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i want to be very clear: the NHLPA could release a video of sidney crosby saying “fuck usa hockey you sexists pieces of shit” and it still wouldn’t be as brave as women who never thought they’d ever get a chance to play hockey at a pro/semi-pro level let alone representing their team at a major tournament, saying no to USA Hockey because they know how important what they’re fighting for is. the women acting here will always be better and braver than the men supporting them (not that supporting them is BAD just…men tend to get more praise for being supportive than women do for doing the hardwork).

i drew my favorite raccoon boy. im also lying to myself if i dont say i did it for @connrcarricks.

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Salty Single Tater who gets into a scrum with Kent Parson and as they're skating away, Kent asks, "What's your problem, Mashkov?" and Tater just kinda grumbles, "grr you are my type BUT PLAY HOCKEY LIKE FUCKING PIECE OF TRASH BASTARD." And then yada yada yada enemies to lovers to wholesome mushy couple trope and everything is good in the world

honestly if i had more motivation and energy i’d write patater because this is pretty gold

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your therapist got you reading hockey rpf? did I read that right?? I am just dying to know how that conversation went

FOR THE LIFE OF ME i can’t remember how the conversation started, but yes. my therapist is the reason i have been sucked into hockey rpf.  she’s a canucks fan and went on this long speech about ryan kesler’s secret boyfriend who followed him to the ducks, and then i opened up my ao3 and started reading her pairings–to which she was like “oh yeah, i can see that, yeah, yeah, definitely a thing”–and story summaries. then she started her own ao3 account and i started reading to compile recs and last week we spent half of our session talking about how we can’t wait for amateurs balexander bovechkin and didney scrosby to show up with big mustaches to the olympics after the recent NHL ruling.

anyway, this is all i want for christmas because i’m officially a hockey piece of shit. 

  • Word Count: 1,391
  • Characters: 2p Canada x Overweight Reader
  • Theme: Feederism, Feeder, Stuffing

You sighed as you laid on the large bed covered in furs and other warm material, taking a moment to enjoy your lazy day. That peaceful moment didn’t last long under your stomach began to growl, it sounded as if you haven’t eaten in days! Which, of course, was completely false. You just had a large snack not too long ago, and now you were craving more!

You sat up from your comfortable position on the bed and swung your feet to the cold hard wood floors of the cabin you have been living in. As of a couple months ago, your boyfriend of one year has asked you to move in with him. You agreed and ever since you both have been seeing each other more often. Your boyfriend, Mathieu, worked as a park ranger and he was often gone from early in the morning until late in the evening.

You would have a job but Mathieu insisted on you staying home to clean and so he knows where you are at all times. It took some time getting used to, but you began to enjoy that idea.

You didn’t mind much, since this often left you to your own devices and could snack whenever he wasn’t around. Although you loved your boyfriend dearly, you have always been shy eating around him. He often insisted you finish your plate, but by trying to be polite you always insisted you were full.

As you walked down the familiar halls into the large kitchen, your stomach growled louder with each step. Your chubby body swayed and giggled with each step while you made your way to the refrigerator. When you first met Mathieu you were a size 13 but now you are a size 23! This often depressed you, but Mathieu insisted he loved the weight and it also helped with the harsh winter weather approaching.

Putting your thoughts aside, you opened the refrigerator door to be greeted with piles of food. Your eyes scanned over the shelves of food stacked upon each other. One benefit you did admit from living in the woods away from civilization was when Mathieu brought home various foods he had hunted during the day. Your fridge was stocked with all kinds of meat! You had deer, elk, any and every meat you could think of!

You began to scoop your hands in to grab the various meat along with left over fast food. You walked your way to the couch to set down your buffet before turning on the TV to watch hockey. You brought a piece of meat to your mouth and told yourself before you would pace yourself since Mathieu would be home soon with dinner.

Every once in awhile you glanced at the clock to see when Mathieu would be home as you watched the game. You continued your snacking and game watching until you heard the front door unlock. With excitement you ran to the door as fast as you could, which was not very fast.

When he walked through the door he was greeted with a mass clinging onto his body, which he immediately smirked knowing who it was form the get go. He chuckled before gathering your form into his strong arms and carrying you back to the couch where he sat you on his lap, not before taking note of the empty plates laid on the coffee table that was previously stacked with meat from your snack.

“How was your day, maple leaf?” he asked, as he trailed gentle kisses on your chubby cheeks and neck. His scruff chin hair tickled, earning a couple of soft giggles escaping your plump lips before replying, “It was good! Kuma and I made lunch together and then took a nap before watching the game waiting for you!”.

He hummed as response and laid you gently on the spot next to him before disappearing, when he came back he held a large sack up, “I brought dinner. I’ll get started while you watch TV” he said. You replied an okay before resuming watching the hockey game.

After awhile, your boyfriend came back with large pancaked stacked on top of a plate, in the other a plate of crisp bacon. You hungrily looked at the food offered and jumped slightly in excitement, earning another chuckle from Mathieu. He sat the plate before you as he cut the pancakes up into small pieces.

He took a fork full of pancakes and maple syrup and brought it to your lips, which you happily obliged and welcomed the fluffy homemade meal. As he brought up the flavorful food, the sweet syrup would gather at the corners of your mouth and drip down to your chin. This caused Mathieu to grin at this, while his pants grew tighter from the sight.

Soon, he wanted to see more of you. He began to stuff the pancakes in your mouth, without giving you time to chew and swallow. Pretty soon your cheeks puffed out as they were stuffed with the pancakes. Mathieu loved seeing you like this, your cheeks so full that it made you look like an adorable chipmunk in some way

After you swallowed the food followed by words of praises form your masculine boyfriend, he decided it was now time to move onto the meat portion of the food fest. He took one strip of crispy bacon, grabbing your chin to pull down before shoveling the food into your mouth for you. Although you were capable of feeding yourself, your boyfriend often insisted he loved doing this for you.

Which was true, Mathieu loved feeding you all kinds of food, especially home made pancakes. He says you often resemble something like royalty when being fed by hand, which he says you are like a Queen to him. He wanted you to be well fed to keep your curvaceous form!

You almost moaned at the savoring taste of the juicy bacon, taking your time to appreciate the flavor before swallowing and opening your mouth to receive more of the wonderful food. After the pile of bacon disappeared, he rubbed your stomach to admire the plushness and the way it pushed out form the stuffing moments ago.

“Maple leaf, are you ready for dessert?” Mathieu asked as his rough hands groped on your rolls and stomach. You looked at him shocked, how could he offer to feed you more after than stuffing? After a moment of thought, you decided you wanted to test your boundaries and try for dessert this time.

Of course before you could reply your stomach growled in response for you, causing you to blush deeply. There is always room for dessert, right? Your boyfriend chuckled at the response before gathering the empty plates and disappearing into the kitchen.

When he came back, you looked into the containers your Canadian boyfriend was holding. He had brought an entire tub of (favorite icecream) with one large spoon. You looked at this questionably, “Aren’t you going to eat any, Mattie?” you asked innocently.

He only responded with a laugh, “This is for you, my maple leaf” before he took the lid off the tub and dug the spoon into the tub filled with ice cream. He then brought the large spoon full of ice cream to your lips, ready for you to accept. As you swallowed the cold dairy treat, you felt your stomach become cold from the treat.

Spoonful after another, Mathieu continued to feed you the cold dairy. Every one in awhile he would alternate from heavy whipping and ice cream until the entire tub was gone.

Once you finished the ice cream you laid back on the couch and groaned from the stuffing, never have Mathieu stuffed you this much before! As you rubbed your round stomach, Matt looked at you with lust clouded in his violet eyes. He clearly enjoyed stuffing you silly, and if he could he would stuff you more. Of course, you would need to get used to eating larger amounts of food before he did that.

His large hands grabbed your side rolls, “I am going to stuff you so full, you won’t be able to move” he growled before carrying you back to the bedroom, where he will be praising and worshiping your body from the previous stuffing session.


05.06.17 John Zorn led a stellar ensemble in a stunning performance of his legendary game piece Cobra at Roulette with  Eyal MaozTaylor Levine and Matt Hollenberg on guitar, Ikue Mori on laptop, Sylvie Courvoisier on piano, Michael Nicolas on cello, Brian Marsella on organ, Trevor Dunn on contrabass, Simon Hanes on electric bass, Ches Smith on vibraphone and timpani, and Tim Keiper, Kenny Grohowski and Jim Black on drums. The show began with a short version of another of Zorn’s game piece, Hockey, with Zorn himself on game calls Michael Nicolas on cello and Aaron Edgcomb on percussion.

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Requested: Shawn and Aaliyah being cute siblings / Y/n and Shawn are babysitting Aaliyah with the prompts “Where’s the first aid kit?” + “stop worrying so much”

a/n: so I kinda assumed the first one included y/n bc just writing about aaliyah and shawn would be a little odd…but anyway, I’m the biggest sibling stan with shawn and Aaliyah bc they are just so gosh darn cute together ugh

Your name: submit What is this?

According to you, spending anytime you could with Shawn was time well spent.  He was always busy jetting off from one country to the next, so spending any time with him was a real treat.  Whenever he was home for a period of time, you always spent it at his house.  Just because you were his girlfriend and don’t live with him, doesn’t mean that his family see him more than you.

           So to ease the stress of making sure he sees everyone he wants to while on a break, you make the ten-minute drive to his house whenever you could.  The day was nearing to an end, and you had spent the whole day at the Mendes residence. Normally, you wouldn’t want to overextend your stay, but Shawn’s parents were always happy to have you around and they were also going out with some friends that night.

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*Matoro came from a far away island, according to him his village used to part take in the annual Hammer Flush tournaments back in the day, and after hearing the defeat of Makuta and his minions he was sent. His appearance at first sight caused unrest among people of Okoto. His skeletal arm and green glow unwantingly reminded us of Kulta and his fellow skeletal friends. Though he assured us he has never heard of Kulta, his story to explain the arm didn’t make us feel any better. Matoro is something that on his island call a ‘spirit touched’ able to see both the world of the living and the dead. He can talk to those who has long passed away, even able to step out of his body to traverse the spirit realm but such ability comes at a price. The more he uses it the more his body decays and in the end forever will he be part of the world of the dead.*

Well, this one has been on hiatus for far too long, not to mention it was supposed to have ribs on the decaying side, but that didn’t work out in the end, same with the chest, it was supposed to be with the hockey chest piece but that just didn’t work out with the CCBS torso shell. All in all I’m very satisfied with the out come, the torso’s build got pretty good in my opinion, so many small parts merged into one big component. This MOC is mostly made out of left overs from the Makuta combiner and the parts of the BZP raffle Jango Fett I won way back (along with another Hero Pack) among other things.

i just…..can’t stop thinkign abt this post……

specifically this

bc like. can u just imAGINE bitty at faber and he, for whatever reason, didn’t join the hockey team so he doesn’t know jack (and he just still practices skating bc it’s a skill he doesn’t want to lose and it’s so natural to him at this point anyway)

and let’s say it’s bitty’s junior year so jack has graduated at this point and started playing for the falconers and is getting a lot of media attention so it’s even funnier that bitty doesn’t recognize him

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Hey, guys. Sorry, forgot to share this earlier. My good friends are hosting a little video premier at our shop tomorrow for the new hockey piece. If you’re a fucking poser idiot pussy hypebeast then def pull up. You’ll get to meet some of your faves, and maybe even get some new twitter followers. wow. link up.