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theory: dex hasn’t been in recent updates because he got really into finding nemo & has been watching it nonstop in his dorm room

okay let me tell you about chris chow’s dads okay

jason chow lived in california his whole life and knew from age seven when he wanted to kiss his best friend james on the mouth that he was gay. he left home at seventeen and travelled all the way across the fucking country to go to Samwell university, the most inclusive school he could find, and it also had a great hockey program. jason was so excited… until he actually got to the locker room at faber and it suddenly felt like every other locker room he’d ever been in.

everyone seemed to sense that he was different (he was the only one who was chinese, he was the only one from the west coast, and he thought that everyone sensed that he was gay which riled him up more than he wanted to admit) so he didn’t come out. he stayed in the closet and tried to make friends and succeeded, for the most part.

his best friend was his defensive partner, shane miles- known as smiles. smiles was jason’s best friend and he was just so happy, so upbeat and grinning all the time. he made jason feel good and, soon, jason found himself falling in love. because of which, he freaked the fuck out and went and avoided smiles for the next two weeks. smiles, understandably, was not happy that his best friend just up and left him.

so he showed up at jason’s dorm banging on the door and yelling “come on sunny let me in!” (sunny and smiles, a match made in heaven tbh) and finally finally sunny let him in and they sat together on jason’s bed, both of them confused and sad and messy.

then, very quietly, jason said, “i’m gay” hoping beyond hope that smiles wouldn’t care. jason didn’t think he would, but he could never be sure. his grandfather on his dad’s side wouldn’t even talk to him anymore after he came out (fortunately, the rest of his family was very supportive)

smiles smiled and turned to jason and said, “what a coincidence. me too.”

smiles was the first other-gay person jason had ever met. he didn’t know how to react. so he suggested that they go get some coffee to cool down from the emotional wishy-washiness of it all (it seemed nonchalant, but jason’s heart was racing) and they went over to Annie’s, that new coffee place in town, and talked it all out.

sunny told smiles all about his family back home, how supportive they are and how lucky he is. smiles didn’t have the same news; his mom down in kentucky had found him kissing a boy and his whole family had disowned him. he had already been accepted to samwell, so he just followed through with his original plan, sans-family. it made jason’s heart clench and, even though smiles tried to be casual about it, jason could see that it hurt him. they spent the rest of the day talking, right up until annie’s closed.

it eventually all becomes news of the past and jason and shane spend the next year and a half closer than anyone else on the team. shane comes back to cali with jason every break and jason’s family adopts shane as easy as that. it’s so easy, being friends, best friends, and though jason wants more, he never says anything for fear of ruining what they have.

then, new year’s eve their sophomore year, smiles kisses sunny on the top of sunny’s building, three hours too early because “east coast time is the real time” and jason’s never been happier

(they adopt chowder their senior year, living in an apartment off campus, and they take him to all the practices- the rest of the team basically becomes chowder’s uncles- and chowder learns how to skate at faber. also, chowder’s dads were the original hockey defensive-partner gays- they’re role models for holster and ransom and, when dex and nursey meet Mr. and Mr. Chow (shane didn’t want his family’s name anymore after they got married) the husbands wink significantly at dexnursey as if this means something and dex and nursey spend the whole visit blushing)


Minor Hockey Beat - Jeffrey Skinner (from the Maple Leafs Gameday Program, Issue 3, 2005)

Actual pic of Jeff Skinner at 13:


Both born and raised in New England, Eichel and Hanifin first played against each other when they were about 10 or 11. They were teammates at USA Hockey’s National Development Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and on 2015’s world junior team. But with Eichel at Boston University and Hanifin at Boston College, they faced off against each other again as part of a cracking college hockey rivalry. “Noah brings out the best in me,” Eichel said at the draft combine. “He’s a good friend of mine and it’s great competition playing against him.”

Hockey is a sport about moving the puck and checking people into the boards, about power plays and penalty kills, faceoffs and stretch passes. But the game also comes down to the sheer will of the people involved, who remain human. That’s what stood out most in the aftermath of this Cup title; the Hawks aren’t hockey robots programmed to win, win and win some more. They are a team, from the front office through the fourth line, which overcame adversity this season by relying upon each other.

“We really love each other as brothers,"A Marian Hossa said. "I don’t think other teams have that feeling that you’ll do anything for anyone. I think that is something real different here.”

Something really is. Somehow, a connection exists between caring and winning, sincerity and success.

That unique family feel made every baby a Hawks dad placed in the silver chalice all the more poignant, every hug between teammates and coaches and executives last a little longer. That made Patrick Kane posing for pictures with the Reifs cooler than any assist or goal he produced in the playoffs. That made Toews handing the Cup first to Kimmo Timonen seem more sincere than staged.

That made this a rare group in the rarest of seasons.

–David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune - Ovechking finally gets car, donates it to special cause

Ovechkin gets a surprise car and donates it to a special hockey program.

“Knowing Ovi has a little bit of a personality, we thought, ‘What could he do that would add a little bit of fun to the night?’” Abrutyn said. “The idea was to do what he could to get the car, and if it worked out he was going to reveal that he was going to give it to this Cool Cats organization. Knowing that youth hockey organizations, particularly one like that, probably could use a little help with transportation, moving the kids and their equipment around.

Former NHL player Martin St. Louis had his jersey number retired by the University of Vermont men’s hockey program at Gutterson Fieldhouse in front of a capacity crowd in Burlington, Vt., on Jan. 8.

St. Louis, who wore jersey No. 8 for four seasons, was Vermont’s all-time leading scorer with 267 points on 91 goals and 176 assists. He helped lead the Catamounts to their first NCAA Frozen Four berth in 1996 and another NCAA Tournament appearance the following season.

“It’s a little surreal to be honest,” St. Louis told “The whole time I’m on the ice and the number is going up … the first time I played at [Gutterson Fieldhouse], you come in as a freshman you think you can play at that level but don’t know how well you can play. So every year I was just trying to get better.”

St. Louis was an All-American and finalist for the Hobey Baker Award as the best player in college hockey three straight seasons. He played at Vermont from 1993-94 through 1996-97 [x]

I have so much respect for Bobby Ryan. 

When he was 10 years old his father almost beat his mother to death after coming home from a hockey game. So to avoid his dad going to prison, they fled across the country and created new aliases. Since the FBI was hunting them down, they hid out in California because it had the best hockey program for Bobby. At 10 years old he had to hide his whole identity and pretend to be “Bobby Ryan” It wasn’t until the FBI finally found them two years later that swat teams came busting into their house to haul Bobby’s father off to prison. After his dad was taken away his mother gave him the choice to stay Bobby Ryan or to go back to his real name. He chose to stay Bobby Ryan. While his dad was in prison his mom wanted to make sure Bobby could stay in California because of his hockey league, so to make that happen she would work at the ice rink during the day so Bobby could skate there, and at night she would work at the airport so when Bobby flew for games he’d be able to fly for free or with a big discount. After his dad got out of prison four years later there was a court ordered restraining order against his dad (even though Bobby’s mom begged them to take away the restraining order because she wanted to be with her husband), and if he went anywhere near his wife then he’d be in serious trouble. But the thing is, after his dad got out of prison, Bobby was up for the draft. So his dad decided to break his restraining order and he went to Canada with his wife to watch their only child be drafted into the NHL. This family literally did everything they could possibly do to watch their son succeed. Bobby’s dad wound up being put on house arrest for 18 months, but now him and his wife are still happily married and living in New Jersey. Don’t even try to tell me that Bobby Ryan isn’t the best story of success you’ve ever heard. Bobby Ryan overcame every single adversity thrown his way and kicked its ass.

Lmao all these insults from usa fans are like “fuck you and your annoying ass successful hockey program and ride your moose into your igloo you cold ass pieces of shit” ouch! You got me there!!