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A soft prompt: patater having a quiet moment together after an aces v. falconers game just enjoying being together

“I’m dying.”

“You not dying, Kenny.  Just bruised.”

Kent rolls his eyes and huffs and shuffles over against Alexei in the warm hotel room.  No one believes him when he says Vegas gets cold in the winter, but it does.  And it’s worse because Alexei likes to leave the AC on and the window cracked.  They’re tucked up on the bed, and Cupcake Wars is on in the background–Kent was asked to do the show if the Aces win the cup, and he’s secretly hoping he gets the chance.

Shoving his toes under Alexei’s calf, he shuffles.  He is bruised.  He took a nasty check into the boards, and it was by miracle and hockey pads nothing was cracked.  But he’s aching and tired, but too keyed up to sleep.

Alexei’s holding him though, half in his lap, between the V of his legs.  His nose is resting in Kent’s freshly washed hair, one hand gripping the top of Kent’s thigh, the other holding his hip in a loose but possessive grip.

“God what the fuck, is she putting tarragon in her frosting?  That’s gonna be all crunchy and shit.”

“It taste good, you watch,” Alexei argues.

Kent huffs.  “Oh like you know.”

“I’m spend more time with Bitty, learn things.  Become expert baker.”

“I bet I can kick your ass in the kitchen.”

Alexei grips Kent by the chin and turns his face.  He kisses him, two pecks on each corner of his mouth, a slow, drawn out kiss with tongue after.  Kent’s breathing heavy and blushing when Alexei finally pulls away.  “Is challenge?”

“Maybe,” Kent says, but he can’t remember what the challenge is with Alexei looking at him like that.  He stares.  He blinks slowly.  “Hey, Alyosha?”

“Hmm?”  Alexei’s eyes have already flickered back to the tv, but Kent doesn’t care.

“I uh.  I love you.”  It’s not the first time they’ve said it, but Kent doesn’t say it often, and usually not sober.  So the weight of it hits Alexei and his face turns down, slow and with purpose.  Kent swallows, his blush growing.  “Um.  Yeah.  I just…I do.”

Alexei’s smile is warm and gentle, and he cups Kent’s cheek, stroking over his freckles with his thumb.  “I’m know this.  You not need to tell me but…like to hear it.  Is nice.”  He brushes their noses together.  “I love you too.”

Kent smiles, then turns back to the TV in the warm circle of Alexei’s arms.  “The judges are gonna hate it,” Kent says.

Alexei laughs, but this time he doesn’t argue.

My very silly, Canadian stereotype OC that I use for literally nothing but laughing at.

He’s the Canadian Yukon Batman, and he aptly lives in the Canadian Yukon. He’s an avid player of all Canadian winter sports, so he has several uniforms: one for curling, one for the luge, one for skiing, etc., but he’s usually seen in hockey pads.  He wears red and white and the bat emblem on his uniform suspiciously resembles a maple leaf.  His cape is the Canadian flag, and he’s usually clad either in snowshoes or crampons.  He’s three inches shorter than the average Canadian man but he’s in very good shape from all the winter sports.  He lives in an igloo near the Alaskan border and sustains himself through ice fishing. When he’s not doing sports, ice fishing, or being Batman, he likes to chat with the Alaskan border control, on both the American and the Canadian sides.

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Who Wants to Talk about Chubby Jack and Too Skinny Kent?

When Kent Parson falls in love with Jack Zimmermann, he is still soft. Baby faced, heavy set. He’s strong underneath, but nobody seems to care. He likes being on the ice because the hockey pads hide it. On the rink, everyone else looks as big as he feels. Except Kenny. There’s not enough padding in the world to make Kent ‘100 pounds soaking wet’ Parson look soft. Instead he just looks goofy, like there isn’t enough surface area on his body for all the pads that he needs. 

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how tf did jaune's family get to mistral? do you think that implies tha jaunes fam was banished at some point

now even if jaune’s ancestor isn’t the king which i firmly believe, for jaune’s ancestor to be a hero he must’ve been on the vale/vacuo side, probably most likely vale. so that’s actually an interesting point- why did jaune’s family move to mistral? some disgrace jaune hasn’t been told about? maybe at some point a son was disowned and moved away?

actually, it might be incredibly likely, since we have had hints jaune’s family might be poor or worse off. they definitely aren’t rich, because if we’re to believe jaune that his parents let him go to beacon (which i personally dont think is the whole truth), they send him out in armor that looks more like hockey pads, an old hoodie, a pair of sneakers and jeans with a hole in them. considering most people have clothes tailored to them, this is very telling. also, if they were poor and living in butt-fuck nowhere, his father might’ve fed him any old shit to keep him complacent and he’d have no other means of finding out about aura and semblances. jaune could’ve then tried to run away, ozpin saw his opportunity and manipulated him to beacon.

Hockey Player

Requested: yes by @25x29
Word Count: 534

You were in the rink practicing for a big game you had this Friday. You weren’t wearing your whole getup of your gear but you thought the little padding and hockey stick also the puck was good enough. You were way to concentrated on the puck and working to be your rivals this week that you weren’t even paying attention to your boyfriend, Calum, who were in the stands cheering you on. You really begged Calum and his friends not to come and watch cause you said they’d make you lose your focus but you found out, they really only seemed to bring you luck with all their encouragement.

Off in the stands where the boys were cheering Michael made a comment about you, “It’s kind of hot how she plays hockey.” He snickered earning a high five from Ashton. Calum narrowed his eyes at them but didn’t saying anything cause he agreed with them.

Luke caught his narrowed eyes and smirked, “Y/N is just naturally hot hockey player or not.” He said to his band mates and Calum glared at him flipping him off. You stopped practicing for a minute and skated over to the stands and stepped inside them. You grabbed onto a wall and sat down to take off your skates near the boys. They weren’t even paying attention that you were there.

“Oh yeah she is. But that fact she plays hockey just makes even more mmmm.” Ashton said looking at Calum laughing.

Your eyes grew wide at their conversation wondering if you were suppose to hear it or not. You giggled under your breath though.

“Will you guys shut up.” Calum groaned glaring at all of them, “She’s my girlfriend and I can only call her hot or anything like that. Got it?”

All the boys started laughing and Calum looked up making eye contact with you. “We got it.” Michael sighed tugging at his coat because he was getting cold.

“Good.” Calum muttered grabbing your coat that was sitting on the bleachers he was standing at. Him and the boys walked over to your as you were putting on your converse. “Ready to leave already?” He asked handing you your coat as you were standing.”

“Just hungry so I thought we could maybe go get something to eat.” You smiled slipping your coat on looking at Calum. He looked behind the boys who he was still glaring at and pissed off.

“Okay but the boys aren’t coming back with us.” He muttered grabbing a hold of his hands.

“Awh why. I like being called hot.” You smirked kissing his cheek. “I’m kidding.” You laughed when you saw the pissed off look on his face, “No need to be jealous.”

“Yeah Calum no need.” Luke interrupted laughing with you.

“Let’s go.” He mumbled running off to the boys shoving them playfully. You walked behind them smiling.

“Stop checking out our butts!” Michael shouted and you laughed running to them as Calum wrapped his arm around your waist.

“I’m sorry but your butts are too good.” You giggled slapping Calum’s ass as you ran off once you were outside with Calum chasing you.

I had trouble writing this cause I don’t do hockey stuff usually but I also liked how it turned out. Hope you like it! xx