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1/3 Dex knows that he needs to be the first one to shower. He needs to shower before Nursey. If he showers first, he can get dressed and leave the room before Nursey finishes his shower. Because Dex can't be in the room when Nursey walks out after a bath. His skin will be wet, and the towel will hang low around his hips and. . . No. Nope. Seeing him when they shower after practice is fine. Because the team is there. And it is after practice. But this? This is intimate. And it makes Dex feel all

2/3 sorts of fluttery. He can’t escape the sight of Nursey still half asleep, which is a lot more adorable than a tall, tattooed hockey player should be allowed to be. And he can’t escape the sprawled-out-on-the-bed-while-writing-poetry Nursey, who looks beautiful and relaxed, while biting his lip. But you can bet that Dex will escape the post-shower Nursey, who leaves water on the floor, and dries his hair with his back turned towards Dex, 

3/3 and probably is very well aware that he is flaunting his perfectly shaped ass. So yeah, Dex knows he has to shower first. He has to. He can wait for Chowder to shower. But not Nursey. As long as he can make sure to shower first, he can avoid facing the fact that, he maybe sorta kinda have a tiny crush on - No. Nope. Not going there. He isn’t. He doesn’t have a crush.


this has cheered me up no end. i really love this headcanon, and oh boy if it isn’t the most nurseydex thing i’ve ever seen. thank you so much?!

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Hey there! I've been following your blog for a while and I think we have pretty similar tastes! Do you maybe have any Clexa fic recs? I'm into AU's more than canon, and I've read pretty much all the really popular/completed ones...I'm willing to invest myself in a WIP if it's good though!

Hi! First, thanks for sticking with me! I have read a bunch of Clexa fanfiction at this point, so I’ll try to do my best to give you a few recommendations. I will admit, many of my favorite fanfictions are works in progress, but that’s okay! There’s so many amazing fanfictions, and they’re being updated constantly. Hopefully you’ll find something new to enjoy. 


These are a couple authors that I follow religiously. I enjoy their writing style regardless of what they choose to write about, and recommend any Clexa fictions that they have written. I’ll try to include as many tumblr blogs as possible, otherwise, most, if not all, can be found on Archive of Our Own.


Chrmdpoet or @chrmdpoet

Clarkesquad or @clarkesquad

Coeurdastronaute @coeurdastronaute **

EffortlesslyOpulant or @effortlessly-opulent


LordVoldyFarts or @aliciaclvrk

talentedgemx or @talentedgemx

thrace AO3

transientpermanence or @theahhamoment​ ***

Thebaddestwolf AO3 or @hedaswolf

Wariangle AO3 or @wariangle

Amazing, fluffy one-shots and prompts written in second person. Check it out, even if you’re wary of 2nd POV. They’re all so good.


Very prolific author with an entire arsenal of amazing AUs (of all kinds) and Canon fanfictions. All fanfictions are posted on their tumblr blog and can keep you occupied for hours. If you haven’t seen their blog, I highly recommend that you check it out.


Check out their Miscellaneous collection. Full of Canon/AU drabbles and well over 130K worth of content.


Between the Stacks by C_AND_B (COMPLETE)

“Your story, like all greats stories, begins in the library.

Your crush, like all great crushes, begins with her and her friends shouting (or rather, attempting to shout) penis in the library when you’re just trying to study for your exam.”

Lexa just wants to study but Clarke, well, Clarke can be very distracting.

Really cute College AU one-shot where a studious Lexa meets Clarke by yelling in the library. Honestly, everything written by this author is lighthearted and fun, though this may be my favorite. It is in 2nd POV (like all their other works), but it’s very well done.

Break Your Plans by pizzaoctavia or @debnamridley (WIP)

Clexa college!AU: in which Clarke grows tired of hearing Octavia and Lincoln’s escapades in the next room, so Lincoln offers her his apartment for study. He fails to mention his heavily tattooed hockey player roommate in the process.

A College AU with HockeyPlayer!Lexa and Artist!Clarke. It’s soft and hard, sweet and bitter, and enjoyable all around. Also one of the more popular fanfictions on AO3 (for good reason).

Can’t Bear is Without You by @fuscience (COMPLETE)

Clarke works at the mall and has an unlikely savior in the form of it’s mascot - Happy the Bear.


Lexa doesn’t hate her job, but she certainly doesn’t like it. At least, not until the girl from the food court starts giving her free food and drinks.

Cute and lighthearted one-shot featuring protective BearMascot!Lexa and Worker!Clarke. It’s entertaining and definitely worth a read if you haven’t checked it out before.

Eighty Days by @theahhamoment​ (WIP)

It takes two months, two weeks, and five days. Not that she’s counting, of course.

Coffee Shop AU but with lots of soul. It can get pretty heavy and introspective at times, but that’s its charm. There are currently three chapters (out of a planned total of five), and they’re definitely worth the wait.

Fearless by @aliciaclvrk (WIP)

Clarke needs someone to help with gas money. Lexa needs a ride home. They both need a way to escape. Clearly, a road trip across the country is the only solution.

Roadtrip AU by the talented aliciaclvrk (lordvoldyfarts on AO3). It’s one of my favorites and captures the raw essence of wanderlust perfectly. There’s something surprisingly soothing about taking a mental roadtrip with Lexa and Clarke as they escape their problems, give into their inhibitions, and inevitably fall in love. Highly recommended. (And recently updated!)

I Think I’ve Met You Before by kittymannequin (WIP)

You remember some things, but most of all, you remember her. Sometimes you wish you couldn’t, but the colour of her eyes is burned so much into your brain that if you try to blink it away, it makes you dizzy. So you let the thoughts of her consume you, until there’s nothing but blinding light in your mind and then it’s all over, for a little while. And then you hear a familiar voice.

One of many Elyza Lex AUs, but with a Soulmate AU overlay. It’s a personal favorite, and a guilty pleasure. Written in 2nd POV.

Lover in Low Light by @chrmdpoet (WIP)

Five years after their relationship’s end, college sweethearts Lexa and Clarke find themselves in the same city again. Now, they are different people with different lovers and different lives, but neither ever fully let the other go. Will what they once had still be all they are looking for, or is it finally time to truly let go and move on?

Please don’t let the WIP deter you. This is an amazing piece of fanfiction written by the lovely chrmdpoet. There’s so much raw emotion in this piece that will have you crying and rooting for the golden couple through their highs and lows. Highly recommended.

Love Is Blindness (I Don’t Want to See) by @effortlessly-opulent (WIP)

Powerful business executives by day, cutthroat kingpins by night, Lexa Woods and the Blake siblings have been rivals since they inherited their parents’ respective companies. When Clarke Griffin, fostered by the Blakes, has a chance encounter with Lexa, she’s sent to work for her and spy on her. Lexa Woods is no fool. And Clarke shouldn’t be falling in love with the enemy.

This is a 100K+ Gang AU updated Wednesdays/Sundays. It is one of my favorites, has amazing parallels to the show, and a great dynamic between our two female leads. It also isn’t lacking in our lovable grounders and delinquents. I am addicted to this story, and will happily encourage other people to try it out.

Women More Than Warriors by @steklir (WIP)

The first time Clarke sees her, she’s sitting on a throne, presiding over her dominion with a piercing stare and a crown of braids in her hair. Her warriors are spread at her feet, a multitude of them, all long-haired and wild and clad in identical brown regalia. There’s something of the sacred about her, like the crimson cloak draped across her shoulders and her divinity are one and the same.

An intricate BritishBoardingSchool!AU that incorporates many elements from canon into a practical modern setting. Very interesting read (understatement) and highly recommended. 

Origamis by DJayJay (WIP)

Clarke waits for someone to be able to take care of her boy’s injured wrist when Lexa steps in the hospital, bloody and selfless. Things definitly works out better than expected for a night at the hospital.


Clarke is a single mom and Lexa can make a rocket ship out of a piece of paper.

A College / Single Mom / Hospital Visit AU that will leave your teeth rotting from extreme fluff. It’s lighthearted, sweet, funny, and all kinds of adorable. Features Toddler!Aden, Mom!Clarke, and Biker!Lexa. (There might even be some Ranya). It’s currently at 26K words with three out of the four planned chapters uploaded. Basically, it’s almost done, so feel free to pick it up whenever.

Our Hearts (Have Minds of their Own) by @effortlessly-opulent (WIP)

Clarke is NOT going back to another family reunion without a fake girlfriend to shut everyone up. Lexa, her neighbor and friend, needs powerful clients like the Griffins for her up and coming business.

How inconvenient that they accidentally fall head-over-heels for each other in the process.

Another piece by effortlessly-opulent. This is a Fake Dating AU with a hint of Ranya. There aren’t too many chapters at the moment, but it’s already off to a great start. It’s updated every Wednesday. 

The Three Truths by @theahhamoment​ (COMPLETE)

It was always easy, until it wasn’t.

An emotional 68K+ Fake Dating AU, where Lexa agrees to pose as Clarke’s girlfriend while attending a family reunion / memorial. Like other works by transientpermanence, this deals with a bit of angst, and gets pretty serious at some points. Regardless, it is full of charming characters, and will make you laugh, cry, and grin like an idiot. Definitely one of my favorites.

Snow and Seances by @hedaswolf​ (COMPLETE)

“So,” Clarke says, clasping her hands together. “Guess we’re gonna be here for a while. What do you want to do?”

Lexa shrugs and smiles weakly, hoping the terror she’s feeling doesn’t show on her face. Because what she wants to do is run.

What she wants is to be anywhere other than snowed in at a romantic cabin with her probably straight crush.

Another one by the talented hedaswolf (because I can). I’m weak for anything that even has a pinch of Soulmate AU, and this is all the adorbs (It’s actually a SnowCabin / Snowed-In AU). Highly recommended. In fact, just read all of their stuff. P:

The Only One that Makes You Come (Running) by acid_glue234 (WIP)

Lexa stares at Clarke and Clarke stares right back with this look, and somehow they end up in Raven’s room on top of Raven’s bed.


the clexa AU where Clarke asks for more than she bargained for and Lexa doesn’t disappoint

Friends with Benefits AU. It’s another WIP (I’m plagued by them), but if you’re curious, you should still check it out. Warning: There is some angst, but that’s usually what happens when these two saps can’t fathom the other actually liking them.

When Love Becomes Reason by @clarkesquad (WIP)

The one where it’s not a love story, it’s a story of a girl who needs a plus one for her brother’s wedding (and a girl who needs to be at that wedding).

Spoilers: It’s a love story. It’s always a love story.

Another Fake Dating AU by the lovely clarkesquad. I will be honest, it has been a while since I read this gem, but it is good. Updates are infrequent, though that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. If it isn’t your cup of tea, I still recommend checking out her other works.

Write Your Name (Across my Heart) by @hedaswolf​ (WIP*)

“Don’t worry, Princess,“ Raven says. “She hasn’t taken her break, yet.”

Clarke works in the cafe of her local bookstore and she’s kinda crushing on one of the girls who works on the floor. The only trouble is she doesn’t know her name.

Originally a two-shot and by popular demand, expanded to a WIP. Adorable Bookshop/Coffeeshop AU that I can’t gush about enough. Both girls are such saps, and you’ll be grinning like an idiot. Highly recommended. 

Canon AU

These are divergent (but still exists) in The 100 universe. I know you prefer AU, but I’ll list them here in case you’re curious.

High as a Kite by @fuscience (COMPLETE)

Lexa gets injured and doesn’t react very well to the medication. Raven stands as witness to it all and Clarke just gets to deal with it.

Lexa is lucky Clarke loves her. Truly.

A HeavilyMedicated!Lexa canon AU, but with substance. It’s told from the POV of Raven, and although the prompt is humorous, it does maintain a semblance of seriousness that is The 100 ‘verse. Lexa isn’t completely dopey, and Raven, with legitimate reason, is short of being fully sympathetic.

I Can Feel You by Tangledinprose (COMPLETE)

She’s shaky and weary and happy. And in pain from how much she feels. From how much she can feel. She closes her eyes again, focuses on the buzz against her ear.

‘Klark. Klark. Klark.’

She chokes, fear and want and impossible pressed against her lips. Tears escapes her eyes and she gasps.


That one-shot where Clarke is chosen to be the new Heda and is inherently connected to Lexa. You’ll feel for them both, and hopefully, obtain some closure. This actually makes Lexa’s death (a little) easier to swallow. 

Lightning Only Strikes Once by fiona_249 (WIP)

Consumed by grief, Clarke climbs Lexa’s tower, not really thinking through what she plans to do. But any plans get taken away when she’s struck by lightning, mysteriously transporting her back to before any of it happens.

Back in her cell on the Ark, Clarke remembers exactly what went wrong - and mysteriously, so does Lexa among her people on the ground. Between the two of them, can they get back to each other? Can they find a way to save both of their people and themselves? Or is the hatred surrounding them too strong?

This is my go-to fix it fic for the 307 debacle. It is a well written, Time Travel AU that respects the characters and the pure relationship between Clarke and Lexa. Also, people are alive! Updates come rather frequently, and though the chapters are relatively short, it is already 50K+ in length. Bonus: The Chapter titles are gold. 

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by @chrmdpoet (COMPLETE)

Clarke is only three days into being a runaway when she realizes that she did not fully think this through. When she walked away from Camp Jaha, she took only herself, a handgun with limited ammunition, and the gnawing guilt inside her. Three days without food, water, fresh clothing, or bedding of any kind, however, and she is painfully aware of how foolish that decision had been.

This is the Canon AU, and what I usually read to push away the awfulness of the current season. No clexa masterpost fic rec is complete without this in its list. Definitely my favorite Season 3 AU period. Also the author of Lover in Low Light.

The Other Shore by precooked (COMPLETE)

Death is not the end.


Lexa dies. Clarke dies, too, and she wakes up.

A closure fix-it fic for the 307 debacle ending in another ‘verse. It left me feeling at peace, and I would recommend others to read this as well. (Think Lost).

The White Queen Running by KL_Morgan (WIP)

Clarke wakes up wearing the tattoos of the Ice Nation.

A canon divergence heavily colored by parallel words, soulmates, and IceQueen!Clarke. Interesting is an understatement. Very well written and personally recommended.

Gosh. This is a long list. It took much longer that I thought it would, but I wanted to be thorough. This is by no means complete, but suffice to say, there are many talented fanfiction authors in this fandom (shoutout to all that I tagged here). P: I hope this helps you out! (I might shamelessly use this for myself as a reference. Who knows, there may be updates.)