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hey y'all! today is international women’s day. let’s all take today as a reminder to support women’s hockey in all its forms. even if you don’t have money to buy a jersey or go to a game, use your voice! tell your friends, yell about how much you love the players or twitter, convince other people that supporting women’s hockey is worth it. the only way to keep women’s hockey alive and growing is to make it clear that it matters to us.

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Please, I need more NHL AU in my life. I will pay you in my love and gratitude. <3

Sure thing!! NHL AU here

OKAY SO NOTES: for some reason when i was researching this earlier i thought that you had to be 19 year old in order to enter the draft (i was talking to someone about connor mcdavid i think), but apparently you only had to be 18 at or before September 15th of the draft year. Bitty entered the draft the same year he’d been planning on joining Samwell, in 2013 when he turned 18 on May 13. 

So let’s pretend in this au you had to be 19 at or before September 15th of the draft year. Just like how ngoziu forgot that you can’t play in the NCAA if you’ve played in the Q. 

Draft is June 5th, so the first article comes a little before that. The USHL playoffs in 2013 ended May 17th. 

Small Wunderkind Coming Up in Big Leagues

June 1st, 2013

If you were watching the games of the King Hurricanes a few years ago, you may not notice the speedy number 5 at first, flitting in and about the ranks. Eric Richard Bittle, age 16 then, is from Madison, Georgia. At the time, he was standing at 5′3 and 130 pounds, one of the smallest and lightest players in the USHL. 

However, soon you’ll begin to see why Coach Pietro Dostoevsky chose him among the multitude of other hopefuls. Number 15 is fast, his speed supplements his size. He’s able to weave his way around the opposing side’s defense and shoot with deadly accuracy. During post game interviews with coaches and “Ricky” Bittle himself, we learned that he has impeccable game sense and incredible play making skills. Eric Bittle began to make a name for himself in the juniors as the small giant, racking up points, assists, awards, and a mass of fans. 

He turns 19 on May 5th, 2014, but he has just been granted exceptional status and will be joining the 2013 Entry Draft as the top draft pick of the year. Some people calling this decision by the NHL controversial, saying that Bittle is severely overestimated and definitely not a McDavid or a Tavares. They argue that his size certainly doesn’t bring confidence to the table to potential clubs. 

However, even in a league filled with people brimming with natural athleticism, Bittle still stands out. His numbers are exceptional even among a Clark cup winning team, he’s well known for his good sportsmanship and charisma, and he’s a natural leader. 

No matter the chatter around him, Eric Bittle is slated to appear in the 2013 Entry Draft, almost certainly as the number one pick overall. And I put my money on the bet that we’ll be seeing great things from him. 

Transcript of Interview with Eric Bittle

 May 17th, 2013

Off record

R: Thanks for the cookies, Eric! You’re everyone’s athlete to interview.

EB: Aw shush, that’s just because I bribe y’all so y’all can speak better of me.

R: Well, it’s working!

Transcript Start: 

R: Congratulations, good game today, Eric!

EB: We played hard, it was definitely a hard won win. Oh gosh, did I just say hard won win?

R: You sure did!

EB: You know when I first started getting interviewed, I told myself that I’ll try my darn hardest not to sound like one of those hockey robots.

R: And you held out for all these years until your very last junior post game interview.

EB: At least this is a victory interview, that’s a happy thought! 

R: Again, congratulations on winning the Clark Cup! Talk about the effort you guys gave this year and your role as the captain.

EB: Well, this was certainly an unreal season. We started out strong and worked hard not to slow down the momentum. I’m so proud of my boys, my role as captain was to provide leadership and direction on the ice, but everyone gave twice their best effort and heart. We knew we were going to win, and we just had to keep doing what we’ve been workin’ on all year long.

R: And how good does it feel to win the Clark Cup?

EB: Oh, it feels amazing! Last year I wanted so bad to win the cup for the senior members of our team, but it never happened. I think this year the determination was carried from the loss back then so it feels pretty darn amazing!

R: You shattered your arm last year during the finals of the Clark Cup. I forget, did you pull a Rocky and skate out the period?

EB: Who do you think I am, Beyoncé? No, I was able to hide it for a few minutes but Coach Dostoevsky noticed and pulled me out for the rest of the series.

R: By the way, I have to congratulate you on another thing, Mr. Exceptional Status.

EB: Oh, I was wondering when that’d come up.

R: You’re a meme, don’t you know? 

EB: I saw those online, I don’t know whether to be flattered or what. I’m normal sized, it’s just that the people I hang out with make me look small!

R: Let me show you this *takes out a few pictures*

EB: “Such small. Much hockey.” Oh lord, they made me doge. I haven’t seen this one before.

R: Haha, you’re certainly on your way to internet fame. 

EB: I’m proud to say that I’ve gained a lot more twitter followers since the news about the exceptional status broke out!

R: Of course that was your reason, all those hours practicing hockey and becoming the best player your age all to gain twitter followers.

EB: You know me! 

R: There was a period of time when no one knew for sure your plans for this year. You applied to Samwell University and got in, there were rumors that you were dropping juniors to attend it next season, or that you were going to continue playing in the USHL next season, until news broke out that you applied for exceptional status for the draft this year and got it. What were you thinking?

EB: Well, I’ve never considered dropping hockey. I love hockey. I was deliberating between Samwell and the NHL, so I suppose the rumors were all true, that no matter what next season I’d be either playing in the NHL or on the Samwell Men’s Hockey team.

R: Well, I know a lot of hockey fans, and Falconer fans in particular, who are glad that you’re joining the draft this year.

EB: You don’t know that I’m going to the Falconers!

R: Well, that’s all up in the air for now, but as a Falconers’ fan I can keep hoping. Thanks for giving me time for the interview.

EB: No problem!

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75 for paradex?

“I’ve been fighting for a long time… and it’s turned me into.. this.”

omfg anon, you’re either asking for something hilarious or really angsty. let’s see what we can do 

and this will also be from my OoG verse

for @dexrarepairweek

It’s one of those rare afternoons off that finds Dex playing Overwatch with Nursey. Remotely of course, because Nursey was down in New York procrastinating on editing an manuscript. Kent all but throws the front door open, unceremoniously dumps the groceries in front of the fridge, and drops his phone into Dex’s lap. He collapses into the armchair to the right of the couch, scrubbing his face harshly. 

“Hi to you too,” Dex chirps. 

“Not in the mood, William,” Kent groans. 

Kent never calls him by his first name. It’s enough to get him to pause the game and mumble a “be right back” to Nursey. 

“Why do I have your phone?”

“Because people are assholes,” Kent says. 

Dex eyes him warily. He unlocks the phone, which is already open to Twitter. There’s a massive thread about hockey players coming out because they’re not man enough to get a real woman. 

“Sorry, what did you do?”

“Almost came out on Twitter just to say— y’know — fuck you. I’d love to know what your definition of ‘real woman’ is, you fucking transphobe.” 

“But you didn’t?” Dex asks slowly. 

“Nope,” Kent says with an emphasis on the p. “Did not, in fact, out myself today out of spite.” 

“That’s good.” He nods. 

Kent snorts, throwing his arms over his face. Dex reads through the thread again. Both thankful that Kent didn’t do anything to put himself in danger, and pissed that he even had to look it in the first place. 

“So what’s the problem?” he asks after Kent’s had some time to calm down. 

“I don’t know.” Kent sighs. “My first instinct was to cause a shit storm. And I didn’t — yay? But it was still there, that fucking knee-jerk reaction to start a fight before they get me.”

“Who’s they?” 

Kent waves him off.  “I’ve been fighting for a long time… and it’s turned me into.. this.” He gestures vaguely to himself. “This — neurotic mess, who’s always on edge. You know I almost kicked some people out yesterday because they wouldn’t stop asking why the bathroom signs are so weird?”

Bitty and Kent had special ordered some bathroom signs with mythical creatures on them that said “whatever, just wash your hands.” 

Dex shrugs, offering a hug that Kent quickly gets up to accept. He’s sitting in Dex’s lap, clinging in every way imaginable. It’s nice, Dex thinks as he squeezes back. Maybe he can’t fight Kent’s battles for him (Kent would hate that anyway). But if he could be there at the end of the day to make things a little better, it was worth it. 

“You’re allowed to refuse service to anyone,” Dex mutters. “You can block people on Twitter. I know it sucks sometimes, and you can come out whenever you  want —”  

“But…” Kent prompts. 

“But maybe you aren’t ready,” Dex supplies. “Maybe you don’t ever have to be ready. It’s not about them, it’s about you being yourself. Fuck the rest of the world, they don’t deserve you.” 

Kent chuckles, leaning back to kiss Dex on the cheek. “Maybe you’re right. Thanks, baby.” 

Dex feels his lip twitch softly. “Anything for you.”  

my #1 problem with all cp fancasts: not muscly enough!!! none of these boys could play hockey. where are the beefy arms. the broad shoulders. does it even matter if the jack fancast is a dreamboat if he couldn’t literally lift shitty up and throw him on his bed?? hM??