hockey personified

  • Friend: hey, so what's new with you?
  • Me: *Jack kissed Bitty. Bitty kissed Jack. My ship is canon and what a time to be alive. I can't stop thinking of how confused and happy Bitty must be right now, and how Jack is probably freaking out and trying to figure out exactly what he's going to be texting Bitty. But it'll be ok because Jack is going to go to Georgia and spend time with Bitty and they'll be boyfriends and adorable and perfect. Then there's two more years of Bitty at Samwell to go through, two years of the adventures of this tiny ex-figure skating, hockey playing, baking, sunshine personified, wonderful boy and his Canadian robot, professional hockey player, history buff, boyfriend and I'm so excited for the possibilities. It feels like a new dawn, the world is smiling at me, I'm full of hope and basically this stupid comic has taken over my life and I have no regrets.*
  • Me: Not much...