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ransom and holster set up dex and nursey on a blind date for winter screw under the pretense of "team bonding"

(maybe this is longer than I originally intended, maybe)

Thanks for sending a prompt!!  Enjoy! (I sure did!!!!)  :-) xxxx


2 weeks before winter screw

“Rans, brah, we gotta set the frogs up with dates” said Holster, as he walked into the attic

“Shit, Holz, you’re right” replied Ransom, looking worried, “Do we have enough time to find 3 girls to date hockey players?”

“Chill man.  Chowder is going with the volleyball girl –“


“Caitlin.  So it’s just Dex and Nursey” said Holster optimistically.

Rans groaned.  This wasn’t going to be easy.


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Wouldn't Change a Thing

I thought for sure someone you give me this prompt for Zimbits, but nobody did… so I wrote it anyway! This is a future fic (when he’s about 28) where Bitty bumps into someone from his past. I hope you like fluff! Enjoy!

7. I wouldn’t change a thing… except when you vomited on my shoes.

“Hey… Do I know you from somewhere?”

Bitty was used to people recognizing him from “somewhere” a lot nowadays. He looked up from his phone to find a tall man with dark brown hair standing beside his table. “Oh?” He actually did look familiar. “Um, maybe?”

“You’re a hockey player, right?” The man asked.

Bitty let out a burst of laughter. Nobody had called him a hockey player in years. He had enough trouble convincing people he was even on the team back in college, and now someone was recognizing him as a hockey player? “Sorry. Yeah, it’s been a few years, but…”

“You played for Samwell, right? Um, Aaron? Button? Bittens?”

“Bittle. Eric Bittle,” he said with a smile, and waited for the spark of recognition that usually followed his name nowadays. He was spared the usual ‘I’ve seen you on TV!’ reaction this time around.

“Right! Sorry, I knew it was something like that. I guess it’s been about 10 years or so now? I forgot.”

“Ten years since…?” Bitty asked. “I’m sorry too, you look familiar, but I cannot for the life of me place you. You went to Samwell? Did we share a class?”

“No, we uh– oh god. It’s so embarassing, you probably blocked me out,” the man stumbled through his reply. “I was a year or two ahead of you. We, uh, we got set up for a date once? For Winter Screw?” He whispered the last word, a little embarassed to be overheard saying ‘screw’ in a busy cafe.

“Oh? Oh!” Bitty gasped as the memory flooded back to him. “My shoes!” He laughed and nudged the chair across from him away from the table. “Sit!”

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me any time most hockey players get injured: ah man that sucks they’ll probably be fine soon tho

me whenever sid gets so much as a paper cut: OH NO !!! YOU POOR THING !!! BABE :((((((

An evolution of Dex and baking...

As a metaphor for his sexuality.

Year 1 - Tadpoles

He started off looking so uncomfortable. His “I thought guys would be less good at baking, if you know what I mean” could be interpreted as a veiled homophobic comment. He has a clear image of what a hockey player should be like, and Bitty does not fit that image… yet he is a beloved member of the team. Dex who had been debating going to a state school, ends up choosing Samwell.

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AU where Bitty goes to college in Vegas and becomes a giant Aces fan

and runs into Kent Parson at a bar

obviously he wants to nail Parse down and jabber about power play units and maybe find out if the rumors about him being into guys are true, but Bitty’s mama raised him right, so he limits himself to “excuse me, Mr. Parson, I’m sorry to bother you but could I please have an autograph?”

Parse is all “not if you call me Mr. Parson, haha nah of course, always nice to meet a fan” like he’s supposed to and signs a coaster for him, and Bitty steps a polite distance down the bar to wait for the bartender


Parse is looking like he’s gonna do something stupid, and before Bitty knows it, he’s stepping between them and saying, “I’m sorry you’re disappointed that he’s only fourth in the league in points, but there’s only so much a forward can do about the win-loss record when two D-men are injured and neither goalie has posted a save percentage above .910 so far this season.”

drunk dude looks confused and wanders off muttering vague obscenities, and Parse is like “awright, my friend, you’re drinking with us tonight.”

he drags Bitty off to a table full of Aces, who are all very friendly and want to buy him drinks after Parse tells them that Bitty defended his honor

(except a fourth-liner who wants to know who the guy was so he can go beat him up, but the rest of the guys distract him with beer in a clearly practiced maneuver)

Bitty’s two cocktails in before he scrapes up the guts to ask them all if they would support a gay teammate

one of them is like “fuck, if he could lead a breakout without giving up the damn puck, I’d support Hitler”

which is not quite the answer Bitty was hoping for

but somebody smacks that guy upside the head and somebody else is like “you can fuckin’ play, bro” and they all nod and Bitty doesn’t stop grinning for the next hour

until the grin is knocked off his face by sheer shock when Parse leans over and whispers in his ear, “can I take you home and blow you?”

the catcalls and hooting following them out of the bar prove beyond a doubt that the Aces are, in their own special way, supportive of gay teammates