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i want to be very clear: the NHLPA could release a video of sidney crosby saying “fuck usa hockey you sexists pieces of shit” and it still wouldn’t be as brave as women who never thought they’d ever get a chance to play hockey at a pro/semi-pro level let alone representing their team at a major tournament, saying no to USA Hockey because they know how important what they’re fighting for is. the women acting here will always be better and braver than the men supporting them (not that supporting them is BAD just…men tend to get more praise for being supportive than women do for doing the hardwork).

i drew my favorite raccoon boy. im also lying to myself if i dont say i did it for @connrcarricks.

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Salty Single Tater who gets into a scrum with Kent Parson and as they're skating away, Kent asks, "What's your problem, Mashkov?" and Tater just kinda grumbles, "grr you are my type BUT PLAY HOCKEY LIKE FUCKING PIECE OF TRASH BASTARD." And then yada yada yada enemies to lovers to wholesome mushy couple trope and everything is good in the world

honestly if i had more motivation and energy i’d write patater because this is pretty gold


05.06.17 John Zorn led a stellar ensemble in a stunning performance of his legendary game piece Cobra at Roulette with  Eyal MaozTaylor Levine and Matt Hollenberg on guitar, Ikue Mori on laptop, Sylvie Courvoisier on piano, Michael Nicolas on cello, Brian Marsella on organ, Trevor Dunn on contrabass, Simon Hanes on electric bass, Ches Smith on vibraphone and timpani, and Tim Keiper, Kenny Grohowski and Jim Black on drums. The show began with a short version of another of Zorn’s game piece, Hockey, with Zorn himself on game calls Michael Nicolas on cello and Aaron Edgcomb on percussion.


*Matoro came from a far away island, according to him his village used to part take in the annual Hammer Flush tournaments back in the day, and after hearing the defeat of Makuta and his minions he was sent. His appearance at first sight caused unrest among people of Okoto. His skeletal arm and green glow unwantingly reminded us of Kulta and his fellow skeletal friends. Though he assured us he has never heard of Kulta, his story to explain the arm didn’t make us feel any better. Matoro is something that on his island call a ‘spirit touched’ able to see both the world of the living and the dead. He can talk to those who has long passed away, even able to step out of his body to traverse the spirit realm but such ability comes at a price. The more he uses it the more his body decays and in the end forever will he be part of the world of the dead.*

Well, this one has been on hiatus for far too long, not to mention it was supposed to have ribs on the decaying side, but that didn’t work out in the end, same with the chest, it was supposed to be with the hockey chest piece but that just didn’t work out with the CCBS torso shell. All in all I’m very satisfied with the out come, the torso’s build got pretty good in my opinion, so many small parts merged into one big component. This MOC is mostly made out of left overs from the Makuta combiner and the parts of the BZP raffle Jango Fett I won way back (along with another Hero Pack) among other things.

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Requested: Shawn and Aaliyah being cute siblings / Y/n and Shawn are babysitting Aaliyah with the prompts “Where’s the first aid kit?” + “stop worrying so much”

a/n: so I kinda assumed the first one included y/n bc just writing about aaliyah and shawn would be a little odd…but anyway, I’m the biggest sibling stan with shawn and Aaliyah bc they are just so gosh darn cute together ugh

Your name: submit What is this?

According to you, spending anytime you could with Shawn was time well spent.  He was always busy jetting off from one country to the next, so spending any time with him was a real treat.  Whenever he was home for a period of time, you always spent it at his house.  Just because you were his girlfriend and don’t live with him, doesn’t mean that his family see him more than you.

           So to ease the stress of making sure he sees everyone he wants to while on a break, you make the ten-minute drive to his house whenever you could.  The day was nearing to an end, and you had spent the whole day at the Mendes residence. Normally, you wouldn’t want to overextend your stay, but Shawn’s parents were always happy to have you around and they were also going out with some friends that night.

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i just…..can’t stop thinkign abt this post……

specifically this

bc like. can u just imAGINE bitty at faber and he, for whatever reason, didn’t join the hockey team so he doesn’t know jack (and he just still practices skating bc it’s a skill he doesn’t want to lose and it’s so natural to him at this point anyway)

and let’s say it’s bitty’s junior year so jack has graduated at this point and started playing for the falconers and is getting a lot of media attention so it’s even funnier that bitty doesn’t recognize him

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samwell yik yak during “Shinny”

(link to Shinny - it’s the episode where the hockey team goes skating at the Pond. this is also based on that samwell yik yak post)

omg the pond is frozen over!!! looks beautiful!! <333333 (3 upvotes)
- I know right!! I’m from California so I never get to see this!!!!!

UGH, the loudass hockey team is practicing at the Pond. Are you kidding me?! (-1 upvotes)
- seriously?!??! me and my boyfriend were gonna go have a nice picnic out there 😒
- idk, the hockey teams hot af…. imma be on the lookout for some fine piece of hockey ass 😜😜😜😜 (6 upvotes)
- also @ last replier we’re single and ready to mingle if ur down ;))))))

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What hockey means to me

Tonight was one of the worst nights I’ve had in a long time. I had to have a discussion that was so triggering for me and so anxiety producing that my brain literally attempted to shut itself off. I dissociated for over an hour. There is nothing more exhausting that trying to convince your body to stay connected to your brain. I can’t explain it, but it literally felt as if the inner me and the outer me weren’t in line, and trying to reconnect them is the hardest thing. There were three moments during that fugue in which I felt my mind come back: when I got a leg cramp and was physically reminded I was in my body, when my friend gently touched me on the leg, and when one of my friends started (in the conversation) to mention hockey and hockey players. When those names were said, I felt myself pull back into my body. As I type this right now, I am coming back to myself because I am listening to the sound of the Stars game; of skates scraping ice, of passes and line changes, of the crowd’s cheers and hard hits.

My love for hockey is more than a shallow and surface level thing; hockey is literally my safe space. Hockey is what I can turn to when everything else is too hard. A game is a distraction; it is sixty minutes of action and fire and passion and, at the end of the day, fun. Hockey gives me something bigger than myself to root for; every game is a new opportunity and with it comes new hope.  When I can’t root for myself I can always root for my team. Hockey is numbers and stats and chemistry and things that are able to be counted and tallied. Numbers don’t bullshit; numbers are numbers and they are solid. When all else fails, stats and numbers can be counted on. They are an anchor. Hockey also makes me feel like I am not alone. At any moment of the day, seeing a piece of hockey gear connects me with other people. Even in my most depressed and secluded days, knowing that at least 20 guys are wearing the same logo I am is comforting; knowing that behind them are thousands of other people who share that passion keeps me from being disconnected entirely. No matter what, I have those people and that community.

So yes, I love the players. I love their dorky interviews and crooked smiles and how dumb they act and sweaty post game interviews. I love the silliness of All Star weekend and twitter relationships between teams, and making fun of Pierre McGuire. I love stupid gifs and seeing Karlsson blog and GoPro videos and goal horns. I love chirping my rivals and smelling that fresh ice and holiday sweaters, the phrase “s’cute” and ice bucket challenges. I love the thrill of overtime, the dekes in a shoot out, magical glove saves, and dropping the gloves. I love game winning goals, and seeing your country don those national team sweaters, and Miracles. At the end of the day, I love hockey, and I love it because of what it has done for me. Hockey is more than a game; hockey is something that makes me, me.