hockey players with children

Stare at Me- Tom Wilson

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(Look at his eyes guys!!!)

Don’t worry anon, I’m a Caps fan too! (Among many others but Caps are the hometown team) And so here we go! One third of the brobeans! Plus I’m on a hockey players with children kick so you get a two-for-one! Enjoy guys!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Hi!!! I’ve literally been spending the past few days reading your imagines and I LOVE them!!! Personally, i’m a caps fan and if you’re not backed up on requests, do you think you could do one where y/n is at a caps game and Tom Wilson has eyes on her the whole game and they somehow meet after the game or something? Change it any way you’d like!!!


              “Mommy?” you daughter asked as she sat next to you, coloring.

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Hockey Players and Children

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so since a bunch of the falconers have kids, jack is def the go to babysitter cause he’s supernaturally good with babies and shit so bitty definitely walks into jack’s apartment after arriving in providence late one night to find the living room floor has been completely covered with blankets with jack passed out in the middle of it surrounded by a sea of hockey player’s children


I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my captain being perfect.