw a punch as each team went to hold the two boys back as the ref sent them both to the penalty box, as well as a suspension from the rest of the second period.

Y/f/n was in the stands with a group of their shared friends watching in horror as Ashton and her ex boyfriend were forced off the ice, calling her instantly hoping she wasn’t still sulking in her room. She answered on the second ring knowing something was up if she was calling her while at the hockey game.

“Is Ashton okay?” were the first words through the receiver as y/n hesitated to answer.

“Brett hit him good…and they were both just ejected from the game for the rest of the period,” y/f/n said as people started hitting on the glass yelling at the ref for missing the first three illegal checks.

“Wait, Brett’s there? They’re playing Northwestern?” she asked, the sound of shuffling coming y/n’s end. “I’m pretty sure I know why Ashton yelled at me earlier. Brett probably still has pictures of us on his phone that he sent to Ashton to get in his head before the game.”

“Well, it worked, because without Ashton, we’re probably fucked,” y/f/n said back hearing y/n’s keys in the background. “Are you coming?”

“Of course I’m coming. Ashton’s not blowing this god damn game because Brett a pussy. I’ll be there in twenty.” By time she had gotten there, the horn signaling the end of the second period has just blew, both teams starting to retreat to the locker room as y/n caught Calum’s eye, running over quickly to the scowling Maori boy.

“Oi, y/n, you shouldn’t be here,” Calum said with a frown on his face as she huffed trying to catch her breath. The underarmour long sleeve she had under Ashton’s away jersey was too much causing her to sweat, but she knew it would have the reverse affect if she took it off in the freezing arena.

“Calum, I need to talk to Ashton, now,” she said running a hand through her hair.

“I really think you’ve done enough for today,” he fought back getting ready to walk away.

“I know about the pictures. My ex is on Northwestern. He’s the guy that Ashton punched. I bet you he sent the pictures of when we were dating to Ashton to piss him off, and it worked. I wouldn’t cheat on him, Cal, I love him. Now, either you can tell him that, or tell him to get his ass out here after he gets his ear chewed off by your coach for getting ejected,” she responded quickly as Calum raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Wait a minute, you love him?” he asked, a smug smirk on his face as she rolled her eyes, confessing her love for Ashton for the first time to his best friend was not the way you had planned on telling him, but she was quickly running out of options.

“Calum!” she yelled hitting him causing him to laugh.

“I’ll let him know about his girlfriend’s affections. Go find y/f/n, Michael, and Michaela. He’s going to need to make sure you stayed.” She nodded before running off to find her two best friends who had settled in at the half.

“Did you catch Ashton?” Michaela, Luke’s girlfriend asked as Michael sat with his arms across his chest, snap back rested on top of his head backwards. He was the only one of his friend in his group of four that didn’t play hockey, settling for baseball instead.

“Nope. Cal’s helping me out. I explained the situation. Now, let’s hope Ashton’s stubborn ass believes it,” she mumbled back waiting for the timer on the clock to run out so the third period would start.

“He’d be stupid not to. He’s had you wrapped around his finger for a year. He’d be dumb to think you’d sleep with another guy,” Michael chimed in causing her to smile slightly. At the two minute mark, the two teams made their way out of the locker room, Ashton and Calum being the last two walking the slowest, both boys deep in conversation as Ashton’s eyes flickered towards the stands moving to the area that she usually sat in making eye contact. He looked back to Calum nodding his head before slipping his helmet on ready to take the ice, clearly seeing Brett had also made his way back onto the ice. When the horn finally went off, Ash made his way to the large circle at half ready for the start of the third, Brett making his way in front of him, a visible smirk being seen through the mask.

“Hope I didn’t upset you, princess,” he teased as Ashton kept his mouth quiet, focusing on the puck being dropped as he went in scooping it to the side, passing it to Calum who made his way down the ice, Ashton making his way to the other side ready for a pass behind the net from Calum, skating behind the net as Calum positioned him in front of the net, backing up as Ashton passed the puck once again, only to get it right back for a slap shot into the back of the opposing net causing the arena to erupt into cheers with a score of 1-0, Ashton scoring the only goal of the game.


“I’ll see you back at the apartment, alright?” y/n asked y/f/n who shook her head giggling slightly. “No?”

“You aren’t going to want to come back, trust me,” she giggled causing y/n to roll her eyes at the thought of hearing her best friend and Calum have sex. “Good luck with Ash, babe.”

“Don’t choke on Calum’s dick, babe,” she responded earning the middle finger as she walked away not bothering to wait for Calum who would make his way there when he did. Y/n didn’t have to wait long for Ashton who came barreling out of the locker room, clearly having skipped his shower trying to make sure he didn’t miss y/n. He loved the way she looked in his jersey, wanting nothing in that moment to have her wearing nothing but that jersey in his bed. “Ash.”

“Baby girl,” he said grabbing her hips pressing a kiss to her lips softly, resting his forehead against hers. “I’m so, so, sorry.”

“I should be the one apologizing for my sorry excuse of an ex,” she said back kissing him again as her arms wrapped around his neck. “I love you so much.” he chuckled slightly pulling his head away from her.

“I know. You told Calum apparently. Nice to know I had to hear from my best friend that my girlfriend loves me.”

“Hey there, buddy. You were pissed at me and I was not going to be responsible for the loss of this game,” she teased poking at his chest with a smile on his face.

“If it helps, I love you too.” She smiled at his statement nodding her head as she grabbed at his hands. “Now that that’s out of the way…makeup sex?”

anonymous asked:

Prompt: How about one of the tadpoles or a Lax Bro with a crush on Dex and Dex being like ???? What? (if you're not about it no worries)

mmmm okay so it’s like 1 am here so i’m not gonna do this in proper fic format like the others (i’m really sorry i’m just mad tired) but let’s do it list style (i like writing this way anyway)

•so there’s this lax bro who’s in Dex’s English class and he totally thinks Dex is really cute

•he knows that they smh team and lax team are supposed to hate each other but

•that ass tho

•no really he really thinks Dex is super good looking though. he loves his freckles

•and it’s not like he’d be the first lax bro to hook up with a hockey player if the rumors about Holster are to be believed

•so like. he tries to hit on Dex

•Dex is not good at being hit on

•Dex was a very awkward kid in high school. he wasn’t rich, he wasn’t popular. he was good at hockey but terrible at talking to guys. poor thing has never been a social butterfly

•so when lax bro tries to flirt with him, Dex straight up just doesn’t understand what’s happening

•he thinks it’s some kind of lax team sabotage attempt

•this poor lax bro

•"maybe i could get your number?“ “no, shitty warned me that the last guy to give a lax team member his number got woken up by phone calls every hour on the hour from thirty different phone numbers for a week straight. nice try, though”

•"wanna partner up for this project?“ “nope, ransom did a project with a lax bro his freshman year and told me the kid emailed the professor claiming he did all the work so ransom got an F. i’ll pass”

•"i have some thoughts on this book we’re reading. maybe i could come over to your Haus sometime and talk about it?“ "sure, so you can get familiar with the layout for whatever prank you’re planning next. or leave a dead mouse in a closet or something so the whole place smells. you’re not even trying to be subtle now”

•this poor fucking kid

•finally Dex decides to tell Bitty about all the weird things this lax bro has been saying to him

•"Dex. Dex. you sweet summer child. you blissful idiot.“

•"Bitty what the fuck”

•"he LIKES you, Dex. he’s trying to ask you out, you wonderful fool.“

•”…wait, really?“

•holy shit???? a boy likes Dex?????

•which is flattering as hell but like

•Dex isn’t really looking for a boyfriend right now

•well, he is actually. but he has a really specific type

•specifically he likes pretentious bisexual poets from new york city

•and this lax bro seems nice but he’s…not that

•so the next day in class Dex flushes firetruck red the minute he sees this lax bro who apparently has a thing for him

•and at the end of class when said lax bro approaches him he kinda stutters out

•"um, i’m sorry for, uh, being such a, you know, dick to you and all. i didn’t really, um, know what was going on. and, uh, i’m really flattered, and it’s nothing against you, you know, it’s just there’s…kinda someone else. sort of.”

•lax bro is bummed but not wrecked

•he’s sure lots of guys are into Dex and he tells him as much

•Dex laughs. “hardly. but thank you”

•and the lax bro is genuinely surprised. “really, man? i mean, you’re pretty hot. most guys i know would consider themselves pretty lucky if they got with you, you know”

•and Dex is surprised because in his head he’s still the awkward kid from high school people didn’t get crushes on

•but he thanks the kid and yeah, that pretty much makes his day

•and it makes him carry himself with juuuust a bit more confidence around the Haus

•and a certain pretentious bisexual poet from new york city definitely takes notice

•but that’s another story

littlesansas  asked:

hey if you want to share, what are your headcanons about whiskey? (or what fandom hc's do you disagree with?)

hahah well its 10pm so im gonna grab a glass of vodka and start this. this post is just gonna be whiskey headcanons ok

okay so first off - whiskey headcanons! 

so i’ve made like individual posts about this before but here’s a giant mishmash of all the whiskey headcanons that my heart enjoys:


  • this boy is a biromantic asexual and it was a very confusing journey for him to discover this. so one time ransom and holster were talking loudly in the kitchen with some other guys on the team about wheeling chicks (and dudes, in holster and bitty’s case), and whiskey was feeling kinda uncomfortable because all the things these guys were talking about kinda? didn’t apply to him? he didnt really feel any of this stuff yanno? so lardo totally notices because she is Perceptive As Fuck and after the boys have all dispersed she grabs whiskey and asks if he’s okay and he’s kinda like “um???” and lardo is like “hmmm?” and whiskey is like “UMMM” and so long story short him and lardo talk it out over a period of a couple weeks and lardo does some research to help him out and whiskey does some research too and when lardo and him find out that these things are, well, things hes just so relieved because it makes sense to him and it makes him feel better because there’s a label for the way he feels about things and him and lardo bond a whole bunch and become best friends and whiskey stays with her the summer after she graduates and they’re just great friends
  • whiskey has a GIANT FUCKING CRUSH on kent parson and when kent and jack finally get back on good terms and kent comes to a kegster to see people whiskey literally almost has a panic attack and almost faints and lardo is just sitting next to him patting his leg like “down boy” 
  • kent walks over to him and kinda gives whiskey a once-over and then says “your eyebrows are on point”. rip in fucking pieces whiskey u no that boy Ded

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How i’m dealing with trade rumors/no hockey at the moment: watching videos like this