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i want to be very clear: the NHLPA could release a video of sidney crosby saying “fuck usa hockey you sexists pieces of shit” and it still wouldn’t be as brave as women who never thought they’d ever get a chance to play hockey at a pro/semi-pro level let alone representing their team at a major tournament, saying no to USA Hockey because they know how important what they’re fighting for is. the women acting here will always be better and braver than the men supporting them (not that supporting them is BAD just…men tend to get more praise for being supportive than women do for doing the hardwork).

A Discussion About Benson the Unsung Rock Star

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Benson is a jaded, tired soul that just can’t seem to catch a break in life. Just the right medley of unfortunate circumstances, both self-started and outside of his control, hit Benson as a young man. It starts with him announcing to his skeptic, critical father, “I’m gonna be a drummer!” Not only did he build up the necessary skills, he went above and beyond to the point he’s responsible for Hair to the Throne’s legendary drum solo. And, in turn, their fame, fortune, status, and success. This gave him incredible power over the band’s potential future success and prosperity. Whether Benson stayed with the band or not could very well be their death sentence. And, considering how ambitious Benson can become, there was a high likelihood of his splitting off and going solo.

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Because of this fear, Hair to the Throne replaced Benson with the Drumotron VI-a machine that could easily emulate his drumming prowes-and cut him off at every conceivable turn. Considering that they trashed his drum kit to prevent him from performing in “150 Piece Kit,” they might have spread rumors to high-level execs, gossip magazines, recruiters; anybody who had an ounce of influence or pull in the music industry. They may very well be the sole reason Benson never became the revered drummer he always hoped and dreamed he’d become in his youth.

The consequences took a huge toll on Benson’s self-confidence and esteem if not how he interacts with others. Because of how badly he was backstabbed and burned by Hair to the Throne, it probably installed the idea of “I’m better off alone”, a certain wariness in approaching others, and trust issues. Hence Benson’s grumpy, no-nonsense demeanor. Though, once someone proves themselves and establishes a friendly rapport with Benson, he’s a much more friendly, approachable fellow. But, again, a person has to prove themselves first. In the episode “Blind Trust,” Benson has good reason to distrust Mordecai and Rigby with work due to how often they sneak away from chores, make excuses, and slack off. Here, though, Benson is micromanaging and nitpicking to a ridiculous degree: He’s belittling their intelligence and treating them like incompetent children; not even giving them the chance to actually act on his critique or fend for themselves. Part of Benson’s motivations for this are mired in provable rationale. The other part stems from sheer frustration, if not Benson’s control freak tendencies. He’s ferociously independent and self-sufficient; and operates by the modus operandi of ‘my way or the highway’ under more severe, stressful situations. 

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Another consequence was his slowly giving up on grandiose dreams of fame and fortune. But, of course, Benson isn’t satisfied with staying stagnant. His ambition is both one of his greatest strengths and crippling weaknesses. One of his first resorts was staving off misery and disappointment by picking up stick hockey as an exhilarating new hobby. Similar to what heights his dedication to drumming led him to, Benson’s new obsession led to his developing and honing his skills in this frivolous game. He started competing to the point he became the desired opponent and mentor, Death Dragon. Though, Benson quit cold turkey after seeing his student killed in a to-the-death match with the deadly, intimidating Chong. 

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In the episode “Stick Hockey,” Benson reflects upon this part of his life with a mixture of regret, remorse, and resentment. If not intense grief. He resents himself for getting so obsessed and absorbed in a hobby, so much to the point he ignores instincts, caution, and common sense. His student’s death probably weighs on his mind every so often. Note how harshly he portrays his younger self and his hobby; how bitter he gets every time Mordecai and Rigby try to broach the subject. It’s a similar demeanor to what he adopts when chastising Mordo and Rigs to get back to work. It’s not just his being a control freak; Benson sees himself in these two. And, unfortunately, he sees the trait he hates most about himself amplified in how they behave and conduct themselves. The slacking off, cart tricks, last minute procrastinator ass-pulls, and heinous hijinks; they’re on par with Benson’s brash, reckless tendencies and obsessiveness. 

Despite his best efforts, Benson will get so immersed in something, he ignores his instincts and potential consequences until things reach their breaking point. When Mordecai and Rigby introduced him to their slacker lifestyle, Benson quit his job so that he could slack off full time. He’ll eat one too many hot wings despite their negative effects on his judgment. And, he’s gotten so caught up in watching internet cat videos he started missing work, neglecting hygiene, and tending to his real pet cat. Benson does care about Mordecai and Rigby; he even shouted “I love you guys!” in “Blind Trust.” If anything, he’s harder on them because he doesn’t want them to end up in a “dead-end job” like he has. He knows how difficult it is to reign in and conquer bad habits. Maybe if Mordecai and Rigby break these tendencies sooner than he did, they’ll fare better later in life. At least, that’s Benson’s hope. 

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In a nutshell, older Benson is a strict, by-the-books fellow. Safety is key to him, if not a basic tenet of life and conduct. Not only that, but Benson places his sense of responsibility and duty above everything else. Routine is a clearly marked road map. Self-discipline keeps his crazier urges and unnecessary risks in check. Yet, the tighter a leash he puts on himself, the more angry, miserable, and dissatisfied he seems. At his core, Benson loves a challenge and adrenaline rush. No matter what how much he’s been put down or challenged, Benson has an insatiable appetite for bigger, better, and more. 

Most of the time he can channel this into his work; scrutinizing every little detail, poring over paperwork, whatever needs to get done. This boils down to his current goal of being recognized and renowned for his efforts as park manager. Awards and recognition are physical, tangible effects of his hard work; validation for his gasping, defeated ego. In some respects, his getting snubbed for awards like the Parkie feel like a personal blow to his self-esteem because of how much value and merit he pours into his job. This is further reflected in his attempts to placate or appeal to his current rival Gene because of a certain title, pull, or status bump Gene holds. While Benson wants to one-up Gene, he places higher importance on status and titles. He feels defeated. He calls his position “all that I have.” It’s his obsession, his answer to what he considers his purpose in life, and the only position he can see himself in.

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Most of his character arc comes across as a tug of war between his insatiable ambition and his personal happiness. In some respects, Benson is caught in a mid-life crisis. There’s always some little thing that can cut a chink into his armor and drive him to do something brash and reckless. Yet, there’s points where he comes close to self-actualization and inner peace. Points where he reminds himself why he really enjoys his job and sticks around. For example, at the end of “150 Piece Kit,” he walks away from Hair to the Throne’s offer to make him a rock star. After what hell they put him through, of course he’d turn them down. But the bigger point is that his friends and co-workers stepped up and helped him out in a dire moment of need. Mordecai and Rigby stood up for him when Hair to the Throne teased and belittled him. Skips, Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost, and co. fought off Hair to the Throne and security detail as they tried to prevent him from performing. In short, Benson sees the park employees as his friends and extended family; he’s encouraged, appreciated, and openly accepted by them. No matter what he says or what happens. 

One of the best episodes showcasing how key the dynamic between Benson and his eccentric, rag-tag crew of park employees is “The Parkie Awards.” When Benson gets upset about not receiving a Parkie, everyone chips in effort to try and cheer him up and make him feel appreciated. It’s the very end of the episode that hammers in how truly appreciated Benson is: They set up a more humble equivalent to the Parkies. Everyone is gathered in their usual spots on the front steps of the old house, waiting with anticipatory smiles. Benson is presented with a crude, but lovingly crafted recreation of the Parkie award and encouraged to give the speech he’s been dying to deliver. When he finally places his Parkie on his desk, it’s an epiphany moment. Benson’s role as park manager may not be glamorous, but it’s a humble, important one. Where else could he find anything close to the team he’s gathered and the friendships he’s made at the park?

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i just…..can’t stop thinkign abt this post……

specifically this

bc like. can u just imAGINE bitty at faber and he, for whatever reason, didn’t join the hockey team so he doesn’t know jack (and he just still practices skating bc it’s a skill he doesn’t want to lose and it’s so natural to him at this point anyway)

and let’s say it’s bitty’s junior year so jack has graduated at this point and started playing for the falconers and is getting a lot of media attention so it’s even funnier that bitty doesn’t recognize him

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samwell yik yak during “Shinny”

(link to Shinny - it’s the episode where the hockey team goes skating at the Pond. this is also based on that samwell yik yak post)

omg the pond is frozen over!!! looks beautiful!! <333333 (3 upvotes)
- I know right!! I’m from California so I never get to see this!!!!!

UGH, the loudass hockey team is practicing at the Pond. Are you kidding me?! (-1 upvotes)
- seriously?!??! me and my boyfriend were gonna go have a nice picnic out there 😒
- idk, the hockey teams hot af…. imma be on the lookout for some fine piece of hockey ass 😜😜😜😜 (6 upvotes)
- also @ last replier we’re single and ready to mingle if ur down ;))))))

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GTKY: Get To Know You

I have done these in my other fandoms and they turned into quite the success, so let’s try it out here!

On Wednesday, October 12 we will get to know our fellow fandom members!

On that day, go ahead and fill out the following survey (if any of the questions make you uncomfortable, feel free to leave them off and you def don’t have to post a selfie if you don’t want to). Anyone in the hockey fandom or interested in joining the fandom is welcome to participate and it is a great way to meet new people!

Here are the topics for this GTKY!

  • Name
  • Selfie
  • Location
  • Age
  • Favorite Team(s)
  • Favorite Player(s)
  • Trade That Crushed Your Soul
  • Favorite Hockey Moment
  • Have You Been To An NHL Game? If so, who/where?
  • Do you follow leagues other than the NHL?
  • What got you into hockey?
  • Do you play?
  • If you could only meet one player ever, who would it be?
  • Favorite piece of hockey memorabilia
  • If you had a day with the cup, what would you do?
  • Fandoms outside of hockey?
  • Other social media accounts? 

Again, all questions are optional!

On October 12th post your answers with the hashtag ‘Hockey GTKY’

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For Christmas Bitty bought Ransom and Holster shirts that say Sun’s out guns out. Or crop tops like that fan art going around! 

For Bitty’s birthday the boys buy him booty shorts that say Sun’s out buns out.  

Jack chokes on his own spit when he sees Bits wearing them for the first rime. Rest in Pieces Hockey Robot<3