hockey player art

…let’s talk about the barter/currency system in the haus/hockey team/Samwell

How much is a slice of Bitty’s pie worth to hockey players who doesn’t live in the haus? (don’t have constant 24/7 access to baked goods)

And then how much is it worth to friends of the hockey players? (looking at your art students, Lardo has a black market of baked goods among that department)

And then how much is it worth to the faculty who don’t teach Bitty?

And how much to Falconers?

I mean, imagine the power of choosing which one of your friends will get a slice of pie and what you’ll ask in return! The power!

So yeah, there is a complex barter system in place for baked goods and at least one student is trying to write a social study about it.

I tried to come up with an action shot of Hockey. Usually, I find that kind of image to be really tricky to achieve. It often turns out cheasy or something seen too much. This work helped me find a way to bring some intensity with the addition of some particles (triangles in this case). How do you like it?