hockey players are all grown children

@selfsong I told you this was going to happen. @des-zimbits @wheeloffortune-design I used your prompts from this post in this. @gadelingsofthegalaxy have some more of our sweet child Kent Parson.

I really loved writing this story so I really hope y’all enjoy reading it. 

Look, Jean-Paul has been around the block at least a thousand times when it comes to the Stanley Cup. His oldest children weren’t even born his first year as it’s keeper, and now they’ve got partners and are having children and maintain lives of their own, and every June find Jean-Paul and John watching as another group of ridiculous hockey players win their coveted prize. Honestly, there’s only so many times you can see a fully grown man be drenched in some kind of booze as they scream before it gets old. 

The year that Las Vegas won their first cup in franchise history is memorable for Jean-Paul  in a number of ways. His eldest child, Cynthia, had his first grandson, his great-aunt passed away and he had either the pleasure or the misfortune of getting to know Kent Parson. 

Each player gets their day with the Cup, and normally they’re not too bad. Sure, Jean-Paul has seen his fair share of insanity but like. He and John switch off and they survive and that is why he’s current in the passenger seat of Kent Parson’s mother’s minivan with the Stanley Cup buckled into the middle row, going 75 on a freeway headed towards Samwell University. 

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